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anonymous asked:

There are people who believe in neoreaction but not red pill stuff? I thought they went hand in hand.

I mean, I don’t actually spend much time around neoreactionaries, but you could believe men and women are pretty much the same in temperaments and abilities (and, for that matter, in every concrete respect) but having socially-enforced gender roles was still a good thing because it caused most children to be raised in two-parent households. 

And lots of neoreactionary claims are about the state and the intellectual environment of a nation. It’s possible to believe all of those without thinking that innate gender differences exist. 

It’s also arguably possible to think that gender differences exist without ending up a RedPiller, but gosh it sure does seem to be a strong attractor for gender essentialists. (As is TERFism on the other side of the aisle.)

also the weirdest/worst thing anyone has said in that class was “i don’t believe feminists should say that men and women should be equal because there will always be biological differences between the two sexes” and then this other girl chimed in and was like “i agree, i think feminists shouldn’t say they work for equality because, like, equality is different for every person”