genderbend creed


Left 4 Fem-Famous Protocreed - Happy Family Pictures

photo taken by lysagraphy

Colette MacGrath [InFamous] cosplay by ozymandira

Cupcakes (Hunter) [Left 4 Dead] cosplay by gullinborsti

Alex Mercer [Prototype] cosplay by loeffelcosplays/protomonster

Desmond Miles (Brotherhood) [Assassins Creed] cosplay by pyroHunk/me 


Welll, I thought it was about time to upload some “old” stuff ^^ 
Love these people. We had so much fun ~
Although that smell of this little creeper - killed me… and not only the smell (he tried to eat me at least two times! Alex and Colette didn’t help a lot)

Assassin’s Creed. Genderbent Haytham and Ziio

Male!Ziio helps fem!Haytham with binding her boobies.♪

I’ve always got this thing for my fave chara being genderbent and then they masquerade as their actual gender? It’s weird, I know.(・_・;)

I might draw more once my prompt in the AC Kink Meme gets an actual fill posted.(`∀´)♥


I made an Assassin’s Creed-esque coat (some of you saw the progress photos) and I’m really proud of it you guys! Not pictured: the hood because my hair won’t fit under that shit

Construction notes (for anyone who cares): I patterned it all by my onesie using the pattern for an old doublet I made as a base. The fabric is twill because it’s hella sturdy and hangs well, it has enough weight. Lining is a red silk I magically had on hand. The tailcoat folds are very AC3 and while I wanted those for sure, I liked the red of Ezio’s outfit more than Connor’s blue, so…red it was.

What you don’t see is the stupid amount of stitching detail on the seams and around the belt design, so here are some gratuitous details:

External image

External image