Oh my god.

You guys. This picture book that just came in.

It’s an adorable story about a little “narwhal,” living with a narwhal family under the sea, but take a closer look.

Over the following pages, Kelp struggles to fit in. Kelp is different in so many ways; nothing ever feels fully right. Eventually, by pure chance, Kelp happens to get blown off by a stray ocean current and winds up on the ocean surface, where a remarkable discovery is made. 

Um. Wow.

And despite their nervousness…

Hurray! And then the question:

I’m dead. This book killed me. So much perfectness was never to be survived. Kelp, I love you.

(And you, too.)

And yes, I realize that it could just be a lovely story about a narwhal, not a metaphor for anything bigger, but isn’t that the beauty of all the best sorts of books?

I’ve heard a lot of things about being “trans enough” lately and its been making me mad, so i made a comic. 


Disclaimer: This comic is intended for ftm trans guys or anyone identifying as masculine


Most people think being bi means that you like girls and boys both equally, both romantically and sexually. But that’s not the case for everyone.

There are bi people who lean way more to one side than the other. There are bi people who experience sexual attraction to some genders and romantic attraction to others. There are bi people whose sexuality fluctuates. There are bi people who become fixated on one gender depending on their love interest. There are demisexual bisexuals, there are ace and aro bisexuals.

Not all bi people experience the same kind of attraction to each gender equally. We’re still valid and we’re still bi.

trans people do not have to try to “pass” as their real gender if they dont want to

you dont have to bind, or tuck, or wear breast forms, or body shapers, or wear a packer, if its uncomfortable, or it hurts, or you dont want to

you dont have to dress masculine, or feminine, or neutral, or wear makeup, or not wear makeup, or cut your hair, or grow it out, or style it

you can dress how you like, talk how you like, act how you like

trans people who dont pass, or cant pass, or dont want to pass, are still trans and still their real gender. and you deserve to be respected and celebrated and gendered correctly

  • Random people: There's just no scientific proof of non-binary genders!
  • National Geographic: *does a while issue on gender identity that has non-binary, talks about the science behind it*
  • Bill Nye: *does a whole episode on gender and sexuality which covers non-binary genders and the science behind it*
  • Same random people: THaT'ss nOtt sci enCE!!1 The y are jsut saying... what LiBERalZ Want 2 here!!! Nnnott Science!!!!
This Creator Is Proving Why Non-Binary Representation Matters
Web series are leading the way in moving beyond the gender binary.
By Lauren Strapagiel

A new wave of creators aren’t waiting for mainstream entertainment to catch up to the realities of gender identity, they’re just making it happen. And Kaitlyn Alexander is at the forefront.

Alexander is the mastermind behind Couple-ish, a web series they both created and star in. It centres on Dee, a non-binary, bisexual artist who enters into a sham marriage to keep their new roommate in the country. It’s instantly endearing, with LGBT inside jokes and characters that are too awkward not to love.

“I just saw this gap in media. I was not seeing people like me represented so it’s like, why don’t I just start doing it. Somebody has to start it,” Alexander told BuzzFeed Canada. “I just wanted to create a series where somebody who’s non-binary can be a romantic lead or at the forefront, and not a joke.” Often, says Alexander, characters without a fixed gender are non-human entities like aliens, and often a punchline. 

“Representation is important because it gives people opportunities to see themselves in media, which is validating. It can make you feel like you’re not alone, and that’s super important,” they said. They’ve even received messages from non-binary people saying Alexander’s work helped them explain their identities to their parents.

Read more here 


Everyone’s human. No matter the race or religion or orientation or age or gender, we all breathe the same air, we all live on the same earth, and we all deserve the same rights.

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Female? He told you he was female?”
“She,” Angua corrected. “This is Ank-Morpork, you know. We’ve got extra pronouns here.”
She could smell his bewilderment…
“Well, I would have though she’d have the decency to keep it to herself,” carrot said finally. “I don’t think it’s very clever, you know, to go around drawing attention to the fact.”
“Carrot, I think you might have something wrong with your head,” said Angua.
“I think you might have it stuck up your bum.
—  Terry Pratchett - Feet Of Clay