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But if you define bi as attraction to multiple genders, how would you then define pansexual? Or are bi and pan now interchangable to you (and others who define bi the same as you)?

I know that quite a few people (Ashley Mardell is one example, I believe) use bi and pan interchangeably. It really just depends on your own personal definitions for bi and pan because a lot of people define them differently. I technically *could* identify as pan if I wanted to since I’m attracted to more than two genders, but bi is the term that I heard first and feel most comfortable with. I also really liked the community and history around the term bisexual and wanted to identify with that as well.

I know some people use pan to mean attraction to *all* genders, so that could be a difference if someone else uses bi to mean attraction to *many but not all* genders. But again, it really depends on the individual and what those terms mean to them.

Gender is NOT a Social Construct. There are only Males and Females. And More Trans Talk.

Commence the Triggering.

Yes, I know, someone’s upset. I’m going to explain how gender is NOT a social construct with science. Before you go “transgenders!” trust me, transgender people might actually be the most solid case for gender NOT being a social construct. I’ll get to that later.

However, let’s get some distinctions out of the way:

I am not telling you how to live your life. 

I am taking this from an argumentative stance. I am, for the most part, discussing the CONCEPTS of “third gender” and so on. You have every right to identify as whatever. However, this does not mean people have to respect it NOR does it mean what you identify is fact. By this logic, Lauren Southern can identify as an attack helicopter and you MUST respect her identity. Neither “third gender” nor being an attack helicopter is factually backed up which is what this post will explore.

Please do NOT take this as a personal attack. I will never, go up onto a nonbinary person’s blog and say “ugh, you cisgender transtrender.” Again, I am taking this from an ARGUMENTATIVE STANCE ON THE CONCEPT OF GENDER.

I am fully aware that science is always up for change. If science can prove there is more than just “male” and “female,” I will believe it. We used to believe the earth was flat until someone sailed across the world. However, as of right now, there is no scientific or logical evidence for any gender or mixture there-of and actually points to the opposite.

Sex= Chromosomes, genitalia… that’s pretty much it. There are two sexes, male and female. Most people do not argue this, thank god. Intersex is not a “third sex” and is classified as a genetic mutation. Saying someone who is intersex is a “third sex” is exceptionally demeaning and is just further otherizing them. Much more often than not, they go by the gender they develop as.

Gender= Characteristics based on sex. An individual’s relations to societal or gender roles.

Gender is NOT a social construct. When people say this, it’s almost like a misnomer. Gender ROLES are (partially) a social construct as they are constantly changing. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, that sort of thing, you know? However, before this, it was considering the complete opposite. Society’s gender roles changed, however, gender did not. There were always “males” and “females” in modern society.

I believe transgender people exist. I do not think transgender people are not real. I am not transphobic. I, in my life, have dealt with many genuinely trans people as friends. 

If you are interested, please read on. This was just a bunch of introductory information you should know.

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Non-Binary Question Tag

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The New Frontier of LGBTQ civil rights, explained

LGBTQ rights have come a long way — but not nearly far enough.

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hi there, i was wondering if you know of a gender identity where you definitely feel like you have a gender but it's not boy or girl or completely neutral either, it's more just... you? like your gender is who you are? that's confusing sorry but you're the most knowledgeable person i know of about this stuff so i thought i'd ask. thank you!!!

hi. :) i’ve seen some people describe maverique that way (ie. ‘my gender is me being who i am’) and maverique certainly does fit the bill when it comes to distinctly having a gender, but being neither a boy nor a girl nor neutral. there’s also aporagender, which is similar.

i’m afraid i don’t know of any other genders that may fit what you’re looking for, but perhaps someone else out there does and will reply to this post?

hope you can find what you’re looking for.

My Two Cents about The Gender Debate (Spoken by a non-binary individual)

((-whispers- Stop abusing people for their headcanons because Frisk and Chara are characters who are supposed to be interpreted by the player and molded by the player into what the player wants them to be. That’s why Their genders, races, preferences for romance, morals and ages are ambiguous. The player is supposed to take the character and mold them to be whomever they want them to be.))

((Frisk is especially player-mold-able in that you legitimately control their every action. You decide if they’re a baby pacifist, an “assafist” (Asshole pacifist who beats up all the monsters but doesn’t kill), a coward who runs away from conflict when they can, a bully, a merciless child who kills anyone who they encounter (no mercy run), a genociding maniac (Genocide run), a bored human who wants to see what would happen if you kill someone, a human who wants to repeat their happy days over and over again, a human who wants to repeat their murders over and over again, a human who enjoys the fight with Sans, a human who gives up and can’t defeat Sans–do you get my point yet?))

((Frisk’s entire personality is up for the player to decide. Their specific age is up to the player. Their race is up to the player. Their romantic orientation is up to the player. I personally have it so Frisk goes through many phases of personality in UnderMania. They’re Hispanic. They were nine years old when they fell into the underground. They were afraid and violent when they first fell but grew to be more kind (though never killing anyone their first run) and they loved everyone.))

((Chara is less so mold-able, but still relatively open to interpretation. UnderMania Chara is also hispanic–a “white latino” (similar to my platonic life partner Celest) who is still exploring their identity with gender. Who has a strong preference for she/her pronouns though also enjoys They/them pronouns. She was 13 when she died. They also had a twin brother named Mark. Who had a YELLOW soul. Who loved their family and the monster kind so much that she wanted to sacrifice themselves to free them. Someone who is a master manipulator of code. The Narrator.))

((So just… stop hating people for it. I get it–you want representation. I do too. I’d love the idea of a canon non-binary character. You know what I don’t want, though? Representation at the expense of others. I don’t want representation if it means someone else gets hurt because of it–because people keep sending them hateful messages and death threats.))

((So, uh. Stop.))