Good news! Oregon just EXPANDED abortion access, taking a firm stand against Trump’s extreme agenda: 

“The measure, called the Reproductive Health Equity Act, requires health insurers to provide birth control and abortions without charging a co-pay, and also allocates state funds to provide reproductive health care to non-citizens unable to access Medicaid.

The Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon, which helped write the law, said that the new legislation will not only increase access to abortion, but also birth control and postpartum care for low-income women. It also adds that this is the first legislation in the States to comprehensively address systemic barriers to reproductive health care.

I’ve heard a lot of things about being “trans enough” lately and its been making me mad, so i made a comic. 

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Disclaimer: This comic is intended for ftm trans guys or anyone identifying as masculine


Most people think being bi means that you like girls and boys both equally, both romantically and sexually. But that’s not the case for everyone.

There are bi people who lean way more to one side than the other. There are bi people who experience sexual attraction to some genders and romantic attraction to others. There are bi people whose sexuality fluctuates. There are bi people who become fixated on one gender depending on their love interest. There are demisexual bisexuals, there are ace and aro bisexuals.

Not all bi people experience the same kind of attraction to each gender equally. We’re still valid and we’re still bi.

  • Random people: There's just no scientific proof of non-binary genders!
  • National Geographic: *does a while issue on gender identity that has non-binary, talks about the science behind it*
  • Bill Nye: *does a whole episode on gender and sexuality which covers non-binary genders and the science behind it*
  • Same random people: THaT'ss nOtt sci enCE!!1 The y are jsut saying... what LiBERalZ Want 2 here!!! Nnnott Science!!!!

Everyone’s human. No matter the race or religion or orientation or age or gender, we all breathe the same air, we all live on the same earth, and we all deserve the same rights.

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