how to look like a nonbinary person

1. be nonbinary

2. wear what you like

congratulations! you now look nonbinary, because you are nonbinary! heres a lady bug to brighten up your day 🐞

Full offense, but butchness has absolutely nothing to do with men. At all. Butches aren’t defined by any comparison to men, nor are they defined by any comparison to society’s cishet ideas of “masculinity”.

It’s not about the separation of (our society’s cishet conceptions of) “masculinity” vs. “femininity”. It’s not about “masculine women”. It’s not about “women who want to ‘be’ men”. It’s not about men.

It’s about women’s reclamation of “womanhood” and “what it means to be a woman” from a cishet dominated society’s ideals and conceptions of those very things. Its about non-conforming for reasons such as comfort, happiness, communication, and freedom of personal expression. 

It is about women, and their love for other women. Period.

How to Feel more Feminine (for closeted Trans Girls)

· Part your hair
· Paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish
· wear “Manly” Jewelery like a shark tooth necklace or a cross necklace (if you’re Religious) or a dog tag, or a mood ring
· wear panties under your Boxers or pants
· wear a cupless sports bra under your shirt
· wear slightly tinted chapstick
· wear eyeshadow that is a shade close to your skin tone
· paint your toenails & keep them hidden from unsupportive people under your socks

what she says: 

what she means:

Though we recognize that the LBGTQ+ community makes up a lot of the Youtube community and content, we will be limiting the vocality this community has. We appreciate all of the work you’ve done to make Youtube an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community, but the gay agenda has become too powerful and we believe that we’re the sole cause of it, which is why we have decided to implement Restricted Mode on LGBTQ+ content. Please, though, let it be known that we are not silencing the community, we are only placing age restrictions because being a member of the LGBTQ+ is inappropriate, gives false information, and may be damaging to younger viewers, who benefit the most from the videos put out from this community. This is being done with the intention of protecting a select few, but god forbid anyone gets worked up over trans people asking to be able to use the bathroom that they identify as without being persecuted or harmed. After all, why should we grant such special rights to such a miniscule group in the vast majority?

RePosting this as we enter Pride Month(s)

Pride is something I struggle with to some degree even having come out of the closet. There are days when it’s quite clear that unless I “present” as Trans NonBinary I will not be seen as such.

Some days nobody could stop me from “presenting,” other days it’s an honest chore, and there have been long stretches where I’m too busy disentangling myself from my own dysphoria to grasp what’s going on at all. So accept this friendly reminder:

You deserve to feel proud, year round, no matter what.

If you’re not ready to march - that’s fine.If you haven’t come out - that’s fine.If you’re too broke to go to events - that’s fine.If you’re just not feeling it - that’s fine too.

Regardless of the feelings that can complicate things, I’m happy you’re here. I take pride in simply knowing people like you. That’s enough. You’re enough! <3

Just a hint of black.

I told everyone via Instagram a few days ago I was about to turn this look out for a photo shoot. Follow me on IG for previews of my outfits before they hit Tumblr!

Well darlings.
Here you go. Enjoy.

-Elliott Alexzander

Can I just say







Hey to all my NB siblings! 

I’m planning an illustrated zine project exploring and celebrating nonbinary genders. I’d love to include the voices of as many NB people as I can gather- I want to hear about your gender, your experiences, and what being nonbinary means to you! I’d also love to draw some of you, because you’re all beautiful.

I’m looking for submissions of anything from a couple of sentences to about 500 words on what being nonbinary means to you, your gender identity, your experiences, what you love about being nonbinary, and anything else you want to share! And if you’d like a little sketch portrait of yourself included along with your words, attach a selfie and I can draw you. 

Some clarification- I’m not looking for art submissions at the moment, but I’ve had lots of interest from awesome artists so I might either change the framework of the book to see if I can accommodate guest art, or try and organise an anthology of art by NB artists in future!

If you’re interested in contributing a few words and/or having your portrait included, anonymously or otherwise, please contact me here or at I won’t include anything in the zine without your consent, and I’ll check with you before it’s printed! I’m hoping to be able to send all contributors a PDF copy. 

Currently I’m planning to have the zine finished by September! More info on the content and some sample spreads coming soon.

Can’t wait to hear from you all! Keep being wonderful xxx


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My Name is Ahsante Sankofa (They/Them/Their or It/Its), tomorrow, August 8th,  (yes I might be a sensate heheheh) is my 🎉🎊birthday🎉🎊. 

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