ash-is-boss asked:

Because I must join in the asks although I can just talk to you via messenger, IF SOMEONE TOUCHED ADRIENNE'S HAIR, I'D FREAKING ZOOM OVER AND PUNCH EM IN THE FACE DONT TOUCH MY BABY'S HAIR! (Also it'd be hilarious to see how many hair ties Adrienne goes through with that thick hair of hers. Bet she has to buy a pack a week!)

HONESTLY I’D BE FLYING RIGHT OVER TO PUNCH THEM ALONGSIDE YOU. no one touches my precious cat daughter or her hair on my watch! 

(also yes, half of them gets tangled and thus have to be cut or they completely SNAP while she’s trying to tie her hair up. once or twice now they have gone flying right into LB’s face it’s karma for all the times his yoyo accidentally knocked her on the head)