gender and over doing

to my bisexual friends

your sexuality is valid even if

- you’ve only been in relationships with someone of a different gender

- you’ve only been in relationships with someone of the same gender

- you’ve never had sex with a guy

- you’ve never had sex with a girl

- you’ve never had sex at all

- you’re heteroromantic

- you’re homoromantic

- you’re aromantic

- you find yourself preferring one gender over another


If you have male genitalia, YOU ARE A MALE.

You can be a gender nonconforming male, and rock the heck out of dresses and heels.

But don’t you DARE say wearing those things makes you a woman.

If you do, you are perpetuating gender stereotypes and speaking over real women whose voices need to be heard.

  • Gender: *ominously looms over me*
  • Me: what are you doing?
  • Gender: oh you know, just imposing a set of outdated norms and bizarre binaries on you without your permission because society is unable to cope with the idea that you don't want to be placed in a box which will have an extreme effect on the way you live your life just because you were born with a certain reproductive organ.
  • Me: *backs away slowly*
Ask the Mun~
  1. What made you interested in playing the muse(s) that you play?
  2. Are there any characters you’d like to play besides the ones you do now?
  3. Ever made an OC? If so, can we know more about them?
  4. How would you describe your muse(s)?
  5. Post a selfie (recent or not)
  6. Are you in any other fandoms?
  7. Will you take suggestions on cosplay?
  8. When did you start roleplaying?
  9. Do you roleplay NSFW? (sexual, horror, ect) 
  10. Do you have any other hobbies?
  11. (For Gif makers) Have you ever had to re-do any Gifs?
  12. Have you had anything happen while trying to make the gifs?
  13. When do you normally get in cosplay/sit down to do replies?
  14. Are you still in school? If so, what grade are you in/what major are you studying?
  15. Plans for the future?
  16. Have you done any cosplay videos? 
  17. Do you sometimes feature other people in your ask sessions?
  18. What’s your favorite thread you’ve ever done?
  19. What’s your favorite ask you’ve gotten?
  20. Do you prefer a certain gender over another to cosplay/roleplay?
  21. Do you have anything you wouldn’t roleplay?
  22. Do you have any AUs you want to roleplay?
  23. Would you be okay with fanfics/fanart of you/your OC?
  24. Could we see more of _________ someday? 
  25. Do you consider yourself a good roleplayer/cosplayer?
  26. Are you planning anything special for your muse(s)? If so, what should we expect?
  27. Do you do any form of art work? Could we see some?
  28. Do you do commissions? 
  29. Do you have a job? 
  30. (Anything you’re curious about) 

I do not, as a female, have privilege over people who are not female. No female has privilege over someone who is not female on the basis of the fact that they are biologically female. Female people can experience privilege if we are white, heterosexual, able bodied, and so on, but we do not experience privilege as a result of the very thing we are oppressed for. To say we do is misogynistic and highly illogical.

*strums guitar* don’t label celebrities as a sexual/gender identity if they haven’t openly identified as such *strum* they are real people, not fictional characters you can play around with *strum* it’s just generally not a cool thing to do so just don’t do it, thanks *shreds it*

anonymous asked:

What do those shirts that say gender is over -if you want it- mean?

Gender is a social construct that can be changed if we were just open minded enough.


Transphobia = Outright being against transgenderism in general and outwardly, outright or even inwardly disrespectful of ACTUAL, REAL LIFE transgender people and transgenderism in and of itself.

Transphobia =/= Interpreting a fictional character in a video game with an unconfirmed gender as being male or female instead of nonbinary. Unconfirmed gender does not equal nonbinary, unconfirmed means up to interpretation.

If you want to headcanon Frisk and Chara as being nonbinary, fine. That is your interpretation and your choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that- Hell, I see them as nonbinary too.

However, that does NOT give you the right to force it on everyone else and shoot people down for gendering their Frisks/Charas. They are fictional characters, and many things about them are up to the player- such as whether they prefer cinnamon or butterscotch.

Neither Frisk nor Chara have a 100% confirmed gender. They can be male, female, nonbinary, ftm, mtf, whatever, depending on player interpretation. They do not have to universally be one gender over another.

The characters in Undertale may very well refer to them as ‘they’ due to not knowing their gender- because “they/them” is generally used to speak of someone of indeterminate gender. Maybe Frisk and Chara look gender ambiguous, and their genders never came up.

They COULD actually be nonbinary, or they may not be.

It’s up to player interpretation. Let people interpret these characters how they want and stop attacking them for it.

Also, @flavor-text-chara is, as I’ve heard, nonbinary themselves. How the hell can someone who is nonbinary… be transphobic against their own gender??

And @hawker-rawr / @ask-drunk-chara has explicitly stated their Chara/Frisk are nonbinary, but can use male pronouns… due to language barriers, because some languages do not have ungendered pronouns.

It’s really not that damn hard to grasp.

Stop attacking people over character interpretations.

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Artist: ABBA (the best band ever)

What’s your gender? I Am Just A Girl

Describe yourself?  Head Over Heels

How do you feel?  Chiquitita

If you could go anywhere? Santa Rosa  

Favorite mode of transportation? Another Town, Another Train

Your best friend? The Way Old Friends Do

Favorite time of day? If It Wasn’t For The Nights

If your life was a tv show? Should I Laugh Or Cry

Relationship status? People Need Love

Your fear? Slipping Through My Fingers

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Rules: answer these questions using only songs from one artist.

Artist: The Who!

What’s your gender: I Can’t Explain

Describe yourself: Shakin’ All Over

How do you feel? Sensation

If you could go anywhere? Armenia City in the Sky

Favourite mode of transportation? Magic Bus

Your best friend:  Whiskey Man 

If your life was a TV show? Success Story

Relationship status: Love Ain’t For Keeping

Your fear: Is it in My Head? 

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not to get too discourse-y but tumblr lgbt politics is really weird and makes things really black and white when being “queer” is a super nuanced thing that is strongly affected by so many other factors like location and class and race and assigned gender… this is especially prominent in trans discourse, where the trans experience gets limited down to as if a trans man would have the same experiences as a cis man and a trans woman a cis woman and then that they’re somehow polarizing nonbinary identities when it’s really not that simple at all bc being trans automatically disqualifies you from that model of cis-ness and benefits that come with being a cis, binary gender (and, tbh, if cis ppl who aren’t white & gender conforming don’t even benefit from the privileges from being cis & “binary” the way that white & gender confirming ppl do)

what ends up happening is constant clashing over what constitutes as appropriate discussion over queer experiences and trying to judge things on the matter of is it problematic or is it not, which makes sense when discussing queer theory, but it gets a bit much when it spills over into individuals trying to share their experiences, bc their wording is wrong or it echos the more troubling words of someone else who had a different experience (e.g. taking the words of a trans person recounting their life and then comparing it to the rhetoric of a cis individual) and it’s a headache when you’re hurting but you can’t really speak outside of a purposely political context (if that makes any sense at all) bc many tumblr discoursers are young and lack that nuance

like when you compare conversations that happen today to conversations that happened 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago there’s a drastic shift in tone and mood, and obviously things are going to change as the perception of lgbt individuals change, but the more antagonistic quality of modern conversations on queer theory & experiences and trying to fit them in a certain framework that won’t work for everyone and seeing it as wrong if it doesn’t work has been something that’s really bothered me for a bit now

Important Things To Maintain Upon the Discovery of Larry Discourse
  • Self-appointed “Larries” are a diverse group of people. Yes, some are teenage girls, but our ages, genders, sexualities and personal beliefs vary greatly. We do uphold the protection over the teenage girls and their rights to exist, like things, and be the fun, accepting, intelligent and individual people that they are. 
  • The Larry discourse and all surrounding activities are not representative of how we spend all our free time. Critiques of how we “don’t have a life”, or a life outside of One Direction, are hyperbolised caricatures that are nonexistent. Everyone here is a different person with different habits, interests and personalities.
  • The acknowledgement of PR (including PR relationships and exaggerated or dishonest images) and abuse of power in the entertainment industry are paramount to understanding our position. These things do occur within and throughout the entirety of the entertainment industry. I cannot emphasize this enough. 

(VIDEO: Artifact Trailer, includes Irving Azoff)
(VIDEO: Excerpt from ‘Artifact’ - “How The Music Industry Works”)

  • Our beliefs of #BabyGate and/or Harry and Louis’ relationship are not based on a want (or jealousy) of the One Direction members for our own romantic fantasies. From experience it can be gauged that people simply see something ‘off’ about something pertaining to One Direction, see a relationship with The Closet that they too have experienced, find the handling of #BabyGate rumours and/or Larry bizarre and have questioned it further, or something similar.
  • The actions of one ‘Larrie’ does not represent the actions of every Larrie, the same goes for any other demographic of 1D fans.
  • Apply a rule of patterns. One thing that doesn’t make sense is an outlier, ten things that don’t make sense is a pattern. Larrie beliefs are based on contextual evidence that have built up patterns. We maintain that our arguments and opinions remain contextualized to the situation, so change with changing information.

(VIDEO: Crash Course on Argumentation

Resources for Beginners to Larry Discourse:

(x) (x)

Being trans does not make you “confused”, or “lost”. It doesn’t mean you have to hate your body. It doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards to be gender conforming.

But if you do feel confused or lost, that’s okay too. If you do hate your body, that’s okay. If you are gender conforming, that’s okay.

Being trans means whatever you want it to mean for yourself, and no matter what, you’re always valid.

Headcanon: In their own language, martians have no gendered pronouns but they do have over 100 words for me/I, you and they.

There is a word meaning ‘me’ as in ‘me as an individual,’ there’s another word for ‘me as part of a family unit,’ ‘me as part of a tribe,’ ‘me with other martians who I find compatible company,’ ‘me with another martian whose designation is incompatible with my own’ etc. They have words for ‘you as an individual,’ ‘you as part of a group,’ ‘you as someone worthy of respect’ etc. They have words meaning ‘singular they who is not here,’ ‘they as a group I know personally,’ ‘they as a group I am aware of but have not met,’ etc.

When the martians learned English from Rebecca Rose Rushmore’s novels, each martians picked the pronouns that they felt best expressed them. However, they think human language is very ineffective with its use of pronouns rather than their words which better represent who they are and how they relate to others.


So ya know there’s this fascinating thing called the “Unfollow” button. Looks a little something like this:

Truly astonishing ik. Why am I bringing this up? You’ll see right now.

I have wonderful friends who are quite honestly the best and you know what’s also great about them? Is some aren’t a gender or genderfluid or even trans. Wonderful people really. With this said I want to address something.

There are more than two genders and if you’re going to keep up with the conservative, ignorant mindset of “There are only two genders!” then you can do something that’ll take like less than 5 seconds.

Click that unfollow button on all my blogs.

You know you can do that for other blogs too who know there are more than two genders AND you can do it without throwing a hissy fit over your opinion that is clearly not shared with me or others.

Revolutionary isn’t it?

Cool thanks, bye.

Ily to all my followers who know better.