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I want to come out to my mum as trans but I don't know how, advice? Tips? You would be a great help.

Aww jeez, um let’s see…. well personally what I did was just spit it out in conversation one day, like when we got to the subject of lgbtq* stuff. I just sort of… “As a genderless person,” kind of thing… I suppose it depends on your parents, too, though.

Any help, followers?

Greetings and Salutations

For some inexplicable reason, I have decided that I need a tumblr. So here I am: just another hat-wearing, genderqueer, feminist, atheist, existentialist would-be blogger wasting time until we are all eventually buried under accumulating industrial waste. I like old books, writing, and, as of late, unnecessarily expounding my opinions on the internet. I also like using pretentious language. We should get along famously.