gender bend adventure time

ap-production  asked:

How did everyone react to seeing genderbend them?

Interesting question… I personally hate gender bending (unless it’s Adventure Time) but voltron crew may find it intriguing…
I actually don’t know what gender would be gender bendered Pidge. Would anything even change?
But can you imagine gender bendered Zarkon?? Especially considering his original incarnation had own a cat. He would be that cranky old lady with a cat and the whole Universe at her feet (feet in socks like that woman in “Tom and Jerry”). She would knit and demand tea and talk to her cat, telling stories about that other cat she used to have (Black) but it choose to run away. And play Bingo and Domino (only the dominos would be planets and bingo fields galaxies) Lots of jewelry on her fingers, wrists and galra ears. And theater glasses on stick while she has to take a closer look at sth.