genderbend north

Genderbend alright. I do hate it but alright.

But explain to me one thing. Why has it to be John Watson who is the woman? Why is it always John Watson. Why not Holmes? Why don’t you make the genius the woman?

No that would be ridicoulus wouldn’t it? No it’s John Watson the man you was often portrait as a little bit stupid, naiv and always so amazed by Sherlock Holmes ( wich is not quite the Dr. Watson we know from ADC )

Because that is the only way it could work, isn’t it ?


So, today I attended my first Anime North.
This was also my first time going to a convention in cosplay! I had a ton of fun and got some really awesome photos to boot!
Of course, my first cosplay had to be one of the all time favorite characters, Black Widow!

Also, obligatory butt shots were a must.

Here’s to catching the cosplay bug!