gender humour

LGBT+ generalizations that aren’t true

  • Nonbinary people are all assigned female at birth
  • Nonbinary people present masculinely or androgynously
  • Asexual people are immature
  • Bi/pan/ply people are indecisive
  • Nonbinary people are young

LGBT generalizations that are true

  • Asexual people make awesome puns
Female? He told you he was female?”
“She,” Angua corrected. “This is Ank-Morpork, you know. We’ve got extra pronouns here.”
She could smell his bewilderment…
“Well, I would have though she’d have the decency to keep it to herself,” carrot said finally. “I don’t think it’s very clever, you know, to go around drawing attention to the fact.”
“Carrot, I think you might have something wrong with your head,” said Angua.
“I think you might have it stuck up your bum.
—  Terry Pratchett - Feet Of Clay
  • Person I'm not out to: Hey! You have tumblr. What's your username? I'll follow you.
  • Me: *laughs nervously* umm... yeah about that... oh my god! *points behind them* is that me desperately trying to change the topic of conversation and failing drastically?!?
  • Person: *says something ignorant about gender or sexuality*
  • The urge to out myself by beginning a lecture, including handouts and a PowerPoint presentation, on all the reasons why they're wrong: you know you want to.
To Be With You [Hanzo/Shy!Reader]

Regret was the word that comes to mind as you were drawn into the state of wakefulness when the warm, firm pillow beneath you started to move.

“Stay still pillow,” you groaned as you tried to snuggle closer to the heat in attempt to stave off the chill of the rainy morning.

“Is that what I have been reduced to, koibito?” An amused chuckle rumbled from the “pillow” beneath you, stirring you further out of your sleepy stupor. Just as you begin to get up, a gentle hand pulls you back down, the other hand following shortly after to stroke your hair softly.

“Go back to sleep koibito. You had a late night with Hana, Lena and Lucio no?”

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