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got my very first tattoo yesterday! it was done by Taylor at Saint Sabrina’s, I couldn’t be more happy with it ☺️

‘even on a cloudy day, I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun’

Wherein Sam Vimes is a Copper and Cheri Littlebottom is a She : A Discworld Feelings Post

So I’m listening to the Fifth Elephant audiobook on my phone (I listen to it when I run, and I play it in the background as I’m going to sleep) and godsdammit I’m having some serious Cheri and Vimes feels. Before setting out for Uberwald, Sam is fully aware of the tensions Cheri’s gender will cause among the Uberwald dwarfs, and he even asks her if she’d rather stay in Ankh-Morpork, rather than face the awaiting nastiness head-on. And as the story progresses, Cheri’s gender presentation does indeed cause a good bit of friction, even endangering the careful diplomatic mission our heroes are embarking on - but at no point does Vimes ask her to dress or act male, or to pretend that she’s just like the other dwarfs, the way she did her whole life before joining the Watch and for a short while after. Vimes never, for a second, thinks that Cheri’s insistence on being female is an inconvenience, never even imagines that the problem lies anywhere but in the narrow minds of those who hate and oppose her. Because Sam Vimes knows in his boots that who you make yourself into trumps who you were supposed to be, and those who call you a drunken jumped-up copper one day are the same ones who will bow and scrape when you are dressed in tights and knobs as the Duke of Ankh, and the only way to deal with them is to Kick Em Inna Fork because that’s how coppers deal with criminals because Sam Vimes is a Copper, Cheri Littlebottom is a She, and anyone who disagrees is invited to stick it Wher The Sun Does NOt Shine*

*Generally agreed either to be a valley in Slice, in the kingdom of Lancre, or the town of Bad Ass**, also in the Kingdom of Lancre, Hubwards of the Rim.

**Colloquial Lancrastian, lit. trans., “Uncooperative Donkey”