genderbend cosplay

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Why are our cosplays so gay,
Everyone thinks I’m dating you”

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😘💕


Cosplayer: @alannamodePhotography: @marcdanielphotoThe first action shot I got back of my Lucio cosplay courtesy of the wonderful Marc Daniel Photography IS AMAZING. AH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! So proud of this costume and I absolutely love being Lucio. My favourite cosplay since Heimdall (which you guys know is a big deal :P ) I did at least 3 shoots in this costume so be prepared for many many photos to come! And you can bet I’ll be wearing Lucio again! :D

Why bother wearing the jacket you slaved over for 20 hours straight when you could just steal bae’s jacket? ❤️💙


more of my yuri katsuki “duetto (stammi vicino)” cosplay outfit for phoenix comic con this year!! im so in love with this and this is probably my favorite cosplay outfit ever!!
im still deciding on whether or not i’m going to dye my hair darker or just buy a black wig.
i still need to get yuri’s case as well since i have victor’s right now lmao.

but ahhh!!! maybe i’ll meet a victor there?? i would cry lol


Voltron Genderbend Klance

I love these two babies so much- @space–weeb and I are gonna cosplay these particular versions of the au (I’m being Lance and she’s being Keith) and ahhhh

They’re both so pretyyyyy. While I am going to be getting a Lance jacket of my own, I’m pretty sure we’re actually gonna do like a SUADWM kind of thing for our outfits. Expect more art of these girls because I’m also using them to practice my human anatomy and stuff cx

And yes Lance’s fingernails are purposely colored red because we’re going to get our nails done on Friday, and I also have another cos to do for SuperbitCon the Saturday after next 0w0 ANYWAY yea if I could’ve done Keith’s hands you would see that her fingernails are painted blue.

Okie i’m done rambling now lmao