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How come Facebook will let me set my gender as “Baja Blast” but not my political views as “Ronald Reagan’s grave is a gender neutral bathroom”?

Text me, Fuckerberg. I know you have my number. This isn’t fair

It’s moments like this where being an advocate pays off. My school now has a gender neutral bathroom open, and even though I’m a senior and won’t get a lot of use out of it, I know that I’m helping students in the future. Even though it’s a single stall sort of deal, since we didn’t have money to build a whole new bathroom it’s still progress. I hope that more people advocate all over so that future generations don’t have to.

Support gender neutral bathrooms in my school district!

Please take a moment to read (and sign😊) this petition that I created in support of gender neutral bathrooms in my town’s school district!
Yelp introduces feature to locate gender-neutral bathrooms
Users checking into a location will be able to note the presence of a gender-neutral bathroom, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.
By Sarah Karlan

Yelp has added a new app feature that it hopes will make users of all genders feel more affirmed, despite the Trump administration’s recent anti-trans actions.

In its list of restaurant descriptors, where it tells you things like noise level, alcohol options and kid-friendliness, the app will now share whether a business has a gender-neutral bathroom (defined as a single-stall, locking bathroom that is not designated as male or female). 

The company is mapping bathroom locations with the help of both users and business owners. Users who check into a location will be able to “check” for gender-neutral bathrooms, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.

In the next couple of weeks, users will also be able to search specifically for businesses that have gender-neutral restrooms.

Rachel Williams, Yelp’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, told BuzzFeed News the new feature was added in direct response to the Trump administration recently rescinding protective guidelines for transgender students.

“In response to the recent public policy assault on LGBTQ community, and timed for our support of the Gavin Grimm Amicus Brief signed by more than 100 companies, we believe it’s important for the business community to speak up when our nation’s values are threatened,” she explained.

“Yelp thrives on inclusion and acceptance, and it’s always the right time to reaffirm this with our community,” she added.

I am here for this. 

it is not unreasonable to want safe spaces for women, a marginalized class (half of the population) who are specifically targeted because of their sex, and face regular discrimination and abuse. there is no harm in creating NEW ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms instead of converting women’s bathrooms into gender neutral ones/ making all bathrooms gender neutral. Washrooms serve as a safe space for women, who expect privacy and do not deserve to have this privacy and security invaded. Regardless of who is coming in, if they are male- women deserve a separate and safe space from them, and they shouldn’t have to be the ones compromising. Build new bathrooms, don’t take away ours. 


I’d like to tell you all about the app REFUGE RESTROOMS :) This app is for my fellow transgender and gender nonconforming pals to find gender neutral / unisex restrooms!! As you can see, there aren’t too many downloads!! I love this app though and it is extremely helpful!!! You can log new restrooms as you find them to help your transgender and gender nonconforming pals!! Please help out!!!!!!

someone who identifies as nonbinary wrote an article about how all bathrooms should be gender neutral and how having gender segregated bathrooms is really keeping us from having all genders be equal and of fucking course this nonbinary person is MALE and of course they don’t fucking consider why female people might want a space AWAY from male people like jesus fucking christ. this is male privilege - not having to think about the danger you’d be putting millions of women in if you eliminated all gender separated bathrooms.

Petition for all-gender bathrooms at my high school

Hey guys, I have just started a petition for more all-gender bathrooms at my high school. There are currently 3500+ students enrolled and we only have TWO all-gender bathrooms!

It would mean the world to me if you could sign my petition here and also share this with as many people as possible!

I have already talked to the school board about installing more gender-neutral bathrooms but they don’t “see the necessity”. With this petition, I hope to show them that more all-gender bathrooms are indeed necessary

It would be amazing if you could help me out with this! Thank you so much


every time you want to use a gender neutral restroom, and find yourself standing in between a men’s room and a women’s room, you run very fast at the wall in between the men’s room to the women’s room, and thats how you access the secret gender-neutral bathroom nine and three quarters


Help support gender neutral bathrooms in the Maryland School System! 

write and share your thoughts or photos of yourself holding a sign like this one! “I support gender-neutral bathrooms because… (blank: insert your reason here”. 


we’re trying to allow everyone to have a safe place to pee. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm a trans girl and I want to come out at school, but I currently feel uncomfortable with using female bathrooms and locker rooms. If I was ever to come out, how would I deal with this? I do not believe there are any all-gender bathrooms in the school. I should also note that my school is really accepting of LGBTQ+.

Harper says:


Even after being proudly and visibly out for some time now, using women’s bathrooms still is a source of anxiety for me, and if offered the choice between a women’s loos and a gender neutral one, I’ll side for the gender neutral one ten times out of ten.

One thing that helps me out is going in with someone. A lot of girls at school do this anyway, and having someone to be about with you can be very comforting. Of course this might not always happen, so sooner or later you’ll have to deal with going in by yourself.

Thankfully, it does get easier the more times you do it. So it could just be a case of pushing through those nerves, and as time goes by you won’t even notice it, especially at a school that is accepting of LGBT individuals. Furthermore, if you were to experience any harassment etc. in your school on account of using women’s locker rooms etc., it sounds like your school would take steps to sort things out if they are good on LGBT issues.

This might also be an opportunity to talk to your school and other pupils in your school and push for the creation of a gender-neutral restroom, if you don’t have one already, and if that is something you’re interested in. (I know a lot of disabled toilets are gender neutral, so perhaps you could use those in the instance you’re not holding up a disabled person, or you may need to get permission to use those if your school has them.) Gender neutral bathrooms only really get instated because they are asked for by pupils, or at least that has been my experience.