Well i want to start saying that i really love al your art, and more all The Bendy and Boris Stuff you have…so, when i look at this drawing, i want to make it a little to feminine (because i want a new wallpaper in my cellphone 😅) sorry if it was a mistake to edit this…

Answer: Well thank you very much @randommeforever it looks amazing. 😆

With my never ending enjoyment in drawing genderbends/cisswaps/rule 63′s, here are some more of my Vento Aureo ones to add to the ever increasing pile. Looking at them now, I see a ton of my errors, so I desperately want to draw newer and better ones lol

I still like a lot of what I drew here, though…! it’s abbacchio’s g-string, that’s a great detail, i know

[] The Hiatus is over! Although this account wont be very active until the begin of may due to some exams and a trip to America, i will be posting! So my art style has changed a bit while i was messing around with my digital art blog, and i decided to change Yuuri’s look a little, so now she has longer hair! <3 Please send in some asks []

One of my sketches for @feanorianweek !

Day #5: Curufin - Prompt: Ruling over Nargothrond.

In this sketch, the idea was of an huge AU were Feanor hadn’t seven sons, but seven daughters … These two are teorically Lady Celegorm and Lady Curufin, that, exactly like in the canon, they succeeded to upset Finrod Felagund by his throne, and to take his kingdom. Idk why I feel the need to draw fem! Feanorians right now, maybe is simple because my precious children are so pretty, and they could be very pretty ladies (and very bloody and vengeful ladies too)

I hope that you like this (and that the scanner isn’t too ugly :/ )

kanattsun-eclaire  asked:

Hello~! `w' Apostasia x fem!MM with funny Professor Kelly BBC interview? I swore it's funny to see~ :'DDD (key words on Google : Professor Kelly interview) <3

It seemed normal at the start. As Add entered the conference online, she quickly braced himself as she ran over the notes in her thoughts. It was a very important meeting. If she fucked things up, her career would be at risk.

Not to mention, her husband, Sia, was watching her on TV, live. She had to keep her cool. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of him.

“Tell us what you think about the situation in Velder.” she heard a command.

“Ah yes… Velder. Currently, it’s been facing major difficulties recovering from the demon invasion. With a shocking amount of property damage, they’re situation seems to be a difficult to overcome,” she said. Things were going well. Add kept a calm expression as she continued.

She didn’t notice the unwelcome entrance of her daughter, who had stepped in to investigate her mother’s conference.

“It seems one of your kids has uh… came in.” One of them stated. Add froze, eyeing back at her daughter with a stiff gaze. Her daughter eyed her back in confusion.

“Mama,” she said. “Who are you talking to?~”

She didn’t notice the younger brother waddle in on his knees either, exploring in his sister’s steps.

“Honey- Archie- uh. I’m busy, uhm.” Add stumbled on her words, quickly panicking as her daughter knocked over a large book containing studies on Nasods.

It didn’t take long for Sia to quite literally slam into the room, landing on the floor as he scrambled to grab both of the kids and out of the room. He kept a blank expression while he grabbed his daughter’s wrist and carried his son in his arm, but Add could tell he was also somewhat panicked and embarrassed in the situation. He kept his head low, as if he didn’t want anyone to see his face. Quietly, he dragged them out, ignoring his daughter’s tantrums on leaving the room. 

He sloppily grabbed for the doorknob, missing on his first attempt and his fingers slipping out on the second and third. On the fourth, he slammed the door closed after he successfully evacuated his children out.

“…I… I apologize, uhm… anyway…” Add resumed, swiftly trying to regain her thoughts and composure as she did her best to ignore her daughter’s screaming tantrum in the distance.