Harley genderbend progress so far, need to make the “corset” waist thing, make all the leather straps, other arm band, gloves, add the short cuffs, add a ton of studs and then weather/darken the clothes to make them look worn/grungey. I have changed my initial design a little from what I originally drew out! This all took about…three days total? The red looks rather odd in this lightning for some reason.

Design is my own based off the Arkham Knight game..


Genderbent Clintasha, anyone? It was so awesome of Erik to agree to doing these genderbends with us, he rocked it as Nathaniel! Goodness, I will never get over Blackhawk. ;~;

Cos & Effect 2013

Black Widow(er) - SomebodyKuma

Hawkeye - anyapanda-official

Photos by my dad, assistance by my mom

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HELLO DARLING!!! I was wondering if nalu and gajevy have a funny double date!! ((Genderbend)) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DARLING!!!! ;)

Female Gajeel  ( I can’t think of a name ;~; I might keep it as Gajeel) and Natsu fall out because Natsu won something at the fair (KemoKemo plush) and she didn’t. And then Natsu keeps showing off about it. 

Meanwhile Lucas and Levin talk about Lucas’ novel and buy their girls cute exceed Ice cream.


Some of the Gender-Bending Avengers cosplay group got together on April 30th with a few friends for the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere! Our total group of 20 took up a pretty good chunk of the IMAX theater! The cosplays you see there are closet preview cosplays, since we were just getting together for a laugh, but you can kind of see where a lot of us are inspired to take the characters!

Can you find Stephanie Rogers, Loki, Thor Odinsdottir, Jane “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes, Toni Stark, Colonel Nicole Marie “Nick” Fury, Agent Coulson and Natanial Romanoff? We were joined by Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and a poutty Spider-Man!

Photos by Corey Graham