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When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty. The world teaches you that the way you exist in it is disgusting — you watch boys cringe backward in your dorm room when you talk about your period, blue water pretending to be blood in a maxi pad commercial. It is little things, and it is constant. In a food court in a mall, after you go to the gynecologist for the first time, you and your friend talk about how much it hurts, and over her shoulder you watch two boys your age turn to look at you and wrinkle their noses: the reality of your life is impolite to talk about. The world says that you don’t have a right to the space you occupy, any place with men in it is not yours, you and your body exist only as far as what men want to do with it. At fifteen, you find fifteen-year-old boys you have never met somehow believe you should bend your body to their will. At almost thirty, you find fifteen-year-old boys you have never met still somehow believe you should bend your body to their will. They are children. They are children.
I am in a Screenwriting class at school

and one of my (straight, white, male) classmates gave me this note:

“If I were reading this script, I’d think that the writer has it out for men." 

My script is a “RomCom” where neither female protagonist ends up with a guy at the end—one girl has a shitty boyfriend, so they break up, and the other girl’s boyfriend is fine, but she’s queer, so she ends up with another girl at the end. 

But if dudes feel threatened by my writing, mission accomplished, I guess!
U.S. women’s soccer wins higher pay, improved support with five-year labor deal
The U.S. women’s soccer players’ union and the sport’s governing body have agreed to a five-year collective bargaining agreement, improving standards for the national team and pro league and ensuring labor harmony through the next World Cup and Olympics.

“In a joint statement, the U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association and U.S. Soccer Federation said they have “ratified a new collective bargaining agreement which will continue to build the women’s program in the U.S., grow the game of soccer worldwide and improve the professional lives of players on and off the field. We are proud of the hard work and commitment to thoughtful dialogue reflected through this process, and look forward to strengthening our partnership moving forward.”

In recent years, the players have raised issues about compensation and working conditions compared to their male counterparts, casting a shadow over the efforts of the most successful women’s team in soccer history and pitting the federation against wildly popular athletes, such as Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan.

In March 2016, the players  filed a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, charging the USSF with wage discrimination. The case remains active.

Financial specifics were not immediately available, but people with knowledge of the pact said it includes:

  • Increase in direct compensation
  • Increase in bonus compensation
  • Enhanced benefits related to travel and hotels
  • Per diem equal to the U.S. men’s team
  • Greater financial support for players who are pregnant
  • Financial support for players adopting a child

Also, in a key gain, the players’ association will now control group likeness rights for licensing and nonexclusive rights in sponsorship categories where USSF does not have an agreement.”  

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The audiobooks for Solo: A Memoir of Hope and When Nobody Was Watching: My Hard-Fought Journey to the Top of the Soccer World are both available as free downloads via an promotion! More info on the promotion, plus a huge list of available feminist books here.


Men spoke for more than three times as long as women during Google’s I/O keynote

  • At Google’s annual I/O developer conference, the tech behemoth shows off its latest apps, software updates, the numerous new ways it’ll own you, some new hardware and other visions of its future.
  • Too bad it’s still a future where women are granted a third of the speaking time men get on one of the biggest stages in tech — an industry already plagued by issues of discrimination.
  • So how much time did women get at Google’s 2017 I/O? At this year’s conference, men spoke for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 55 seconds. Women spoke for 23 minutes and 22 seconds.
  • There were seven men and five women onstage — a big improvement over 2016’s Made by Google event, which featured six men and only two women. Read more (5/18/17)

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Hillary Clinton borrows “Handmaid’s Tale” resistance slogan in Planned Parenthood speech.

The former Secretary of State recalled a phrase from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian feminist classic. A politely sanitized version, that is.

The protagonist Offred, whose name comes from “of Fred” to indicate her subservience to the commander of her household, is comforted in the novel by a phrase she finds secretly carved in her room: “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.” The book documents life in a new militant theocracy on the grounds of what used to be the United States, where Offred is routinely raped in her role as a surrogate for an elite couple. From the Latin, she finds an English translation: “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

“To paraphrase Margaret Atwood, ‘We can never let them grind us down,’” Clinton said, after recalling her own relationship with the 1985 novel.

anonymous asked:

one of my gender studies profs used to work in a funding request centre thing at a university, and there was a group of dudes that wanted funding for a Male Only Space because there was a women's only space. But all their requests were like "a plasma tv, a fridge, a pool table" etc while the other space had like... basic couches.. a table for doing work... a lamp... so like the space these guys wanted was basically just to have fun while the women's only space was literally to EXIST ON CAMPUS

This is like something out of a bad 90s sitcom, jesus christ.

- Mod A

A tale of reboots and gender inequality

If someone tells me gender inequality is not a thing anymore, I’m gonna send them so deep in hell not even Satan is gonna find them.

Take a look at some recent movie reboots.


Last year, a reboot of Ghostbusters was made. It received some heavy criticism because it was supposedly “ruining childhoods”. The ALL WOMEN main cast was victim of an outrageous amount of sexist and racist comments. 

The Mummy

This year, The Mummy also had a reboot. This movie, whose main cast was TOM CRUISE and two women so he could be a brave hero, didn’t have sexist comments but it had more than enough sexism on its own. 

Let’s compare the two movies.

The amount of backlash Ghostbusters received was heinous. And most of it because the main cast were women and one of them was a woman of color. The only response The Mummy got was “it looks bad”.

And it was really bad. 

Where was all the out of proportion criticism Ghostbusters got when The Mummy was released?

So don’t tell me people hated Ghostbusters because it was a reboot and it ruined childhoods. It’s because we live in a hypocritical unequal society. 


Watch Jason Chaffetz React As He’s Accused Of ‘Beating Up On A Woman’ Over Her Pay

WASHINGTON – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) laid into Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Tuesday for grilling Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards over her salary – something she suggested he wouldn’t have done had Richards been a man.

Don’t mess with Carolyn Maloney.