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UC Berkeley Talk Part II: Queen Afua and Race-Gender Conscious Veganism

Breeze Harper (Sistah Vegan) explains “the Afrocentric approach to veganism that is race-gender conscious, decolonial, and revolutionary black feminist. I did this because I wanted to explain that there are more than just Eurocentric philosophical ‘ethics’ behind why some people choose veganism. By Eurocentrism, I mean the philosophical canon of ‘ethics and animals’ that dominate the mainstream academic literature in the USA. While Eurocentric philosophy focuses on the ‘ethics’ of non-human animal consumption and non-human animal exploitation, Afrocentric veganism (through Queen Afua) focuses on how veganism becomes a decolonial tool against the unethical abduction and enslavement of Africans and the institutional of chattel slavery; an unethical institution that took away their original plant-centered dietary philosophy and “forcing” them to eat a carnicentric diet. This is what a vegan methodology of the racially oppressed can look like!”


The Law of Attraction

 This law that governs the way the universe functions is based on the 7 hermetic principles. These principles are:

Mentalism, Correspondence, Cause & Effect, Rhythm, Gender, Polarity, Vibration.

Vibration is one of the key principles that the law of attraction is founded on - all living things are vibrating at a particular frequency and this frequency is a signal given out to the universe that attracts that of a similar frequency to our own.

The law of attraction states that we attract what we are - like attracts like. In my own experience I found that the reason I was surrounded by dysfunction on a daily basis is because I was extremely dysfunctional within myself.

The people, places and things in your life are a result of how you interact with your external environment - and this is determined by your internal environment. We create our internal environment with what we feed ourselves.

This is not just limited to food, but what we feed our eyes, ears and minds. If we fill our subconscious minds with dysfunctional imagery we will be more inclined to act in this way. Be mindful of what you feed yourself - you become what you fill your mind and body with and you attract what you are.

Today I’d like to invite you to check yourself. Check yourself on what’s in your life right now. Check yourself on the reasons why you’ve allowed certain people, places or things into your life and ask yourself why they’re still there.

Like attracts like - become that which you seek.

Peace & positive vibes.

Feminist consciousness can be thought of as a consciousness of the violence and power concealed under the languages of civility, happiness, and love, rather than simply or only consciousness of gender as a site of restriction of possibility.
—  Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life (62)
Everyone's like

‘Bad character design, bad outfit, blah blah blah 'pandering to women’, blah blah blah 'I’m clearly an idiot’, blah blah 'omg his outfit is showing so much skiiiiiiiin how does he survive in combat with no real armor?!?!?!?!’

I’m just like…





I’m sure

He has a way.

I sometimes subconsciously stop remembering that I’m a real person.
I’ll sort of slip into a state of passive observation for a little bit, and when I eventually realize that I’m not really mentally connected to my body, I can feel a sort of adjustment being made where I start to become aware of my limbs again. I’m not paralyzed because I’m still able to move but it’s like I’m trying to I guess reinstall software? I retreat into my mind leaving my body empty of consciousness but not empty of activity and use. I don’t specifically think “I am not real”, I just suddenly remember “I am real” and instead of thinking about things that don’t concern me, I suddenly start thinking about how I am an active observer rather than a passive one and it feels weird to remember and address this, and every time it happens now i realize “hey this thing is happening again” and I’m noticing that it’s happening more and more often. eventually i’m afraid I just won’t remember again, or it’ll happen and when I wake up a long time will have passed, because I don’t realize that I’m doing it until after I’ve been doing it for a while.

is this something other people do? I looked up dissociation and that doesn’t describe whatever this is.

There is nothing about being ‘female’ that naturally binds women. There is not even such a state as 'being’ female, itself a highly complex category constructed in contested sexual scientific discourses and other social practices. Gender, race, or class consciousness is an achievement forced on us by the terrible historical experience of the contradictory social realities of patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism.
—  Donna Haraway, “A Cyborg Manifesto” (155)

anonymous asked:

Is your gender presentation the gender you try to look like, or the gender you end up looking like whether you're trying to or not? And if the former, what gender are you presenting as when you're not trying to present as anything (different than trying to present as a something androgynous or nonbinary, I mean straight up not taking gender into consideration when deciding on your clothes/hair/etc)?

You ask tough questions, friend. I think it’s a little bit of both. You present as yourself, first and foremost. That variation of you may fluctuate from day to day, but you’re still you. You’re probably dressing in a way to reflect your gender, either consciously or unconsciously. How you’re perceived doesn’t invalidate your original intent but it may affect how well you can ‘perform’ the gender you identify as and/or want to be seen as. 

Beyond Color-Blind                     

It is beautiful how the infinite nature of the universe is a reflection of our inherent connectivity, supreme oneness.

Look at this planet. Look at the flowers, roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, lilacs, daisies, the lotus, all so beautiful, all so different; yet still the same. Look at fruit, some are bright red and some are purple and some are round and some are not, all of the diversity, and still it is all the same.

Or look at people, all different shapes sizes—hues and colors. And still all the same.

Its quite beautiful. And what’s beautiful is that its not necessary to deny that some fruit look different than other fruit to appreciate them.

Similarly, there is no need to deny the physical appearance of others to accept them. In fact, if acceptance is desired, then what need be denied?

Beyond Color-Blind: Unity through Consciousness is a concise and brief reading by me that delves into the universal law of Supreme Oneness, observed through the variety of human form. 

The universe is elevating to a higher consciousness, expanding, and this reading promotes expansion by creating a perspective that no longer needs to shame some people because of their appearances to love all people.

Dive deep with me as we explore a world of unity through love and acceptance. 

Kindle edition available now on kindles and on the free kindle reading app; ebook for other devices will be available shortly. :D Peace

new thing I hate the most: when someone who isn’t NB throws “and woman-aligned” in, in a quarter-assed effort to cover all the bases, as in “…who are almost all women and women-aligned”…

and especially because it is a way to pretend you thought about who you meant and are using gender terms consciously, but there’s no fucking way anyone has any idea who they mean by that. who are you thinking of there buddy. which genders. we don’t have all day.

Also it INVARIABLY comes off as “women and people who do not identify as women but who I think are basically women,” and that’s just the ugliest fucking thing.

I mean, I guess, just: petition to keep binary and ESPECIALLY cis people from using the term “woman-aligned” 2Kever.


There’s this incessant need on the part of Western commentators, no matter how independent-minded, to interpret every conflict and event in the Middle East through the prism of Islam. The fact escapes them that religion can’t account for absolutely everything that goes on - in any part of the world, let alone the Middle East. Saudi Arabia isn’t bombing Yemen because King Salman thinks it’s his religious duty to murder Yemeni children. Fallujah hasn’t been in revolt against the Iraqi government for years because its people just really hate Shi’a Muslims. And nor do the people of Palestine resist their Israeli colonisers just because they think the Qu’ran commands them to.

The material interests of political and economic power tend to trump religious sentiments, and more often than not the latter work as a cloak for the powerful and the bloody-minded, rather than as some mystical force that they feel they must oblige. Denying that people in the Middle East are just as driven as Westerners are by all the diverse forces of politics, economics, class, gender, history, etc, is - consciously or unconsciously - an attempt to deny that they’re really human. It’s easier to treat an entire section of the world’s population as being stuck in some ahistorical, religious vacuum, rather than acknowledge their agency and their independence as human beings.

I want world peace! Wait. But,do you really? Want it..? Peace?

What is true happiness?

Humanity has been trying and searching and are AT PRESENT still trying to find this.

I believe that we don’t want peace.

Real peace.

Otherwise, why do we keep repeating the same damn mistake!?
Why do we think it’s ok to judge others on what they look like?
Why does humankind think it’s permissable to exist with a mindset of superiority and endless ego?

This is our fucking problem.

Then those who have the courage to speak out and try and reform the system and world, these people never get the support. Why?

1. Because people are cowards.

2. Humankind is too selfish. We believe that what we don’t see, does not affect us. Aka others suffering, is not my suffering. -WRONG!

What people refuse to acknowledge is we are all connected.

It’s not some hippie, “new world age” bullshit.
It’s true. It’s science. So literally, no bullshit. It really should be common sense how we all feed off each other. From the way we interact and behave socially, to how we read other people’s body cues and voice cues.
Like we really can “feel the vibes”.
But still, to admit that:

“Oh god, you’re one of them.”

Done. That shuts you up.

Except that when it doesn’t.

And you try to get others to see what really matters and what humanity is really capable of.

That this suffering can end and peace can really happen. It’s not some utopian concept.

We just need to get our heads outta our asses!

Lose the ego-

No, you are not better than that person, that creature next to you. So don’t you dare treat it with disrespect and belittle it.


Look at the countless genocides and the fact that we still lack the capacity to evolve as a species.
To fully recognise race and caste has been internalised so far deeply, we exist upon it now.
That in order for us to take a next step as a collective,
we need to heal from the decades of racism and gender dysfunction that still exists and functions in today’s world.

Recognise this.
If you are white. Recognise that.
Use your privilege and right the wrong.
You say you’re not racist. Yet you allow racism to exist. Don’t lie to yourself.

You know, if you are white, that’s one thing that you don’t have to worry about and will actually prove to be an asset.


Because it’s still a systematically racist world.
And you contribute to it.

Use your white privilege and break it if you’re really brave. Make it an equal playing field

I dare you.

Recognise your white privilege.
Don’t deny it.
So use it.
Fight and support the ones who are oppressed because of the tone of their skin.
Don’t just push it under the covers and pretend racism doesn’t exist because you know damn well that’s a lie.

You’re forefathers created this disharmony. You fight to break it. If you don’t, you’re just as bad as them.

Gender equality:

I mean what the fuck.

Again- this superiority complex that men have over women in society to this very day.

Yes I would like to live.
Yes I would like to get an education.
Yes I would like to not be sexually violated against my will.
Yes I would like equal pay.
Yes I would like to not have to pay more tax for “luxury items” such as sanitary towels that help me to stay clean and healthy on days I want to rip my insides out of my body.
Yes I would like to be confident in a system that protects women and their rights.

Oh, but I can’t want those things right?
Oh, I can’t do that.
I can’t have that.
Because I’m female you say??

But we don’t live in such and world?

Yer. Exactly.
Get your head outta your ass.

Do your part and fight it then?

No? It’s still going to happen you say?

Because you are being a coward.
You are letting it happen.
You can choose to see and help but you don’t.

buy the car
Then the house
Fill it with the labels
Have the kids

I mean what the hell?

We need to stop having children.

I mean what’s the point.

You don’t love them. Because if you do, you wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt them, right?

You project these standards, norms, force them to fit and conform.

When we should be choosing to fix ourselves first and then heal the living first.

Create a peaceful world dammit before you decide to bring another life into it.

Isn’t that what loving your child is? You want the best for them?

So why would you bring them into a world that exists on such disharmony.

Why would you think that’s ok?

Get your head out of your ass.

If you really need to have a remnant of you so badly out in the world because you’re afraid that when you die, you’ll be forgotten-

You are selfish as fuck and you don’t love your child. You love yourself. Because this world is what they’ll have to live and breathe. Not the fact they have your genes running through them.

Allow them that gift of breathing in that polluted contaminated air. Allow them to walk on abused and stripped grounds.

Ask yourself.

Do you really want peace???

Wake the fuck up.

You know the answer.

Because this is how you teach compassion.

 … . “I stopped by the store today and in front of me was a young gay couple. Happy, out as can be and holding hands. They purchased their coffee and walked out. As they walk out the cashier said "ugh F*gs” I froze for a second until my 7 year old son WHO DOES NOT KNOW HATE said “what’s a f*g?” I took a deep breath so I wouldn’t end up in jail, looked at the cashier and said “what did you just say!” He repeated it,  as if he was saying the word “Apple”. I smiled and said “I feel sorry for you that you can be so ignorant. and that you would find that language appropriate in front of my child” I then looked at my son and said “f*g is a bad word with no meaning. Only mean people use it. It is an insult by small minded people describing when one man loves another” my son looked at the man and said “ I love lots of people and if that makes me a f*g that’s okay.  It’s better to be loved then lonely and mean”

….dude just got schooled by a 7 year old.