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HELLO, i would like to commission you for 3 pages of harvest moon fanfiction, vaughn x female player from island of happiness/sunshine islands. is that okay? :0

Words: 1511

Rating: K+

Series: Harvest Moon (Sunshine Islands/Islands of Happiness)

Notes: Commission for neodecimo​! I wrote it in a different style since I didn’t give a name to the female player. I thought you might appreciate it if, per chance, I also kept the gender ambiguous. I hope you enjoy!

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I am so inspired by Claude Cahun. She was a revolutionary during a time where most Surrealist artists were men and most of their images were focused, mainly, on women as sexual symbols. Brave for an early twentieth century female artist (or any era, really), Claude Cahun, illustrated, very much, the idea that a woman has many layers and a lot of her art focused on sexual ambiguity. Something that was certainly not mainstream in the early 1900s. She is someone I would’ve loved to have a sit down with. 

You know what would be great?

Department stores categorising their clothing by what the items are, not by an outdated presupposition of who they think they’re for.

The only possessives applied should be the brand and the individual who owns is.

Real tired of this men’s and women’s crap. All I want to know is where the trousers are, not whether or not you think I should wear a particular style based on my biology or my gender. Thanks, that’s none of your business.


Check out this fantastic student-recreation of our painting “St. John the Baptist” by Tanzio da Varallo. The photograph is the work of Sarah Ulstrup (OC ‘17) and was made for this project inspired by themes of gender ambiguity in Oscar Wilde’s Salome. It was a dual project for her work in two Oberlin College courses: Comparative Literature (CMPL 260) - The Color of Music, taught by Professor Polina Dimova and Studio Art (ARTS 020), Materials and Methods, taught by Pipo Nguyen-Guy.

If you or anyone you know has recreated a work in the AMAM, please let us know! We’d be happy to feature it on our blog!

Another interesting thing about that Sony branding presentation is the quotes from fans that they chose to represent each boy. In fact, we can use those to answer a number of questions that we’ve had nagging at us for years:

Why is Harry allowed to be so weird and say strange things no one understands and be all ambiguously gendered and stuff when the others can’t?

Why can Liam change his hair all the time and even shave it when the others can’t?

Why is Louis never papped except with his girlfriend? Why do headlines keep referring to him as “Eleanor Calder’s boyfriend”?

Why does Nialllook exactly the same as when he was 16?

Who the hell though Zerrie was a good idea?

A Little Confused.

Hey guys, just a little gender ambiguity post from yours truly.  

So, I’m a biological girl, eighteen years old, thinking a lot about gender and sex and orientation and things of that nature, and honestly, I’m not sure where I fit.

I’ll get straight to the heart of the matter and work from there.

I have a strange relationship with my vagina.  Now, let me explain.  You know that friend on facebook that you’ve chatted with once or twice, but haven’t actually seen face-to-face in a long while, so you’re not even sure where you two stand, but you’d never say it to that person?  That’s kind of what I’m dealing with in relation to my vagina.  I feel like it’s a part of me, yeah, but…I don’t know.  I feel like it’s not really a part of my body.  I feel like it’s someone else’s or something.  I love my boobs, though, so I don’t feel like I’m trapped in the “wrong body” as some people put it.  I don’t even know if I want a penis instead of a vagina.  I just sometimes feel like because I have this weird almost fear of my vagina that I’m not cut out to be a woman a lot of the time, and because of that, I bind and pack and pretend to be a boy for a day so I can pretend I’m not afraid of my own body.  I consider the possibility of being Agender, and just not wanting anything down there, but then I think of sex and question how much I’d really like not having anything to work with down there.  It’s all very confusing, and while I’m not feeling like it’s an urgent problem, I still feel like I should really talk to someone about it, like my therapist I’m not currently seeing due to money problems.  I’d like to tell my mom that I’d like to see her again (which she said I could if something happened), but I’m worried about telling her my situation.  That’s just awkward.  "Mom and Dad, I’m afraid of my vagina.  Can I see my therapist, please?“  So, what do you guys think?  Any words of advice or comments or questions?

[Image: Black and White Photo of two arms reaching out to grasp each other’s hands, set against a black background. They are both heavily tattooed, gender ambiguous, and one is also wearing jewelry. The caption reads: in fancy script top right, UNITY, with the “T” being emphasized; bottom left, Keep the “T” in LGBT - Support Your Sisters NOT Just Cisters]

Frida Kahlo
A painter

Bisexual Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has become an international icon for the power and intensity of her art, and the extraordinary suffering that she experienced in life.

Born in Mexico on July 6, 1907 to a German photographer and his Mexican second wife, Kahlo became a central figure in revolutionary Mexican politics and twentieth-century art. When childhood polio damaged one leg, the six year-old’s reaction was to become an athlete, an early indication of her courage and independence.

[…] That’s her on the left in the family portrait above, in the suit with her hair pulled back. She alternated between very feminine and very masculine presentation and was fairly open about her bisexuality. One of her many self-portraits shows her in a suit, holding a pair of scissors, having just cut off most of her long hair. […]