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i was the anon that sent the msg about the poc s/o and honestly the response made me feel better about the self-insert prompts. cause usually it is the white is the default expectant. (im black so its like weird to read them sometimes) thank you for the positive response and addressing it. id still like the short femme s/o /)/////(\

Short S/o (Gladiolus)

I’m really glad I was able to convey my point! And it’s no trouble, I felt I needed to say something. Fandom has a lot of work to do, and I didn’t want to add to the problem. But, side note, this stays gender neutral. I want this blog to be as inclusive as possible. At any rate, enjoy!

He finds it endearing. Really endearing. It does psyche him out a little that he’ll look especially big next to them, but he knows how to shake off those thoughts. Will tell them how cute he thinks their height is, pretty often at that. Especially when hugging. Or even when he’s generally holding them. The second they start snuggling into him, he’s just ambushed by the warm fuzzies. And he has to tell them how nice it feels to lovingly hold them. If they need to reach up high somewhere, he’ll just help them out with a huge smirk on his face. They hate it when he gets cocky like this. They won’t hide how jealous they are that he gets to be nice and tall, while they can’t reach up too high. They usually finish up with being a little relieved that at least he’s there and they can ask him to reach for them. He finds it a little surreal to hear that. But it does help him with his own insecurities. Because suddenly being big isn’t inconvenient; it’s something his s/o likes about him. And because it’s something he’s heard them say on more than one occasion he’ll definitely express how much he likes that they’re short. 

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Guys is gender neutral. Guys is gender neutral. Guys is gender neutral. Say it with me: guys is gender neutral. Guys is gender neutral. Guys is gender neutral. Guys is gender neutral. Guys is gender neutral.

Nah, it ain’t. How you personally use it is your problem. Ask any feminist gender blog. They’ll all tell you “I personally do not have a problem with it but I know people who do so you better listen and respect em” and then they refer to people like me. You got no leg to stand on, buddy.
Anyway good luck with summoning a demon in The Rumbles ask section.

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Thank you for doing it gender neutral... although I am a guy I love gorillaz with a passion and it's hard to find something specifically male and it really helps when it's not just writing towards women and I'm sure people who identify as otherwise agree... your writing is great, my friend, keep it up!

Yeah, no problem! I made this blog specifically for all genders because I didnt want to exclude anyone!- Mod Levi

In the banter in Mark of the Assassin when Anders asks about Hawke’s father:

  • Anders to a mage Hawke: You and Bethany were lucky. Most mages would kill to have what you had.
  • Anders to a non-mage m!Hawke: If more mages were allowed to keep their families, people would learn not to fear them so much.
  • Anders to a non-mage f!Hawke: You know, you’re the only person I’ve met with a mage parent she actually remembers.

The only person. I knew Hawke was very unusual, but Anders grew up in a Circle, and magic runs in families! He works with the mage underground, he probably knows half the apostates in Kirkwall and anyone willing to support them! And Hawke’s the only person he’s met with a mage parent they actually remember.

I never really aesthetically admire random men the way I do other people and it bothers me so much because I can’t figure out if it’s compulsory heterosexuality that makes me think I SHOULD admire pretty men or if it’s fear of men that makes me avoid them even in my own brain or if I’ve internalised the way our culture objectifies women and the male gaze is in my brain seeing human beings as decorations.