genderbend rose

Female Sebastian Michaelis Mood Board

Shadows casting my way as I walk out in my black heels. I see a young boy. Such a tiny master to service my contract with until the contract was complete. I became the highest of service staff that has the skills to kill with just the forks and knives. I also can manage the daily tasks that the other servants will fail at. Of course, I hold the highest respects for the Young Master. He’s so tiny and so frail, yet he is the head of his own estate. I hold a dark secret that is between me and him. A contract that will be end of his demise and the lost key to the paradise he once craved. I’m something that is not to be played with. I might be a female, but I can be just as powerful as any man that sets in my way. I have my black heels, my red roses, and my red lipstick that could be considered the kiss of death. I am considered a fallen angel that is a female fatal. Who am I you asked? I am female version of Sebastian Michaelis. I am simply one hell of a high maid. 

Original Work: Charity L. Martin (Me: @itsjustlife231)

Original Sketch: @tobosoofficial

Gothic Architect Picture: @absinthundblut


     First Genderbend introduction vs. Re-introduction!

Thought it was a good time to bring Rose’s genderbend back and do it with a little comparison to the first time I introduced him! The first one I did was only a few months back, so I’m really happy with the improvement! Besides that, I made a few minor changes to his physique such as adding a lotus tattoo on his neck and giving him shorter hair. Drop by and give him a pat on the head if you want, or ask him anything you’d like! c:


From top left to bottom right: David Bowie, Ezra Miller, Jaden Smith, Ruby Rose

Some celebrity inspiration. I love that these people are out in the world, looking awesome and showing mainstream society that androgyny can be pretty damn hot. I am a little saddened by this post since Bowie is no longer with us, but his beauty and style continues to inspire me. 

It just makes me really happy that people in the media have come out as gender fluid and it makes me feel more comfortable with being and expressing my true self!


AMY: Of course all of us were surprised it happened, but initial shock only lasts a few seconds. We’re honestly fine with it, because as of this moment Sonic, Shadow and Silver seem to be ok. Just because they’re girls now doesn’t change who they are as a person. As long as they’re comfortable, all of us are comfortable.

And the same should go to anyone who is trans, gender queer, gender fluid, etc. As long as you’re comfortable and happy, then we’re happy for you too!


I couldn resist man,\(óvó)/!

They see so cute (/ v \) , If you dont like this ship, im sorry but are my likes ok?, respect the likes of others ;3

Oh! and i drew a gender bender twitch! <3! ENJOY!