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 There is a book that an editor friend is pushing to get published, but the house needs to know if there is interest in a fashion book that would be just for trans men, non-binary lovelies, ladies, and the like who like wearing slacks, waistcoats and such. LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if you would be all about this becoming a thing!

*Heavily quoted because, ugh, obviously very complicated.

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Hi Rachel! I have a hard time understanding/retaining academic texts, so just to make sure I got that post right . . .was it a drawn out way of saying that boy bands can't be too masculine to appeal to a youngish teen girl, but masculine enough to not be read as gay?

hi! no worries, academia tends to be super dense when it doesn’t really have to be. and actually before i type something out i’m gonna tag @ravenclawharrys and @bananastagram bc i’d honestly love to hear what they’re thinking. but! here’s how i read it: 

i think you’ve gotten to the simplified version of that section, definitely. sort of like, boy band members have to somehow straddle this line of masculine and feminine, sexually suggestive but not outwardly so, androgynous but not so gender-neutral/non-conforming that it confuses their audience. i like how it points out that these boys’ masculinity is “not-yet-stabilized,” so they’re ambiguous in a way “men” aren’t, they’re pretty and young (”hairless” made me laugh), and specifically stuck in archetypes that are sort of innocent-but-not. even the “sexy” one isn’t actually sexy. like, think of zayn’s image back when he was in the band vs. now - he’s definitely ramped up his sex image even though he’s not the “sexy one” anymore. 

but overall, it’s bigger than just that part, though that’s the part that obviously sticks out to us first. i think the part we should most be side-eyeing is the part right under that, where “boy bands have normative masculinities maintained for them by their marketing machine”… which is exactly what we’ve been saying from the beginning. if boy band members veer outside their slightly-androgynous-but-heading-towards-masculine setup, they’re slapped with a heterosexuality reminder. like, maybe, a fake girlfriend.

and then of course, there’s the part about “boys” on this masculine/feminine line and their role in gay culture and BDSM culture, which when you look at harry’s collars makes me itch to know what that interview is about, but in general you got the gist :) 

give me all of the non-gender conforming lucio give me lucio in booty shorts and crop tops and heels and giant floral sweaters with shorts and thigh high socks and give me lucio in weird clothes like a furry pink vest he found at good will and leggings with shia labouef super imposed over and over on them

give me lucio who wears winged eyeliner and bright green lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter, and nail polish give me lucio who wears his locs wrapped up in a head wrap on top of his head or in afro/loc/braid twin buns 

give me lucio who loves expressing himself and doesn’t give a ding dong what you think
Portland changes 600 restrooms to gender-neutral
About 600 city bathrooms will become "all-user" on Friday with signs designating female and male replaced with signs that show a toilet.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the new signs show what’s behind the door and not who should be using the facility, according to city officials. Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish proposed the change in December 2015 after he says people from across Portland asked for it.


First of all, thank you so much for reaching out and asking this. It makes me so happy to think about there being other gender-non-conforming opera singers out there! So bravx!

Second of all, where to start? I guess I have to say this: the opera world is still rather stuck in the gender binary, but I have every hope that this will change. Until then, we will be who we are and we will be the change.

I’ll answer your questions (I promise!), but first I’d like to point out that JUST TODAY I was updating my website and I was debating over what pronouns to use in my bio. So, the struggle continues, let me tell you. But, I have been very clear about what I want to wear in performance, audition, and masterclass settings. 

Here’s the thing: clothing does not inherently have gender, but people assign gender to clothing based on social norms. This is what you’re talking about in your question. I feel this. I’ve felt pressured (either by authority figures, society, family members, or otherwise) into wearing many things that I did not feel comfortable in (and that made me downright dysphoric). I’ve done it and it has never helped my career or my performance. Performing is an anxious game in the first place. Why add to it by wearing something that makes you feel less than yourself? You’re only benefiting your performance and the audience by wearing what you feel most confident in. 

Now I’m in a place where I wear what I feel comfortable in and what I feel best expresses who I am regardless of the venue/event/etc. (I’m not talking about costumes or character clothes here - that is another conversation entirely. I’m talking about personal clothes for recitals, oratorios, juries, auditions, etc.) When I performed in The Messiah, I wore a suit one night and a dress the other. That was what I felt comfortable and confident and myself wearing in those moments. (You can check my Insta for pics.) 

All this to say: please feel free and entitled to wear what you please. Of course it must be formal enough, etc, but you know that. You should express your personality in your artistry as boldly as at any other time. Tradition shouldn’t hold you back. If you feel you should ask your teacher or another authority figure what’s appropriate, then do so when the time comes (I usually ask when we’re talking about concert attire), but no one can tell you what’s right or wrong for you. And being an artist is about bringing all of yourself to the table. This is a part of you and therefore it should not be ignored. 

I encourage you to “break the rules” if it means accurately expressing your gender identity or just your individuality. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your first year of singing or if you’re a veteran at the Met – there’s no benchmark for “making it” that allows you to be yourself. Be yourself, full force, right now. There’s no reason not to. The completeness of you, the entire embracing of who you are, can only add to your artistry; it can never diminish it. 

About your worries about being “the special one”: I get that SO MUCH. And honestly, you’re only going to stand out as The Special Snowflake on a superficial level, because everyone, every artist, is “the special one.” That’s what being an artist is all about. It’s about embracing your individuality and expressing it to an audience. So you might seem like “the special one” at first glance, but really you’re surrounded by a sea of “special ones.” I take heart in this and I hope you will as well. 

Bottom line: if you present one way in everyday life, don’t change that simply because opera tradition and convention is a bit behind. Be yourself, trust that, and spend all your energy on becoming the best and most proficient artist that you can. 

Your side question: I do a lot of my formal wear shopping at H&M (the mens department is slimmer than most and tends to fit me well) and Kohl’s (in the “young men’s” section mostly). I also love to troll thrift shops (Goodwill is my best friend!). My new favorite thing (which isn’t helpful at all) is shopping in Inwood, NYC because these men know fashion and their fitted clothing style works well for me. 

Please feel free to message me anytime about this or anything really! I love to talk to other singers. :) I hope this helped and made sense. Best of luck to you!

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Hi, I'm trying to understand the concept of nb. Why do people take the label non-binary instead of just being gender non-conforming men/women? The argument I hear is that gender is a social construct. If its a construct, and you do not have dysphoria then why bother making a new category? I know internalized misogyny drives women to disassociate from other women ("I'm not like the other girls!") thoughts?

honestly you sound radfem-y and/or truscum-y. you could just google but i’m bored, so

1) non-binary people have non-binary genders. they are not (exclusively) men or women.
2) dysphoria isn’t required to be non-cis
3) “I’m not like other girls” can be internalised misogyny. it can also be because /they’re not a girl/

when i first got this ask i typed a way better response but then the app crashed and i’m lazy. anyway, those were the basic points.

So I legitimately had a kid telling me that the gems being in relationships with each other isn’t gay because they technically have no gender.

Like I’m not usually one to get into comments that are left by people who are (hoping) to troll me, but fuck. This needs to be brought about.

I know the gems have no genders. Hell its been stated. HOWEVER. They go by FEMALE pronouns, being referred to not just by Steven but OTHER GEMS as She/Her. Technically making a relationship between the two gay (or lesbian because some people HAVE to use that lable.)

Now I’m not against genderless/ gender non conforming people but FUCK me. If you go by female pronouns and are in a relationship with someone that goes by female pronouns as well, it’s a GAY relationship. God damn.

I know the gems have no gender, technically, since they’re made up of light that is formed into a human- esque form, but again. The forms are more or less female and have female voices, as well as having the gems themselves go by female. Don’t try and fucking say that it’s not gay because they have no gender because it is still gay. Gayer than fucking gay. Like gay squared times the square root of a rainbow coupled with crystal fucking meth. Now sit the fuck down and let the gems be gay as hell.


Hi friends!

As we all know, the English language has a very important word when dealing with non-binary people and transgender people in general. The pronoun ‘they’.

‘They’ helps us talk about someone with gender disconformity and it’s another option for people to choose pronouns from. In Spanish we don’t have that option.

Many Spanish-speaking gender non binary people face a lot of invisibility problems because they don’t even know what to call themselves. That’s why we’ve created this petition. By signing here you will allow thousands of gender non conforming people to finally have a word to express themselves with.

The petition is sent to the Real Academia Española (RAE- Spanish Royal Academy) which is in charge of making all of the new spanish words, rules, dictionary, etc. 

Your signature could help thousands of gender non conforming people around the globe!
A Trans Woman's Powerful Message: "I Earned This Life"

In early June, as LGBT Pride Month commenced, the New York City Commission on Human Rights launched the Be You campaign

This ad campaign is the first of its kind: a government-led citywide campaign to affirm every resident’s right to use the bathroom they choose based on their gender identity, not their gender assigned at birth.


An Open Letter to the Tween Girl’s Clothing Store, Justice 

(Raleigh, N.C. branch at Poyner Place, behind Triangle Town Center)

“Every time we made a trip to your neighbor store, Target, my son would longingly look in the windows of Justice and say, “I wish I could shop there.” But we never went in. There was just something off-putting about those words on your window, reading, “Just for girls,” that kept us away time and time again. My son doesn’t identify as a girl, at least he hasn’t for as long as he has been able to communicate, although he has always acted like a stereotypical girl, played exclusively with stereotypical girls toys, and has almost exclusively female friends.

We’ve all been on a journey to understand his gender non-conformity, but finally my husband, myself, and my 2 older cisgender children are all on the same page, and we’re just looking for ways to support our gender creative, in transition, born-male child. He may one day be LGBTQ+. He may not. We’re open to whatever, as long as he’s happy, true to himself, and not hurting anyone.

We rushed to get there, and just around 5:10 arrived. There were no other customers in the store. My son’s eyes were huge and overwhelmed with possibilities. Stephnie came right over to greet us didn’t bat an eyelash, and basically took on the role of my son’s personal shopper for the evening. 

I was blown away by the fact that Stephnie stayed well-past her shift’s end, just to continue working with us. She made my son feel beautiful and totally free of judgment. I want to thank her for that precious, precious gift. I rarely get to see my son being his full potential, his absolute true self in public. She encouraged that and even helped bring it out. I felt so much hope for the future.

We left the store 2 hours later with 2 full bags, and I snapped a picture of my son standing by the store window that reads, “just for girls.” He was clutching his 2 bags of new clothes, standing beside those words, and challenging the notion of “just for girls.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  ❤️

Martie Sirois, parent of a gender non-conforming 10-year-old boy transitioning to become someone even more beautiful than he already is.”

Read the full letter and see more photos here

This Woman Tricked Trump Supporters Into Donating to a Queer Latino Organization
An unnamed woman created an ingenious poster that, at first glance, looks like it pays tribute to Donald Trump.

With a seemingly simple poster, a woman is raising money for Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement, and the donations are coming from the most unlikely of places: Donald Trump rallies. 

An unnamed woman known as thewwwayward designed a motivational Trump poster – with the words “There’s no good and evil, there’s only power and those too weak to seek it” attributed to him. She sold the posters to followers of the presumptive Republican nominee at a rally. What they didn’t know, unless they are big Harry Potter fans, is that the words actually comes from Hogwarts’ most villainous student, Voldemort.

In a video, the masked woman explains that she also gave buyers a clue that they were being trolled. “I also included a hidden image of Voldemort’s face that will only appear once they’ve hung up the poster and turned off the lights,” she said about the glow-in-the-dark bonus. 

While this already makes her a shero in our eyes, she’s taking it one step further and doing some good with the money she raised. All of her profits will be donated to Familia Trans Queer – an organization that advocates for all LGBTQ Latinos, Latinas, and gender nonconforming individuals. “Believe me, I have zero qualms about trolling Trump supporters, taking their money, and giving it to communities of color,” she concludes


Check out ‪#‎IntersexMedMondays‬ on twitter and share a post! Here’s my first tweet using the new hashtag… “Intersex folks don’t want your medicalization. We want our liberation.”

Photo by Sarah-Ji Rhee. Taken out front the now shuttered Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The hospital moved downtown and is now called Lurie Children’s Hospital. This still goes on today. Holler at me on ig @pidgeon_is_my_name or, support the work I do and check out these prints. if you like one, maybe you could buy one and put it on your wall and send me a picture of it   ❤