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Prompt: Genderbend Eggsy and Roxy with eventual Harry/Girl!Eggsy and Merlin/Guy!Roxy?

Eggsy is tied to train tracks and she can’t move. Ropes encircle her legs and wrists, pin her spread-eagled to the rails. She can taste the lingering traces of Rohypnol filmed over her teeth. She wishes she had figured out what it was earlier. She wishes she hadn’t had any champagne at all. She wishes she could pull down her damn dress.

Black lace might not have been the most practical spy outfit, but this was supposed to be a honeypot mission anyways, and Eggsy looks killer in black. She’s regretting deviating from her usual bulky shirts, jackets, and sweats now, though.

Regrets it even more when that skeevy bloke from the club steps out of the shadows.  What the hell does this guy want with her?

Eggsy strains against the ropes even harder. Like hell is she gonna let this guy see how scared she is.

His questions come in staccato, Eggsy barely able to hear him over the pounding of blood in her veins, heart in her throat.

“What the fuck is Kingsman? Who’s Harry Hart? Oh, and by the way, your friends are dead.”

Full-blown panic sets in when the tracks beneath Eggsy start to rumble and a spotlight blinds her.

“Is Kingsman worth dying for?”

“Fuck yeah!” Eggsy yells through a raw throat. She’s going to die and it’s fucking bullshit, but she’s come too far to betray Kingsman now. Besides, it’s not like there’s any time left to cut the ropes. She winces as the train barrels towards her and prepares herself for-

Nothing, as it turns out.

As far as Eggsy is concerned, Kingsman can fuck itself.

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Reference: Luke Skywalker

Model: Sara Jean Underwood

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Girl Meets World Gender-Bend.

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Riley Ricky Matthews 
Ricky’s never been a rebel, he leaves the trouble making up to his best friend, Miles. But what he lacks in spontaneity he makes up for in compassion. Although proven to be incredibly intelligent, Ricky is constantly underestimated because of his optimistic personality and desire to be accepted. Often feeling lost and unworthy (due to his highly successful parents) he struggles to find his place in the world. He feels most at home with a camera around his neck and a pen & notebook in hand. 

Lucas Lucy Friar
Being the only child of a military man, Lucy’s never stayed in one place long enough to make a connection so when her and her family moves to NY she takes up sports as a way to make friends and let out her aggression. Much to her dismay, her father wont accept anything less than perfect which leaves her in constant fear of failing. 

Isadora Isaac Smackle
Being the smartest guy in school has it’s advantages but doesn’t exactly do much for his social life. Isaac has spent practically his entire life being the best at everything he does, that is until he meets a gorgeous blue-eyed brunette who gives him a run for his money. His no-filter attitude is usually taken the wrong way but those that know him understand just how caring he can be.

Farkle Fiona Minkus
It’s no secret that Fiona is loaded but on top of being the richest kid at Abigail Adams High she’s also the smartest. At least, according to her. Fiona can sometimes be slightly problematic but her confidence in herself and her academic achievements are commendable to say the least. She much rather brag about her GPA than her father’s helicopter.

Zay Zoe Babineaux
Never the best at making first impressions, Zoe has a hard time making friends when she transfers to AA High. Her sense of humor and sarcastic remarks often get her into trouble but it’s her hopeless romantic nature that surprises people most when they get to know her. That and her breathtaking ballet skills. 

Maya Miles Hart
Prone to creating chaos, Miles has the tendency to get into trouble and more often than not has to turn to Ricky to bail him out. He puts on this tough guy facade but in actuality he’s just as insecure as the rest of his friends. His soft side is something he hardly shows but when he does it’s usually only around his close friends. He’s not very academically bright but put a paintbrush in his hands and he’ll paint you a masterpiece.