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According to the Boy Scout Law, “a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

But does a Boy Scout have to be a boy?

Sydney Ireland has been involved with scouting since she was four years old, when she began tagging along with her older brother to Cub Scout meetings. Since then, she has been an unofficial, but enthusiastic, member of Troop 414 in Manhattan.

Now she is 16, and she’s pushing Boy Scouts of America to allow girls like her to become official members.

Meet The Teenage Girl Who Wants to Be A Boy Scout

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First came acceptance of gay and transgender Scouts. Now girls can be Boy Scouts
In a historic change, the Boy Scouts are announcing plans to admit girls into the Cub Scouts starting next year and to establish a new program for older girls using the same curriculum as the Boy Scouts.
By Kurtis Lee

“The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that it will admit girls into the Cub Scouts starting next year and establish a new program for teenage girls, a move that marks a historic shift for the organization founded for young men more than a century ago.

Citing years of research and feedback from Scouts nationwide, officials from the group said that Cub Scout dens — the smallest unit — will be single-gender, either all boys or all girls. Cub Scout packs, which are larger and include a number of dens, will have the option to welcome both genders if they choose. The group’s board of directors voted unanimously in favor of the changes.”

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This story is a couple of weeks old, but I’ve been away for a while now (I’M BACK!), and this is BIG NEWS for the tons of girls who want to  do the activities that the Boy Scouts do vs. the Girl Scouts.

On the topic of girls being now allowed in the Boy Scouts, I was against this decision until I read through both sides of the argument. I thought it was another one of those annoying situations where girls were being allowed into spaces for boys simply for social justice points, but that really doesn’t seem to be the case here.

I understand the point of keeping a place for boys to have their own space. I totally understand this point but I wanted to share my counter thoughts with you…

The Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts have seen a decline over the years. It made sense to make the shift. I think the Boy Scouts are smart to do this. A lot of people actually support this merge and I see why. I was reading from a Girl Scout Troop leader how difficult it is to set up activities, to get the training… to really do anything or set anything up for the girls. She talked about how her husband was a Boy Scout Troop leader and had to go through much less to do things with the boys.

A big point I have seen many people bring up, including her, was the fact that boy scouts do so many more hands on things. As a woman who was a Girl Scout for many years when I was younger, I can tell you The Boy Scouts learn so many more valuable skills. We played around, went to a few fun places like Sea World, looked cute, learned about friendship and sold cookies. The boy scouts went camping, learned survival skills, learned life skills, and actually really benefited from their program.

If the Girl Scouts want to keep their girls, they need to step up. I’ve seen them bring up the homophobia and transphobia that has existed, and sometimes still does, in the Boy Scouts but honestly, its not relevant to the argument here. You’re grasping at straws, Girl Scouts… If you want to keep your girls, actually teach them things that have value. Girls and parents are tried of just looking cute, making girl friends, and selling cookies. They want their girls to be strong and have some valuable life skills. Stop complaining and step up.

In conclusion, the Boy Scouts have made this decision mainly on the premise of both programs having declining numbers. I think this decision will actually be very beneficial for girls and won’t affect boys negatively as long as the curriculum stays the same. Just my thoughts.
Opinion | I’m 10. And I Want Girls to Raise Their Hands.
I noticed that boys in my classes always seem more confident. That’s why my Girl Scout troop created a new patch.
By Alice Paul Tapper

Last year on a fourth-grade field trip, I noticed that all the boys stood in the front and raised their hands while most of the girls politely stayed in the back and were quiet. It made me upset.

On the car ride home I told my mom about what happened. We talked about how it seemed unfair and how boys and girls should be equal. My mom talks to me a lot about women’s rights and how women are treated differently.

I told my mom that I thought girls weren’t raising their hands because they were afraid that the answer was going to be wrong and that they would be embarrassed. I also think they were being quiet because the boys already had the teacher’s attention, and they worried they might not be able to get it. My mom and I decided that we should take the experience to my Girl Scout troop.

We talked about it as a troop. All 12 girls in our troop said this was a problem they also noticed and we talked about how we could improve it. I suggested that we create a Girl Scout patch that would encourage girls to raise their hands in class and be more confident about using our voices. The other girls loved the idea, and they had other suggestions. As a troop we decided to go the local council, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital, which represents more than 62,000 girls in the Greater Washington, D.C., region, to present our idea.

We decided to call it the Raise Your Hand patch. Its message is that girls should have confidence, step up and become leaders by raising our hands.

Boy Scouts: action packed, learning survival skills, and fun things

Girl Scouts: here sew this, paint this, walk this dog

Girl: I wanna join Boy Scouts bc I like the wilderness

Everyone: no omg that’s what Girl Scouts are for

amazing facts with rosy-avenger

Finn is good and kind; honest and fair; friendly and helpful; considerate and caring; courageous and strong; responsible, proud, complex, and all-around a wonderful person.

source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) dir. J.J. Abrams

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for ftm trans scout? Tf2 is a great game but it could use a little more representation..

Actually, I have a favourite little fanfic about exactly that. 

[That Name by Diredevil]



Well, when they first band together, we know Scout is LOUD about how amazing a guy he is, and how fast/smart/strong/etc he is. And I think, perhaps under the circumstances there would be two reasons…
The first being to establish himself as he/him to the group unforgettably, and secondly, to make himself feel comfortable in a new environment where things are uncertain.

That is to say, at home it’d been a bit weird for a bit as his Ma and brothers kept accidentally using [dead name] instead of Jeremy, and the wrong pronouns, but they got it eventually. Ma had cried when she realised, not bc there was anything wrong with Scout… just that “she’d accidentally given him the wrong name” (bc she had [dead name] and Jeremy picked out before he was born]. It was pretty touching.

Sure, someone made a smart comment about it… but Scout rarely had to raise a bat, before someone in the family was breaking their teeth and demanding they respect their brother. It was nice.

But on base, with RED? This was a different kettle of fish.

Scout had impulsively taken the job, even if it worried his family, that he was so far away with strangers. They didn’t say it out loud, but they didn’t want him away somewhere they couldn’t get to, if he needed them. And vice versa.
The family was a Unit, and while their reputation kept low-level problems away, there were always threats that needed more than one person alone to deal with. 

Scout had fidgeted just about out of his skin the whole train ride to Teufort, it was boring as hell, especially for someone who liked to run. Besides, he was a bit worried about the outfit. You could see faint outlines of his bandages through it… he’d come up with a million excuses as to why he was wearing them… but who knew what would come out of his mouth when he was asked?

After a few useless minutes of internally panicking over it, Scout shoves the thoughts away and starts to hype himself up… 

RED didn’t just pick anyone, yeah? They needed the fuckin’ best!
And here he was, the BEST at what he did!


Arriving was no big deal. 

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