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Probably a dumb question but would you be okay with writing a sin fic of papa franku and reader? I'm pretty hung up at this hc I have that he'd be into sniffing panties and jerking off with it and the reader catches him in the act. they both get flustered until reader says "that's actually kind of hot" and encourages him to keep going as they watch him come undone.

i have such a big papa franku kink

i decided to make the reader’s gender ambiguous.

“What are you doing?” you asked, despite knowing exactly what he was doing, as it was pretty damn obvious; from the look of things, he was gripping your underwear in a tight fist, pressing them against his face and jacking off.

You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. It honestly didn’t bother you too much and the very fact that it didn’t bother you too much bothered you very much.

You didn’t know what to do. Scold him? Console him? Laugh at him? Your body betrayed you, though, and as you felt the arousal between your legs begin to grow, you said exactly what you wanted to say; “Hey, don’t stop on my behalf.”

alternate ending is “Hey, that’s pretty good.” but im not even gonna bother…


I am so inspired by Claude Cahun. She was a revolutionary during a time where most Surrealist artists were men and most of their images were focused, mainly, on women as sexual symbols. Brave for an early twentieth century female artist (or any era, really), Claude Cahun, illustrated, very much, the idea that a woman has many layers and a lot of her art focused on sexual ambiguity. Something that was certainly not mainstream in the early 1900s. She is someone I would’ve loved to have a sit down with. 

  • Person:I use male pronouns for Grell
  • Me:cool!
  • Person:I use female pronouns for Grell
  • Me:cool!
  • Person:I use neutral pronouns for Grell
  • Me:cool!
  • Me:please get out of my face before I slap you

You know what would be great?

Department stores categorising their clothing by what the items are, not by an outdated presupposition of who they think they’re for.

The only possessives applied should be the brand and the individual who owns is.

Real tired of this men’s and women’s crap. All I want to know is where the trousers are, not whether or not you think I should wear a particular style based on my biology or my gender. Thanks, that’s none of your business.


Check out this fantastic student-recreation of our painting “St. John the Baptist” by Tanzio da Varallo. The photograph is the work of Sarah Ulstrup (OC ‘17) and was made for this project inspired by themes of gender ambiguity in Oscar Wilde’s Salome. It was a dual project for her work in two Oberlin College courses: Comparative Literature (CMPL 260) - The Color of Music, taught by Professor Polina Dimova and Studio Art (ARTS 020), Materials and Methods, taught by Pipo Nguyen-Guy.

If you or anyone you know has recreated a work in the AMAM, please let us know! We’d be happy to feature it on our blog!


Because Chapter 60 is not out yet T_T Also to let the fact that three from Hanji’s squad were annihilated sinks in… 

Though I prefer an agendered Hanji, the gendered versions are hot too^^

The artist is みなみ on Pixiv, from their LeviHan log: リヴァハン詰め④【R18】【女体化】有.

Show the artist some love and stars if you have a Pixiv account, and please don’t remove source~