Gladiolus from Final Fantasy XV

April ‘17

Photographer: S1Price Lightworks
Cosplayer: DVS Cosplayer

Oh man was it difficult to get that sword in frame. Sean is a genius photographer!!

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Drop Pop Candy - fem!Sans and Pap demo
Drop Pop Candy - fem!Sans and Pap demo

PLEASE BE KIND! THIS IS A DEMO >A< also, i’m not the best at editing so please hflgdfklsdf I’m very embarrassed about this.

honestly  my fav part of this demo is the talking parts TuT

Fem designs by:

im trash! I’m trying to find my place in this fandom with art and voice acting/singing and flsafk TuT i was working on my papyrus makes a mixtape cover but then THIS SONG CAME UP and fsdgijsgkldgklsad

here’s a demo of Drop pop Candy with my fem Sans and Fem Papyrus voices. I’m still trying to find the common ground for them.

i’m also using jubyphonic’s amazing lyrics:

the intro is inspired by ttoba’s comic:

i just wanna be cute and loved TAT