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Can we demolish the idea that being nonbinary, agender, genderqueer, or gender variant is just “a new fad” because people are trying to be “special snowflakes" 

Historically, there has always notion that there are more than two genders (male and female). 

Just because you haven’t heard about it before doesn’t mean it hasn’t existed.  

anonymous asked:

Is it true that a bi person is mentally male and female? I read that somewhere. Honestly I've never really felt totally one gender (in my head). I'm happy with my girl body but my inner voice sounds male and I was a Tom boy as a child. Now I'm not really girly, nor butch. It varies each day but I would always say I'm a girl!

You are correct that when the word bisexual was first used for people like us it was becasue scientists decided that we were people who had half a male brain and half a female brain. This was in the late 1800’s in what is now Germany.

Back in the day (that day being 1842-ish) the German doctor Richard von Krafft-Ebing wrote this famous book Psychopathia Sexualis: eine Klinisch-Forensische Studie (pub 1886). This book discussed heterosexuality, homosexuality and something else - something the doctor used a term from botany to describe: “Bisexual.” Bisexual flowers contain androecium and gynoecium and are called androgynous or hermaphroditic. Examples of plants with bisexual flowers include the lily, the rose and most plants with large showy flowers.

Krafft-Ebing held the view that bisexual people were mentally androgynous/intersex, that their brains contained more than one gender. Bisexuals were considered to be androgynous/intersex like Hermaphroditus, their patron demi-god/dess from Greek mythology.

[Ed. note: Later that idea was derided BUT lately long term research using brain scans is beginning to show he might have been on to something.]

[OP: If you need more info, write again and people will try to look up more of the info you need. FYI part of the reason it isn’t that widely know (other than biphobia and general stupidity) is most of the research and the info isn’t in English. Mostly it’s in German.]

Then that idea went out of fashion in the time of Freud and Jung, et. al. However recently some science is being done now studying how peoples brains react to things they find attractive and some interesting things are being learned. Bisexuals are our own people though and we are not stereotypically one or the other.

If you want to explore your gender identity some one very good place to start out is Genderqueer Identities.


All right world,

I’ve had enough.

It’s really sad that I’m about to make the argument/statement that I’m about to make because I feel like it shouldn’t have to be said. Especially in this day and age.


This image up here doesn’t only disturb me because they made Dean Ambrose cross-eyed in his figure, but more to the point it worries me that KMart felt the need to inform the customer which gender should be able to purchase/enjoy it. I get why they would inform you of what age it's suitable for, you don’t want to hand a toy with small parts to a two year old and have them choke, but what is the logic in telling a kid who can and cannot play with it? Will a girl choke to death if she plays with an action figure? Will this affect her ability to mature properly? Will this affect her chances of going to college or getting a good job? No. No it won’t. Unless the product in question is harmful to someone, all other information should be irrelevant.

Why does this get me all riled up? I am very close with a young child, a five year old gender variant child (who I’ll call Blake for security/story sake) , who my mom and I have helped raise a nanny and family friend. When my mom first started nannying for the child, a sweet and loving boy, he seemed to be reserved about his true feelings. As they grew closer to us Blake started acting more natural and comfortable. Blake loves playing with dolls, wearing pretty dresses, and wants to grow up to be a princess just like Rapunzel (Blake’s favorite movie is ‘Tangled’). Everyone thought this was cute, but they didn't see that it wasn’t just make believe for him, he really felt like a girl on the inside. Blake would confide in us and tell us how he felt like he was born into the wrong body, but his parents wouldn’t believe him. His dad was even so worried that he would try to replace his dolls with toy trucks and superhero figures. Over the years my mom and I have supported Blake in her exploration of herself. Blake tells us that this isn’t a phase, that it feels right. We see how truly happy she is when she beams a beautiful smile, clopping around in a pair of oversized high heels. But the pressure of the media and “social norms” have made it a very difficult experience, especially at such a young age.

Walk into any Target or Wal-Mart, and go to the toy section. Notice something? The aisles are basically color coded: blue and pink. The blue is filled with Hot Wheels, The Avengers, WWE, and Beyblades. The pink is filled with Barbies, My Little Pony, and the Disney Princesses.

Blake would often get nervous traveling through the toy section because the other children at Blake's school would question her choice in toys. It isn’t normal for a boy to like dolls in their world. I don’t blame this as much on the kid as I do on the marketing of these toys and shows. 

On TV commercials you never see a girl playing with a Beyblade, or a boy playing with a baby doll. Thor and Iron Man are as humanly far away from Barbie and Cinderella as possible on the store shelves. 

“But the organization is just about convenience. They don’t do it on purpose." 

No. They damn well do. Organization is a small part of it, to keep like items together, but then why color code the walls and shelves? Why dictate that Pokemon figures can’t be considered a girls toy? Or a stuffed kitty a boys toy?  I once had Blake ask me which I liked better: Pokemon or My Little Pony, because "you aren’t allowed to like both.” Which was probably the most messed up thing I’ve heard come out of a kid’s mouth. It’s not because of my fandoms that I rage at this question; it’s because this is how society has treated me many times throughout my life. I identify as a straight female, but I’ve always enjoyed video games and action figures as well as stuffed animals and dolls. Yet throughout my life I have heard:

“That’s for little boys.”
“You’re great because you’re just like a guy! You know all about video games!”
“You like it but you don’t know anything about it; you just want guys to like you.”
All terrible, idiotic statements. What I like does not define me, my gender, or my sexual orientation. But toy companies and stores reinforce this gender segregation as a means to tell your kids what to like and buy. Kid’s are moldable, naive minds that take the feedback of the world around them and use that information to form an opinion of right and wrong. When all they see are boys in blue shirts playing with Power Rangers and girls in pink skirts playing with Barbies this is how they expect the world to work; girls look pretty and wait in castles while the guys go out and stop crime in a police car and burst through brick walls (that seems to be an action-figure commercial favorite.) Thanks to my exposure to “Sailor Moon” and “The Powerpuff Girls” I realized that I wanted to be able to kick ass and take names all while my feminine charm shined through. I loved playing with barbies, but I would make them hop in the Batmobile and go hang out with the Ninja Turtles in a dream house instead of braiding her hair. Nothing should be wrong with mixing up toys. Nothing. In fact, if anything it increases a child’s open minded-ness, it exposes them to new ideas and stories. Plus, on a social level I think you would see a lot more boys playing with girls at an earlier age because they share common interests.

If a boy wants to play with action figures, power to him, if a girl wants to play House, go for it. But let it be because they are legitimately interested in these things, not because it was what KMart and TV sold to your kid. 

I see the stress that Blake has gone through in her life, and growing older it sadly won’t get any easier. I love this child to death and I more than anything want to make her life a happy one with acceptance and self-expression. The simple happiness she gets from being able pick out a Rapunzel doll at the store is something more to her than most kids; it’s not just a toy, it’s her freedom to be who she really is.

Now excuse me, I have a very intense match with Roman Reigns and Pikachu to attend too. 

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I like love doing binder giveaways, however, they’re very expensive and I currently do not have a job. As soon as I get a steady income flowing I will purchase binders and try to host a give away bi-monthly. Keep in mind I have my own bills to pay (doctors visits t-shots a girlfriend…) and I may not be able to do one for what ever reason. I just want to help a brother out. You can contact me through this tumblr or through my email . If you contact me through email please let me know you’re from Tumblr. Also my Skype (JamestheTech) is always open for you to vent your problems regardless of how minor and petty they might seem. Again please let me know you’re from tumblr if you add me.

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