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An AU where Deku has either a younger brother or older brother or a sibling. That sibling has the ability to control external fire, a combination of his father's and mother's quirks. Does this have the potential of a quirkless Villain Deku?

*flashbacks of twin AUs from KHR*

Oh boy. Uh. This idea has potential, that’s certain! But if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t read it if it’s centered around Deku developing jealousy/hatred for this sibling that has a combination of their parents’ quirks, or if (ESPECIALLY if) it’s centered around this sibling being abusive to him while being the “star child.” (… Holy shit. That’s Katsuki. THAT’S KATSUKI, WHAT THE HELL, KHR BAD!TWIN FICS ARE LITERALLY THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN IZUKU AND KATSUKI? WHAT.)

… Anyway. Yeah, I’m a bit tired of the abusive-sibling-relationship trope.

However! If it went in the direction of, say, the two of them working together? Maybe with the sibling being protective of Izuku because he doesn’t have a quirk? And Izuku, who doesn’t want to be a burden (or in the case of him being the older sibling, feeling inadequate because he is the older sibling but it’s the younger one doing the protecting) ends up encountering All for One?

Maybe he’s found by AFO. Maybe he and his sibling are attacked by a villain, with his sibling being greatly injured in the aftermath. Maybe he is scared, terrified, and oh, so angry at himself for having been unable to protect his sibling.

But, then, a man comes by. Izuku instinctively curls around the unconscious, battered form of his sibling, glaring at the man, because - because what if he wants to hurt them? Hurt his sibling? They aren’t awake, they’re hurt, and Izuku… He’s the older brother. He’s always been the one protected, so the least he can do is shield his younger sibling with his body.

The man takes a few steps towards them, and Izuku, tears in his eyes and shivering, holds his sibling closer. The man stops a few steps away, looming over them, and Izuku is afraid, absolutely terrified of what this man might do to him, do to his sibling.

But he doesn’t flinch away. He bares his teeth as a cornered animal may, tucks his unconscious sibling closer to his chest, trying to hide as much of them from sight as he can. He can’t see the man’s face, as it is obscured by some mechanism. But he can feel a weighted gaze on him, the man observing, sensing him, through the mask.

“… You are powerless.”

Izuku refuses to look away. He tucks his sibling further behind him, and stiffens at the rough laugh the man releases.

“Interesting. Powerless, yet you still fight. Disgustingly like him, and yet… Not.”

The man kneels, expression unseen. He holds out his hand and speaks.

“I shall give you the power you seek.”

So, maybe both Izuku and Ambiguous Sibling become villains this way. Are taken under AFO’s wing, trained, etc.; Izuku is happy that he is useful and can protect his sibling and his sibling is happy for him - they can protect each other now, they have each other’s backs.

At some point, AFO reveals (or maybe, they find out through other means) that he isn’t exactly a stellar citizen. Nope. He’s technically a villain. Technically, the biggest, baddest villain. Izuku is conflicted as heck, because he admires All Might, and always wanted (still wants?) to be a hero. Maybe the sibling doesn’t mind. Maybe the sibling never really cared about heroes or villains, as long as their mother and brother were alive and happy. Where Izuku goes, they go. So it’s Izuku’s decision - what to do?

From here, maybe they both become not-quite villains the border on vigilantism, or maybe they end up joining AFO and Ambiguous Sibling decides to go into the hero course while Izuku handles things as AFO’s successor. Following the latter idea, the sibling manages to layout the foundations of their infiltration in the hero society, and Izuku follows him eventually - whether that involves both of them enrolling at Yuuei, or simply being in the good graces of the well-known heroes.

Their goal? Who knows. Maybe Izuku’s goal is to somehow resolve the feud between All Might and AFO - because, he still admires All Might, but respects AFO/owes him for giving them this chance. Maybe Izuku wants to find a balance in society, where a symbol of peace isn’t necessary.

Maybe his goal is to dismantle the hero system altogether. (That sounds pretty villainous, right? Because, why dismantle the hero system? Why remove the peace? Who would want to remove the system other than a villain?) But no. He doesn’t want to dismantle it for some nefarious purpose - in fact, all he wants is to remove it’s necessity. He doesn’t want to remove the society entirely - it’s far too important, what with quirks being a factor - but, if people could come to terms with each other, if they could set their differences aside, to not use their quirks to harm…

AFO, after some discussion, thinks about it. He thinks, considers. And eventually, he agrees, relents, and puts his faith in Izuku.

(Because AFO, Sensei, isn’t the epitome of evil. His actions in the past were nefarious, he is no shining example of virtue. But he is still a man. A man far past his expiration, that seeks vengeance and his own brand of justice, two qualities which label him a villain. A man who wants to see the fall of All Might, a man who would settle for removing All Might from his spotlight in the eyes of the people. A man who is old, tired, and has, admittedly, grown fond of the two Midoriyas. And he wants to see an end to his goal.)

((Oooorrr maybe that’s just what he says to manipulate Izuku and his sibling, I don’t know, who the fuck knows what’s going through this man’s head other than Horikoshi))

There are those who oppose this, oppose Izuku’s dream. He’s young, he’s idealistic, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He spouts peace and ideals and justice, and he isn’t willing to bloody his hands for it? “Hah!” Heroes are needed, because there will always be some selfish villain that wants to take matters into their own hands. No one believes him, and it takes him declaring war on the heroes (the system) for them to take him seriously.

But hey, if that means becoming a villain to accomplish his goal, then so be it.

why did I write all of this

*coughs* So yeah, it does have potential to be a Villain!Deku AU! I couldn’t really think of anything for *Quirkless* Villain though - Izuku isn’t spiteful/jealous enough to become a villain purely because his sibling has quirks, imo. And quirkless, I don’t feel he’d get very far as a villain - he might be resourceful, but that can only get him so far.

Unless you mean he becomes, like, the standard evil mastermind villain that is ALL brainpower/machinery/weaponry and no inherent magic abilities. Oh my god that’s some funny imagery



Anyway, I’ve got a (late) fill for @problematicc-favs sin children and @watch-the-whole-world-disappear flower anon in particular, who requested: 

Jared and Dom reader and him being like “there’s no way that they’re a better dom than me” and being proven w a y wrong idk how but Jared keeps being cocky about it and saying he’s better and the reader just tells him to shut up and proves him so wrong.

This kind of turned more into Jared being a fuckin smartass who doesn’t think you can dom(me) him and you proving him very wrong.

Pretty damn gender neutral! reader ftw (hopefully – I really did try) 


ENJOY, FOLKS. I’m open for requests. 

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Hey I'm kinda new to the whole, not being cis thing, and I just wanted to ask about determining what gender I am each day. Like I know it's not that straight forward but some tips would be greatly appreciated. Also that I'm planning on using an abbreviated version of my middle name, Pat from Patrick, as it could be Patricia or Patrick, so like gender neutral names ftw I guess.

As for trying to figure out your gender identity, I’ve found that for a lot of people, looking in the mirror at yourself and saying “im a boy/girl/nb person/etc”. Whichever feels most comfortable the day could very well be what you are!

And the name thing is totally okay too :)


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can i ask for how suga, hobi, v would react when yall have ur first kiss in their pov ?(gender neutral ftw, but male is also hella ok) ;w; im so in love w this blog n the admins <3 all yall write such beau stuff.

Ahhh I love writing in Bangtan’s point of view ;A; also thank you; you’re too sweet~ ;3; Enjoy the bonus gifs of kisses~~ ~(^з^)-♡

[bangtan pov] first kisses 

Suga: the sensual romantic - everything I do would be to build up to the final moment. I pull you in my embrace, one arm resting securely over your shoulder blades, my hand on your shoulder. I bring your head in my chest, rubbing circles into your upper arm, a gesture to ease you. With my other hand, I start to sweetly caress your cheeks with the back of my fingers. My thumb brushes over your bottom lip. It’s a warning, letting you know what my intentions were. I pull you closer to kiss your forehead. My lips linger, in hopes of making your nerves tingle. I kiss your nose and both your cheeks. My forehead leans against yours and I leave it resting, savoring the moment. My arm around your shoulders drops down to your torso, gripping you with little pressure. I tilt my head upward a little, letting our noses touch, letting you feel my breath on your upper lip. My lips hover over yours, enough for you to sense it but not truly feel it. At the right moment, I angle my face to capture your lips in full, wanting to take your breath away. I pull your body onto me, wanting there to be no space between us, wanting to feel your heartbeat resonate with mine. I lick your lips, tug at them playfully. I deepen the kiss, slipping my tongue into your mouth. I desire more, but I take it slow. I don’t care to rush. it’s not my style; I don’t simply want to do. I want to truly feel.

Hobi: sweet and flustered - I don’t want to admit it, but I’m nervous. Although, I suppose you don’t need me to tell you. It’s obvious from the blush I feel creeping on my heated cheeks. We said we’d finally share our first kiss here and now, and that’s probably why I’m acting this way, being awkward about the setup, bursting out in laughter every time either one of us tries to lean in. Perhaps I’m just thinking too much about this. Perhaps, I just need to let my mind be free, the way it usually is. I grab your hands and take you to the living room where I plug my phone into speakers, turning on music. I walk closer to you, resting my hands on your shoulders to pull you in, swaying to the melody with you, becoming chest to chest. Dancing makes me confident, even when I look at your face, even when I feel the butterflies in my stomach. I smile softly at you hoping you’ll return it, making my heart thump more loudly against my rib cage. When you lean forward to peck my lips, I’m taken by surprise and although it shows, I don’t let it bother me. I get embarrassed but I move past it, pressing my lips back on yours in a chaste kiss. It doesn’t need to be heated. It still has passion, because my feelings for you are real. Seven seconds, but it feels like an instant. I can’t help but chuckle quietly when we lean our foreheads against each other’s. I think to myself, ‘So this is what love feels like?’ 

Tae: a man of spontaneity - I don’t let my mind dwell on anything… at least not when it comes to things like this. To be honest with you, I have thought about kissing you before, but I never felt the need to plan our first kiss. I prefer things to happen naturally. When I see you, I can’t help but think about how cute you are, the way you puff your cheeks and pout your lips. I can’t help but want to feel those lips against mine. My eyes are on you, probably longer than they usually are, because you take notice, blushing as you stare back at me. I feel a grin curl up on my lips, a playful one. You look like you think I’m up to something, but I don’t think you know quite what I have in mind. I cup your face and crash my lips against yours with no other warning, not really thinking about it or giving you much time to think about it, for that matter. I do whatever my instincts instruct my body to do. I add more pressure to your lips, deepening our kiss and when you gasp, I take the opportunity to slide my tongue in your mouth, exploring. With each second, it’s gets more heated, more aggressive, and when I push you down on the couch, I need to catch my breath. I look into your eyes intensely just to see you looking at me in a similar manner. A smirk dances on my lips as I wonder if you want the same thing I do. 

- Devi (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。