gender neutral bathroom signs!

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Do the guys you date get bullied because of your gender?

Nah. I live in a super liberal town and go to the most liberal school around. There are literally big signs around the school that say things like “Have you practiced not gendering strangers today?” and “Ask people’s gender pronouns” and there is even a gender neutral bathroom with flowers painted on the sign. They have also held seminars on trans individuals hosted by nonbinary people. If someone made fun of my partner for dating me, they would be the one to get shit :P

Edit: I don’t want to make it sound like my school is perfect or anything, because there are certainly the occasional ignorant asshole (and some teachers who are well intentioned…but lacking in education on the subject), but as far as school policies and reasonable expectations for a public school setting regarding trans teens, I think it’s WAY above the standard.

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Potentially upsetting question: what was (or still is) the bathroom/locker room situation at your school?

My school is really cool about trans stuff. They don’t have mandatory PE classes, so we don’t have a locker room. We have a gender neutral single stall bathroom, and signs on the walls that say things like “what are your pronouns?” And “dont assume gender”. The principle has a sign on his desk that ask you to tell him your preferred pronouns so that he can best respect you. It’s a queer school pretty much.