gencon special

And in just over an hour, the entire Tara box set is assembled and ready and oh my wow.

Along with my Zoids, one of the nicest plastic kits I’ve worked with. Prep work was minimal, there were barely any mold lines or flash that needed cleaning which helped their speedy assembly.

The intricacy of their details is beautiful. Particularly the lace on Karina’s dress and just everything on Tara.

My only criticism is that it’s still frustrating that wyrd make these kits with really tiny separate components. Like gluing the feet onto one of those little demon dog things!? Why??? At least now that they’re plastic instead of metal, they attach much easier.

Pretty keen to assemble Lady J and the Death Marshals, but I should finish making my friend’s wedding invitations and I’m out of glue. So they’ll have to wait a teeny bit longer.

All in all though, bravo Wyrd, bravo.