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i'm not sure if you answered this before but, what do you think is hange's backstory? and why do you think isayama is keeping hange's gender ambiguous? (omg we're close to 100 chapters in the manga but still no clear backstory for hange what)

I’ve answered it before but honestly my answer has always been that I don’t know. I like to be pretty flexible about why Hange joined the military because it makes it more fun to think about for me right now. I also think it’ll get revealed someday which makes me hesitant to consider it right now. I don’t like my headcanons being dashed on the rocks of canon, ya know?

As to why Hange’s gender is ambiguous, my opinion is that his art sucked, someone laughed at the fact that Hange looked feminine sometimes and masculine sometimes and asked whether they were a male or a female, and Isayama was like “lol all the characters are up to interpretation!!!” to cover up for his poor consistency. Hange as the forerunner ended up kind of being the butt of the joke, though, and the one character he never actually revealed anything about but quickly latched onto to keep a mystery. 

At this point the fandom likes the ambiguity so it’s less of a joke and couuuld potentially be something he’s seriously considering leaving as-is, because who gives a shit what Hange’s gender is or what pronouns they prefer, right? I can’t get over the fact that it was never imo an intentional thing. I hate that fandom tries the “snk has a nonbinary canon character” card because it’s not really true. Isayama didn’t say that to give anyone legit representation. Look at all the other shit he’s written that’s really weird–off. Supposed to be funny but isn’t.

I can’t remember when but I could have sworn ages ago he said something about possibly “revealing” Hange’s gender later down the road, like it was some kind of mystery to unwrap, and that bothered me. Frankly, I think he’s forgotten about it because he actually has…a real plot now, but… I will always side-eye the whole thing anyway. 

To be perfectly honest with you, though, I think if we get a “reveal” it will be part of/related to Hange’s backstory in some way. I kind of hope we never get it, not because I’m afraid of a gender reveal (though I find it REALLY insulting that he would make it some cutesy baby shower reveal fucking thing instead of just saying, “you’ll find out later” AT THE START), but because usually backstories show up right before characters eat dirt. Ya dig?

How to Be a Pirate (You will be remembered, my dear)
  1. If it is the ocean that sings to you, or the thrill of Aztec treasure, or other kingdom’s riches, know that you cannot go back. Once you set sail, the saltwater will haunt you even if you retire to a desert. There will never be enough golden coins or golden islands that will satisfy you. The life of a pirate is a thirsting life, and it is common knowledge that saltwater does not quench.
  2. Kiss your mother and father’s graves goodbye before you set sail. If the ocean will not be your grave, the gallows are too far from the churchyard to comfort your spirit. Keep your farewells frugal. Better yet, disappear without a word. Legends are not borne out of nostalgia.
  3. Turn a blind eye to the third mate whose hair is bunched into their hat and keeps their chest wrapped tightly under their bleached tunic. Her hands may be small, but they will build callouses just like yours once she scrubs the deck long enough. Bad luck is not the fault of a stowaway woman, and the storms are not her doing—after all, the crew had thrown Jonah into the sea to calm it. You’d be better off watching out for the storm that is the woman. She will put you to shame when she sets fire to your enemies to fight tooth and nail for the freedom she earned.
  4. Treat a mermaid gently if one accidentally gets tangled in your fishing net—comb the hooks out of his hair and don’t curse if he bites your fingers. Offer him your hat to shield his eyes from the sun and answer his questions when he asks in panic why his fingers are wrinkling. If you must chuckle, try to do so silently, so that he does not think are laughing at him. Mermaids are born singers—their egos are easily bruised.
  5. When a man goes overboard in the midst of a storm, throw the rope to him. If he cannot cling onto it, lower yourself in a rowboat to help him from the bobbing waves. But remember to never jump in after him, if he turns away and rides the waves into the deep. Do not blame yourself. You could hold your breath forever and still cannot rescue a drowning man who swims away from a lifesaver.
  6. Whistle while you work. The songs that your mother used to sing you to sleep with are not a curse just because it is from the past. And melodic tales about purple mountains and golden cornfields will stun your mermaid guest—he will ask you again and again how fast horses run, and how do flowers smell like. He will test your patience, but even pirates enjoy basking in Scheherazade’s glory. We all like to be heard other times than when we’re shouting orders.
  7. There is little use in envying your legendary predecessors. Madame Ching and Blackbeard’s skin peeled under the sun just like yours. Legends never feel like legends when their shoulders ache.
  8. You will lose your hand along the way. Some lose their eye, others their foot, others aren’t as lucky and lose their hope. It is all part of chasing the impossible. When the time comes—and it will come, when you are least prepared—there is no shame in weeping. There will never be enough saltwater. Let your mermaid guest dress your wound and see your tears. He will miss your tender palms, and you will miss that sense of safety. But let him treat you; his fingers are nimble and cool to the touch.
  9. When he sings to you the songs of his world and people, do not be overwhelmed—there will always be a part of the ocean that you will never see. The greatest pirates will never know what lies beneath their hull. Most hurl a mermaid out of their sight for fear of deception, and never lit a candle for him to see a dancing flame for the first time, cautioning him to keep his hands to themselves.
  10. Keep your plank short and sturdy—no one wants to walk to their death with shaky knees. No captain can avoid a mutiny, but that does not mean that you did not do something wrong. Which is why without a doubt, when your second mate plunges blindfolded into the sea, your heart will sink right down with him. But a captain is expected to root out betrayal and never betray themselves. Careful—if you catch yourself calling him name when you call all hands on deck, your crew might suspect that you regret it.
  11. Buried gold can afford bejeweled, decadent hooks for where your hand had once been. The richest of pirates can afford hooks of pure gold and a diamond cuff whose reflection can almost replace the spark in your dulled eyes. But they will only ever be hooks, and your mermaid will gasp in pain every time you cut his skin, even if you try to be gentle. He knows that you can’t help it, but don’t get cross if he shies away from you when you come too close. Mermaids are not quite used to love which makes them bleed.
  12. Pirates are not heroes. They kill in order to avoid the gallows. They maroon rather than forgive. All who sail past you will assume the worst of you, and point their cannons at your sails without consideration. It may be easier to live up to their expectations and take up your sword. It is far more exhausting fighting for your nobility.
  13. Your mermaid guest cannot stay for long. The sun scorches his skin, shrivels his scales, cracks his voice. The explosions of your ship’s cannons and your musket rounds piercing the Royal Navy shake him to their core. You can beg all you want, but your hook only hurts him when you try to hold on to him. He will wait until it is nighttime to quietly throw himself overboard. Two of your mates will hold you back from diving after him. They know that they could not save you if you did.
  14. Do not be alarmed when you find yourself under the starlight missing home. Any captain of a loyal crew will be desperately lonely when sailing alone in the wide, treacherous expanse that is one’s own head. I’m afraid, however, that it is too late now to turn back. Your lost hand, or cold, nimble fingers would not be there home waiting for you even if it wasn’t.
  15. Understand that you will never be remembered. Even if your name is emblazoned with fear in every queen’s heart, even if the tales of your terror make every captain shudder. They will not remember the songs you hummed under the moonlight. They will not remember your careful fingers loosening hooks from their hair. Legends are not borne out of love.  

Media With LGBT Main Characters

This is an in-progress list, so more titles and categories will be added, but feel free to reblog and/ or add something!


 4th Man Out- A gay man goes through the process of coming out to his aggressively straight buddies. Comedy with a happy ending.

Adam & Steve- Ridiculous series of events during a relationship between two men. Bad comedy with a happy ending.

Beautiful Thing- A teenager dealing with his preoccupied mother falls in love with a classmate. Happy Ending.

Blue is the Warmest Colour- Coming-of-age romantic drama between two teenage girls. Unhappy ending.

Brokeback Mountain-A complex emotional and romantic relationship between two men in the American West develops between 1963 and1983. Unhappy ending. 

Carol- A forbidden affair between a young photographer and an older woman going through divorce during the 1950s. Happy Ending.

Capital Games- Two men fighting for the same position in a company struggle with their feelings for each other when forced to do a team-building exercise as part of a business retreat. Happy ending.

Dog Day Afternoon- Hostage drama based on the true story of a man who held up a bank to fund his partner’s bottom surgery. Unhappy ending.

Milk- Documentary about the life and death of pioneering gay politician Harvey Milk. Unhappy ending.

My Beautiful Laundrette- A young man living in london reunites with an old friend, eventually developing a romantic relationship with him after offering him a job running a laundrette to get him off the streets. Happy ending.

My Own Private Idaho- Two friends embark on a journey of personal discovery that takes them to both Idaho and Italy. Unhappy ending.

Pariah- A Black butch lesbian slowly comes to terms with her identity. Ambiguous ending.

Pride- The story of an unlikely alliance between striking miners in a Welsh village and London gay rights activists. Happy ending.

Shelter- Gay surfers fall in love. Happy ending.

Show Me Love- Two teenage girls begin a tentative romantic relationship. Ambiguous ending.

Tangerine-A transgender sex worker discovers her boyfriend and pimp has been cheating on her. Ambiguous ending.

Tomboy- A ten-year-old experiments with their gender. Ambiguous ending.

The Weekend-A romantic drama of a brief, touching encounter between two men. Bittersweet ending.

Tropical Malady- A soldier arriving to investigate the mysterious slaying of animals and a farm boy strike up a connection. Ambiguous ending.


Camp Rewind- Two women strike up a romance at a summer retreat.

Never Lose Your Flames- A fire elemental and the bounty hunter being paid to arrest him fall in love. 

Bad Boy- A transgender youtube star by day and vigilante by night, a job goes south and someone is out to ruin Ren’s life, leaving him struggling to clear his name.

Of Fire and Stars- A magic user and future queen falls in love with a princess, and her husband-to-be’s sister.

If I Was Your Girl- Trans romance written by a trans author

The Fifth Season- In the distant future, nature ravages the land, with a select few being able to control it. Main characters include a bi man, a gay man, and a trans woman.

Six of Crows (two book series)- A gang of thieves take on their most ambitious job yet- stealing a magic-enhancing drug. Features a lighthearted love story between a sharpshooter and the demolitions expert.

Into this River I Drown- A man searching for the truth behind his father’s death falls in love with his town’s guardian angel.

Not Your Sidekick- After failing to manifest powers, the local superhero duo’s daughter takes on an internship with their super-villain rival, and falls in love with her. Also has a trans boy.

Chameleon Moon- A group of people struggle to survive in a city of magic and turmoil. Has a married lesbian couple, several gay characters, and a nonbinary character.

Last Seen Leaving- After his sort-of-girlfriend vanishes, a closeted kid is forced to team up with another friend of hers, and develops feelings for him along the way

The Lightning-struck Heart- A wizard and a knight are sent to save the knight’s boyfriend, and fall hopelessly in love along the way. There’s also a gay dragon.

The Girl With the Crooked Fangs- A half-vampire develops a crush on her daring human friend.

Ice Massacre & Ice Crypt (two book series)- A mermaid hunter develops feelings for an old friend of hers, who happens to be one of the mermaids she’s sent to kill.

The Coldest Girl In Coldtown- Vampire story with a twist, and both  a bisexual and transgender main character.

The Foxhole Court (3 book series)- Neil, a gifted Exy player with a rocky past, joins a competitive team. Several gay and bi characters, including the protagonist.

The Raven Cycle (3 book series)- A group of boys and a girl who serves as a psychic amplifier try to find and awaken a Welsh king. Stars a romance between a boy who can take things out of his dreams and a magician.

Shallow Graves- A girl awakens several feet underground, at the same moment when all birds in the nearby vicinity drop dead. She struggles to piece together the identity of the killer while finding out what she is. Bisexual protagonist.

TV Series

In The Flesh- Kieran, a Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) sufferer, is brought back to live and returned home. He’s gay, as are various other characters.

Carmilla- Lesbian vampires! Plus a nonbinary character played by a nonbinary actor

Skam- The story of teenagers in a secondary school, with each season being told from a different characters point of view. Several gay main characters.

Shadowhunters- Hard to explain, but has both a gay and a bi character.

The Get Down- The lives of a group of nyc teens in the 1970′s, with two of the characters in the latest episode stopping just short of kissing

Torchwood- About an agency created to control alien beings. Lots of bi and gay characters.

The Magicians- A group of students at a college train to use magic and defend themselves against an enemy from another dimension. The protagonist of the series is a bisexual man, and there’s also another gay main character.

gender-ambiguous burr casting/costuming where the reason everyone keeps saying “sir?” after “burr” is because they’re not… entirely… sure?

and burr just smiles and continues like nothing happened


For the first time ever, here to accompany the 2016 AO3 Ship Stats list, this list shows the 100 most popular pairing tags on Archive Of Our Own since this time last year.

This list was created by comparison of current number of fics with data gathered for the 2015 AO3 Ship Stats. Values are only approximate, but this list gives some idea of the most popular pairings in the last 13 months (from July 2015 to August 2016).

There are 63 M/M pairings on the list, 19 F/M, 7 F/F, 5 Gen and 6 Other. (Please note that on AO3, ‘Name & Name’ indicates platonic relationships (Gen), while ‘Name/Name’ is used for romantic pairings.) Of the 200 names on the list, 34 are women and 7 are characters of ambiguous gender. 49 are POC, and 15 are racially ambiguous.

For more information about the AO3 Ship Stats project, please check out this year’s post, and the accompanying FAQs. A text-only version of this data is beneath the cut.

ETA: Fixed Loki/Reader type.

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I am so inspired by Claude Cahun. She was a revolutionary during a time where most Surrealist artists were men and most of their images were focused, mainly, on women as sexual symbols. Brave for an early twentieth century female artist (or any era, really), Claude Cahun, illustrated, very much, the idea that a woman has many layers and a lot of her art focused on sexual ambiguity. Something that was certainly not mainstream in the early 1900s. She is someone I would’ve loved to have a sit down with. 


I just have a lot of writing tips and masterposts and just stuff in my likes and I decided to put them all into this. All rights goes to the people who made them.

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things i witnessed today at LA Pride
  • LGBT policemen and fbi agents walking hand in hand with their partners and spouses. 
  • a cute girl running out of the parade to give @stormsdameron her number
  • cops openly embracing people in the street
  • a man who had been attending LA pride since 1976. he shook my hand and said “when I first came to pride back then there were 25 people here. look at us now.”
  • elderly LGBT people blowing kisses from a float. holding hands. 
  • a woman approaching us and saying “you are so beautiful, all of you, take care of each other”
  • elementary school trans children in gender ambiguous clothes. smiling and laughing. blowing bubbles. 
  • when an anti-lgbt church began protesting and walking along side the parade with a loudspeaker, the entire brigade of Dykes on Bikes revved their motor cycles to drown out the hate speech. no one could hear them
  • a man who gave us all a handful of condoms and said “take care of each other. be strong. your voices are so important”
  • women holding hands with other women. men holding hands with other men. 
  • trans women and trans men laughing and dancing. 
  • danny devito in a rainbow shirt pointing and waving at us
  • dennis from It’s Always Sunny wearing a shirt that says “You Can Pee Next to Me”
  • dozens of last minute signs and tributes to orlando. outcries of “we love you orlando” 
  • confetti. dancing in the streets. 
  • people supporting each other in every aspect. high fives. hugs. kisses on cheeks. affirmations. 
  • so many affirmations. 
  • words of kindness.
  • you are beautiful.
  • you are loved.
  • you are important.
  • stay strong. 
  • i love your shirt. 
  • i love your lipstick. 
  • stay strong. 
  • take care of each other. 
  • stay strong
  • stay strong
  • stay strong. 

anonymous asked:

Any strong takeaways from louis interview today?

Something interesting is going on with Louis’ management and promotional teams. I’m reluctant to talk about it in too much detail until I see how his album launch goes.

The timing of the announcement about Epic last week was very interesting, as is the fact that we can’t pre-order BTY in the United States or on Apple iTunes, as is the fact that Dan Wooten/ The Sun/ DM haven’t published any negative articles about Harry or Louis for a long time, and when he does, he has the wrong information (Louis signing with RCA, for instance).

The narratives of both Harry’s and Louis’ promotion are similar in that they separate themselves from each other as much as possible. They don’t mention each other except in the context of all the other boys. They level out the friendships as “the five of us” or “the four of us,” as if their friendships were interchangeable. Despite a travel schedule that has been synchronized for the past year and a half, despite having homes in the same city (London) or close (Doncaster, Holmes Chapel), despite their sisters’ being friends, Harry’s and Louis’ paths never cross, their friends are completely different, they don’t know each other except through email or texting.

It’s notable that while Niall and Liam talk about seeing Louis and talking to Harry, Louis and Harry never mention each other. They can’t mention each other’s projects. When they do, they become unsettled.

I think it’s interesting that Louis comes across as such a normal, boring person, and I think it’s a deliberate presentation. It contradicts the version of Louis who is out of control, wildly partying, fighting with paps and fans, getting hauled to court, fathering children from one-night stands. The boring, steady, working class guy is someone everyone can relate to, have a pint with.

It is a persona that is as different from the glam rocker, ambiguously-gendered, rock savior-golden child that is Harry.

Despite this image of modesty, Louis’ promo through the selected leaks of the videos, the SM promotion, the engagement of radio DJs, print media, and streaming services, has been excellent. A promotional team is doing something great, and that is also atypical for SJPR’s work for Louis.

Stay tuned.

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People should just be allowed to look in the mirror and see all kinds of possibilities.
—  M-E Girard, Girl Mans Up. A Butch lesbian kicking ass, I’ve only read about a quarter of it, but I had to share the love. A lot of the time, the biggest issue is homosexuality, but what about gender? You don’t need to be trans to be uncomfortable with make-up, or long hair, or the absurd standards of femininity and beauty society holds as ‘true’.

anonymous asked:

so this might be weird but you seem to know a lot about gods and goddesses so i was wondering if you know of any gods or goddesses of like, gender or being trans or change or what have you.

well, this is sort of vague because i don’t know if you mean, strictly trans, or like… idk. i’ll just include things about deities not being a specific gender i guess

offhand in Greek mythology i know of:

  • Hermaphroditus, who was the god of androgyny, basically, since he was a man and became merged into one form with the woman he loved. i guess he also represented fertility and marriage (both male and female aspects of it)
  • Dionysus was supposedly raised disguised as a girl when he was a child. earliest depictions of him pictured him as a manly man but he later came to be pictured as a young boy/androgynous youth
  • And in Greek mythology there are lots of tales of gods changing forms and pretending to be other genders, an example being Zeus disguising himself as the goddess Artemis in order to seduce one of her nymph followers.

looking online i found some other things and i’ll split them into their respective pantheons/mythologies

Chinese Mythology:

  • Lan Caihe being a figure that never had a very defined gender and was always pictured in gender ambiguous clothing

Japanese Mythology

  • Shirabyoshi, a female or transgender kami who would dress in men’s clothing
  • Inari, a kami, who was pictured in various forms, as a young girl, old man, or an androgynous buddhist person. also they were a kitsune and i guess kitsune like to change their forms to whatever they want regardless of gender
  • Ōyamakui, a transgender mountain spirit

Hindu Mythology

  • In general hindu mythology has a ton of examples of their gods changing genders, manifesting as different genders at different times, being reincarnated as different genders, or combining to form androgynous or hermaphroditic beings. like just read this article on wikipedia

African mythology:

  • the Dahomey people believe there is an androgynous celestial deity of creation that was formed when a brother (Lisa, sun deity) and sister (Mawu, lunar deity) came together.
  • Shona people have an androgynous creator deity Mwari, who splits sometimes into female or male aspects

Australian Aboriginal mythology

  • have a rainbow serpent god (Ungud) that’s either seen as androgynous or transgender
  • I guess they have another rainbow serpent god who is also transgender named Angamunggi

Pacific Island mythology

  • The Bayagoin in the philippines worship two transgender/hermaphroditic gods named Bathala and Malyari
  • The Ngaju Dayak in Borneo worship Mahatala-Jata, a transgender/hermaphroditic god that was a combination of Mahatala, a ruler of the upperworld, and Jata, the ruler of the underworld from under the sea
  • Again in Borneo, there was a deity, Menjaya Raja Manang, who was first a male god, but another god’s wife became sick, and when the male god tried to heal her, the male god changed into a woman or became an androgynous being

Aztec/Mayan mythology

  • There’s a god of maize in mayan mythology that’s pictured as an effeminate young man in art and i guess constituted a third gender in their culture
  • Tlazoteotl in aztec mythology is the underworld goddess of life and death, but it said to be the metaphorical mother/protector to transgender or lesbian priestesses called Huastecs

Inuit mythology:

  • technically this isn’t about a deity but: the inuits believed that the first two humans were both male, and they became a couple and “mated” and one of them became pregnant but wasn’t equipped to give birth and a spell was cast over him to give him a vagina and thus become female

Sumerian/mesopotamian mythology:

  • a goddess (Ninmah) supposed created “physically differing” people including “women who cannot give birth” and “the one who has no male or female organs” who were regarded as a third gender and the supreme god (Enki) was accepting of them and gave them roles in society like being priests/priestesses or servants of the king
  • In mesopotamian mythology there’s something else about third gender priests that would worship Inanna

Arabic mythology:

  • the Jinn were beings created from smoke and could change their appearance (and gender) at will
  • also not a deity but there were believed to be springs/wells that could change a person’s gender should they drink from them

ok this took forever hope this helps. basically all my sources came from this so they might not all be accurate or true but like…. it was a lot to cover and i would still be working on this if i had to search the web to fact check every single one of these things lmao