It’s a feminist show because we are all feminists. I mean all the men and women here are feminists, so everything is through the lens of our opinion and our take on life. But it’s not a show about women stuff. We have stories about women; we also have stories about refugees and men and mental health and prison and all kinds of things.

You know, as women, we’re also worried about the economy and climate change, not because of our vaginas but because we like living on the planet.

One thing I really don’t get is the tumblr left’s preoccupation with communism, socialism, and anarchism. A lot of the genderists, trans, so called q*eers, etc, claim to be communists or socialists, and those ideologies are NOT individualistic. They are all about the majority and understanding how class works.

A very troubling thing is seeing them idolize Stalin. Under Stalin, these people would not be able to express their super special gender identity in any way. I don’t understand how you can be such an individualist, like trans and gender q*eer ideologies demand, and still claim to be a staunch socialist/communist/anarchist. The two ideologies are diametrically opposed.
“He” or “she” doesn’t work for everyone: Why “misgendering” matters
By Kali Holloway

Perhaps the best lesson I’ve ever gotten on the importance of gender identity came from a trans woman who explained, in perhaps the most understandable terms I’ve ever heard, why “misgendering” (that is, among other things, using the incorrect pronoun to identify a person) matters to all of us.

“Think about how upset people in, say, a store or over the phone, when someone incorrectly refers to them as ‘Miss’ or “Mister’ when they don’t identify that way,” she said to me. “That’s how it feels when someone labels you in a way that doesn’t match your gender identity.”

Acknowledging someone’s gender identity by using their preferred gender pronoun isn’t “p.c.”– it’s about respect


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damn i used to hate my big thighs and pouchy tummy and large areolas and “unfeminine” natural eyebrow shape bc i grew up thinking i had to fit the idea of what a girl should look like

but!!! now i look at all of those things as who i really am, a nonbinary beauty, and all of it, every single extra or overflowing bit of me looks strong, fearless, loved, expressive, joyful, trustworthy…….

i think freedom to identify one’s OWN gender is extremely important and saves a person a lot of pain, and i’m grateful to have settled into a gender identity that fits so wonderfully~
Boys can wear Elsa dresses, too: California school’s sexist standards send boy in “Frozen” costume home
By Rachel Kramer Bussel

Last week, a 13-year-old male middle school student in Menifee, California named Austin Lacey was sent home from his school’s spirit day, where students were encouraged to wear Disney-themed costumes, because he dressed up as Elsafrom “Frozen.” Was he sent home because he was bullied? No. He told KTLA “his classmates loved the idea and asked him to pose for selfies.” But the school’s superintendent issued a statement declaring, “The Principal’s action was based upon the need to stop a general disruption to the school environment.”

Even though his peers loved the dress and he wasn’t bullied for it, the principal said the costume was “dangerous”

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URGENT!!!! I came out to my mom and she's feeling like a bad person can you help me explain what transgender is and how it doesn't relate to sexuality. Also how she ISN'T A BAD PARENT!!!!!

Hey shippingtheshipsyouship,

I am so sorry that this is a bit late. Honestly, I was trying to figure out how to answer this, and I think I’ve got something now. If you would like to show her this, please feel free. 

Being transgender is nothing that could be avoided. You were assigned female at birth, based on the body you were born in. Years of growing up, being treated as a girl and learning “girl” things, raised you as one. There comes a time where, if your mind is in a different setting, they will disagree. You have come to a point in your life where you now understand that the body you were born in, doesn’t match what is in your head, your gender. 

There are many different types of sexualities, as there are genders, but they have nothing to do with one another. Sexuality is all about who you think is cute and attractive! Sometimes it’s of the opposite sex, sometimes it’s of the same sex! There are a lot of different varieties, and many combinations of all! Gender on the other hand is only about you. Some trans guys are gay, meaning they have been attracted to men their whole life! Some trans women are lesbians, they’ve been attracted to women their whole life. Just because your gender changes, doesn’t mean your sexuality does. And the same vise versa. If someone is a lesbian, it doesn’t mean they want to be a man. And if someone is gay it doesn’t mean they want to be a woman. They are just a human loving another human.

You are not a bad parent. You did nothing wrong. You love your child, and your acceptance is what they need! Unfortunately there are parents out there who force their children to leave because of who they are. That’s not you. So listen, ask questions, and work through this together. <3

Friend, somewhere in the middle of this I started writing as if I was talking to your mother, but I really hope this helps! And if it helps someone else out there, great! You are all amazing! 


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systemgender is a gender that only exists in fake systems, because alters are completely separate and have their own individual genders. if someone can be all of their alters as systemgender suggests, they're not a system. the notion that it does exist and can be applied to real systems is incredibly ableist and absolutely disgusting.

As I am not part of a median system, nor do I have a full understanding of all that being a part of a median system entails, I would just like to put this out there and you can all collectively come to your own conclusions.

~The Only Mod

Spectra Mental Health Zine Update + other zines.

One year ago this month (February) I produced Spectra: a poc mental health  zine featuring 19 poc voices on their lived experience. The zine featured illustrations, interviews, poems & stories from folks all around Australia.

I’ve decided to cease printing Spectra, mostly because it is a very laborious zine to print (85 pages). Thanks to everyone who has supported Spectra so far. I do plan to produce another edition in the future, but right now I’m focusing on longer term projects such as audio books! (yessssss) 

This Sunday I’ll be selling some (old and new) zines at @sticky-institute Festival of the Photocopier 2016! I’ll be tabling with two other gaysians <3 <3 @pillowprinze and Loretta, who will be selling their amazing comics and poetry zines!

Here are the 3 zines I’ll be selling:

1. chị và em: a zine on vietnamese sisterhood. 

2. Tuyền từ Queer : a collection of words (Vietnamese/English) and terms used by queers in Việt Nam to express love, desire, sex and gender with wit and playfulness. - produced by Gabby Miller in collaboration with a bunch of queer viets in Ha Noi. 

3. Việt Queer Forever Collaborative Zine ( Gabby Miller, Aiden Nguyễn, Nguyễn Quốc Thành & Xen Nhà)  - the result of a very long email thread on being an insider/outsider.