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Genderbent Winchesters

Why am I thinking of this…… just why…. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. I’m supposed to be writing a philosophy paper….. 


  • 5′8″ (she will argue for an extra half inch)
  • Dirty blonde hair in layers that isn’t too long. Just below shoulder length
  • Freckles across her cheeks and nose
  • Wears pretty heavy eye makeup cuz it looks damn cool
  • Eyelashes long and adorable (princess-like gaze)
  • Slim figure with rockin’ hips
  • C-cup
  • Gently loose shirts, never baggy
  • The tightest of jeans for style (and also comfort because hell yeah she can move and hunt in them)
  • Dark brown combat boots
  • Calls sister a horde of nicknames (Sam, Sammy, Samster)
  • Does and will wear Sam’s hoodies because they’re spacious and cozy
  • Squirmy sleeper
  • Never sings in her proper octave
  • Scarily skilled at mimicking singers whilst singing along to the classics in the Impala
  • Can fall asleep anywhere. It’s a gift, really
  • Sweeps the guys (and ladies) off their feet with flirting fit enough for a cheesy 90s movie
  • Drinks like a monster
  • Can hold her liquor most of the time
  • Tries to remember all the good sex she’s had
  • Bosses Sam around all the time
  • Much to the chagrin of the other
  • Will die for Sam
  • If anyone nasty tries to pick her up, she swiftly beats the shit out of them without batting an eye
  • Will destroy anyone gross who hits on Sam
  • Cuddler to the extreme


  • 5′10″
  • Hair is wavy (curly depending on the weather, how she slept on it, or if she leaves her hair wet after the shower) and on the longer side
  • Puts hair in ponytail or bun often
  • Blush always on cheeks, with or without makeup
  • Has a mole on her inner left cheek close to nose 
  • D-cup
  • Fuller figure compared to her sister; much more muscle
  • Wears layers often
  • Likes to stay warm since she gets cold easily
  • Jeans range from skinny to looser at the cuffs
  • But she ain’t afraid to break out the leggings every once and a while
  • Exercise is life
  • Healthy eating is also life
  • Suffers through sister’s nicknames but strikes back with a few of her own (De, Anna, DeDe)
  • Gets to tough work on cases first
  • Shy demeanor and precious smile according to the ever-teasing older sister
  • Dimples noticeable enough to cut a bitch (not really they’re soft and deep)
  • Sleeps like a rock; doesn’t move an inch
  • Bad hair days are frequent
  • Lets De do her makeup when they’re going out to investigate and chit chat
  • Says she hates it and thinks it’s annoying
  • Secretly loves the way De does her eyeliner
  • Is a beanie wearer in cold weather
  • Can hold her own in bars but it is nice to have De there for support
  • Doesn’t have sex often but she fucks a guy up and leaves him wanting more every damn time
  • Forcibly tells sister she cannot sing
  • For the last time
  • Stop
  • You suck
  • Driving the Impala is a privilege
  • Can handle blades pretty damn well 

anonymous asked:

Genderbender anon here, and I just wanna throw this out here buut I know she's not the exact same age as Misha, however I'd like to make an argument for Krysten Ritter got female!Castiel?

I know this ask has been sitting in my inbox for weeks now and for that I am so sorry but I am also so happy that I get to say that as awesome as Krysten Ritter is I actually think that canonically we got a great female!castiel don’t you nonny?


I also really hope they can bring her back some how?? Like a trip to the past maybe or an alternate universe where Castiel never got rid of this gorgeous vessel and some how she ends up in this universe and we have a crazy episode where both Cas and fem!cas exist at the same time and give Dean an aneurysm… 

The fact that this remains within the realms of possibility is too much for my poor fangirl heart to handle. 

Everyone talks about Sam’s and Dean’s perfect genderbend how about Gabriel?

How about hayden panettiere

She is a short 5 feet (153 cm) Hot not so thin blonde



could go from smiling to angry


Loves candy

Her cocky flirty smile

and her broken cry

and finally these

External image


“Dad’s on a hunting trip…”

GAH so my cosplay sis @deannalovespie and I decided to do a collab together for fem!winchesters. We’ve been planning it for quite some time and this is the result. Basically this is what happens when you live in different countries a gazillion miles apart. Photoshop brings people together!!! no but srsly. these cosplays are something we eventually want to do together IRL so to tide us over until we can afford plane tickets, we did this collab and it honestly fulfills my life!! (we’re already planning more collabs) I’m SO HAPPY. LUV U DEE.<3

Sammy: me

Deanna: @deannalovespie