Az új főnököm megkérdezte, mi történt az ujjammal, baleset? A kék üveggyűrűmre utalt, s ráncolta a homlokát.

Ha valami baja van, majd megmondja.
Nem fogok máshogy öltözni, pont Bécsben, mikor Conchitának köszönhetően idén itt lesz az euroviziós dalfesztivál.

Ha diszkriminál, hogy ne öltözzek így, akkor ki fogom magamnak kérni, mert semmivel sem vagyok kirívóbb, mint bármely kolléganőm, sőt, sokkal kevesebb bőrfelületet mutatok.

Ha nekem nem szabad, nekik miért?

Na jól előreszaladtam, de lehet, hogy még összeütközések lesznek.


They told me.

You’ll never change anything!
You are just a boy who wants to be a girl.
Stop pretending to be something you’re not!
You shouldn’t expect others to respect your bogus gender identity.
You need to grow and quit wearing girls clothes, you’re a boy!
Stop playing dress up and do something productive with your life.

Do the comments above sound familiar to anyone else?
If you’re a bit different like me, I am sure you’ve heard em’ once or twice…
or a million times,

Well hear me out for a second, okay?
Whenever someone comes at you with bigotry.
Whenever someone talks down at you for being yourself.
Whenever someone approaches you with hate driven confusion.
Try this!


Mhmm, that’s it.
Just smile.

99% of the time someone has approached you with hatefulness, its not because they actually care to debate on the subject. More than likely they just want to see you get upset. They enjoy knowing they offended you, and when you react in a negative way it only confirms that they have succeeded. Why even give them that satisfaction? Instead, confuse them by just smiling. I know its easier said than done, but practice and it will get easier & easier until its just second nature.

What’s the other 1%?
Well its rare, but its the moments when someone comes at you with a legitimate misunderstanding and in the end is willing to sincerely listen and try to understand your point of view. Of course it helps when you are also willing to try and understand their point of view as well so that the debate is mutually beneficial.

Obviously this won’t work for every situation, but I always keep it in the back of my mind as an option to avoid pointless arguing. I thought I would share it and maybe it could help someone else too.

Oh btw, I hope you like my outfit!
Have a safe & happy new year!
TTY Next year!

-Elliott Alexzander


Everyday Feminism writes:

We talk a lot about labels and identity, but what does identity really mean for defining gender and sexuality?

The subjects of these beautiful photos, from Sarah Deragon’s The Identity Project, might blow you away as they embody their answers.

Sarah Deragon is a San Francisco based portrait photographer. She launched Identity Project in January 2014. So far she has photographed over 200 people in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the second half of 2014, she took The Identity Project to Portland, New York & Chicago. Next year she will be traveling to Austin and Columbus, Ohio to complete the project.

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More amazing photos at The Identity Project.

Stop Glorifying Trans Kids Only After They Commit Suicide.
  • <p><b></b> It tells trans kids that they will only be recognized/remembered/loved/be seen as beautiful if they kill themselves. Yes! Please honor them! Yes! Remember these kids and do good things in their name but for god's sake STOP GLORIFYING CHILD TRANS SUICIDE.<p/><b></b> Please reach out to your trans peers and make sure they are not lonely and not invalidated because goddamn it can be scary and lonely to be young and trans. Please let them know that they aren't alone and that they have allies and that it's tough but they are tougher and they are beautiful and important. Please reach out to the trans people in your lives and let them know that they are loved -now- and -alive- and not just if they kill themselves.<p/></p>

Photo Credit: Barry Brandon w/

So as many of you know, I am in the campaign stages of launching #GENDERFLUX, a gender variant clothing brand tailored for individualism, and marketed in an un-gendered/non-binary way. Well today I was thinking, although a non-binary clothing brand is something that I feel is needed, I also feel that a lot of individuals lack the confidence to actually wear the clothes they would like to, out in public.

So I have a confession…. Although I can wear just about anything out of the house, I am still always on very high alert when I am dressed in an untraditional kind of way. For my photo shoots I have always tried to stay just outside of the main public eye, but…. I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!
I hope that I can inspire you as well, along the way!!!

So from here on out, I have suggested to my photographers, George & Barry, that I want to start shooting my outfits in public spaces with a much higher volume of people & strangers.

My hope is that by sharing these photos along with my experiences, people who feel nervous about being in a public space will be inspired to venture out of the house in their favorite clothes as well, even if its not a very traditional look!

So, here is the first one!
I was actually texting a friend who was meeting me at the mall, but I also was trying not to make to much eye contact because I was nervous about what I was wearing, plus I had a camera on me. Lol.
But, I think this was the best shot!
More to come!

-Elliott Alexzander