gender pay disparity

Contrary to popular belief, in many ways the mainstream film industry remains a staunch supporter and reinforcer of the status quo, particularly when we are talking about gender, race, and similar issues.

Martha Lauzen, head of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University. 

 Why men make more than women in Hollywood

EVERYONE WHO IS WILLING TO WORK DESERVES A LIVING WAGE. Celebrate Labor Day by supporting striking fast food industry workers. There’s no reason that the bulk of jobs in big profitable companies should pay their workers so little. “What is missing today is employee bargaining power, which unionization provides, so that the growth in labor productivity flows more to wages and salary and less to executive salaries and shareholder returns.” Teresa Tritch

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World Cup champs Lloyd and Sauerbrunn on making history, gender pay disparity

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey talk about Jennifer Lawrence's essay and her new movie with Amy Schumer

One young lady who doesn’t need any career advice is Jennifer Lawrence. What did you think of her essay about gender pay disparity in Hollywood?

Amy Poehler : I think it’s a great topic to talk about. I loved her essay and I think she’s really smart. It’s interesting to see what young millennials are noticing. Looking at women now, there’s a certain way to communicate and engage in certain conversations we could never have done when we were younger.

Tina Fey : There is, for sure, truth to what she’s writing about, because you’ll encounter some very dodgy logic in Hollywood where someone will say, “So-and-so gets X amount of money because he opened this comic-book franchise.” And you say, “Well, Jennifer Lawrence starred in The Hunger Games.” And they’ll say, “But that did well because of the franchise – not her.” There’s definitely some very bullsh*t logic about who gets paid what. She should get paid the same as dudes if the part is the same size, absolutely.

AP: And good for her for using her currency. When you’re in that position, you get to decide what you want to do with it. If everyone’s paying attention to you when you’re famous, what are you going to do with it? She’s taking risks and talking about something important.

She’s writing a screenplay with Amy Schumer about two siblings. I heard a rumour it’s called Sisters…

TF: What? It’s called Sisters?! Then they’ll have to change the title! Ours is coming out next month. They’ll have to call it Sisters 2 and give us a piece of it. We’ll play their mothers [laughs].

A woman working full-time is still making 77 cents on average against each $1 a man earns working full-time doing comparable work. A bill to remedy that is called the Paycheck Fairness Act, but Republicans have repeatedly blocked it, despite strong support from the White House and Democrats. The Paycheck Fairness Act would strengthen the Equal Pay Act, because it contains practical steps for promoting fair pay for women. It would enhance the Court remedies available for victims of gender-based discrimination, and it would put the burden on employers to demonstrate why a woman is being paid less than a man for performing comparable work, punishing employers if they retaliate against employees for sharing salary information, and allowing enhanced monetary compensation if discrimination or retaliation is proved in Court.

Last April, every single Republican voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act (the same corporate-owned hucksters who recently voted against raising the minimum wage, or allowing students to refinance their student loans). The midterm elections are around the corner, so Senate Democrats are giving Republicans another shot to ensure women earn equal pay for equal work. This critical vote is expected to occur this Monday, September 15, but don’t hold your breath waiting for a little common sense justice. There’s too much money and power pushing back; though of course, closing the wage gap and raising the minimum wage helps everyone, not just the grossly underpaid, but also their children and families, and the entire economy as a result.

I want my daughters, sisters, mother and wife to earn a salary and benefits equal to what some yo-yo guy earns for performing the same job. I want them to earn what they’re worth. Don’t you want that for the women in your life? Ask a Republican you love (or one who represents you) why they’re dead set against equal pay for women—maybe they can explain it so you’ll understand it. Please let me know. I’ll wait.


I think everyone needs to just swap out something historical for something current to check and see what side of history you’re going to be on.

  • Is [exploitative action] ethical?
    Well, slavery wasn’t.
    Well, child labor wasn’t.
    Stands to reason, outsourced exploitative work conditions, wage slavery, and gender pay disparities aren’t.
  • Is [environmentally destructive action] ethical?
    Well, creating the Great Pacific Garbage patch wasn’t.
    Well, giving thousands of coal miners in Appalachia Black Lung wasn’t.
    Well, the Ozone Hole wasn’t.
    Stands to reason, destroying the reefs, deep water oil drilling, fracking to the point of destabilizing the geological environment, and mass harvesting water for commercial farming at the expense of public interest probably aren’t.
  • Is [exclusive action] ethical?
    Well, segregation wasn’t.
    Well, interment wasn’t.
    Stands to reason, anti-gay housing and hiring bills, anti-birth control actions by employers, and anti-trans bathroom bills by states aren’t.
  • Is [persecutory action] ethical?
    Well, The Inquisition wasn’t.
    Well, the Red Scare wasn’t.
    Stands to reason, Native relocation, mass incarceration, and COINTELPRO weren’t.
  • Is [callous action] ethical?
    Well, experimenting with chemical weapons in Vietnam wasn’t.
    Well, demonstrating nuclear weapons on civilian target cities in Japan to put fear into the Soviets wasn’t.
    Stands to reason, using drones to take out people in the Middle East from another continent, and letting guns proliferate unchecked in spite of multiple mass shootings in areas reserved for children aren’t.
  • Is [religiously justified action] ethical?
    Well, slavery wasn’t.
    Stands to reason, institutionalized oppression, codified discrimination, and neo crusades aren’t.
  • Is [inaction] ethical?
    Well, letting Nixon off wasn’t.
    Well, letting the priests of the Catholic church who molested all those kids get shifted from one parish to another wasn’t.
    How many whistleblowers do we intend to leave to rot while the criminals they exposed walk around under the sun, breathing in fresh air, cuddling puppies, and continuing to fund other atrocities?

If you want to put yourself on the side of Apartheid, of Bull Connor and the dogs, of Senator McCarthy, just be aware that’s what you’re fucking doing, yeah? 

You aren’t helping anyone. You’re not saving anyone. Don’t try to pretty it up with excuses. Stand in your bigotry and acknowledge it for what it is. Be honest in your hatred, disdain and dehumanization of others.

It’s all getting written down, you know. Whether or not there’s a Saint waiting for you with a tally sheet on some nebulous other side, we have the Internet now. Your great grandchildren might not have known your name in previous generations, but from here on out, every shitty thing you say and do is part of the public record. Nothing can be erased anymore. Everything leaks eventually. The future is watching you.

Now, make your move.


On Labor Day, the GOP tweeted the photo on the right with this text:

“This #LaborDay, the White House & Democrats believe paying women less than men is an acceptable practice.”

Trouble is, they’re just making it up as they go. One self-serving lying tweet doesn’t make up for their actual deeply sexist voting record on gender pay disparity, as noted in the photo on the left.