while I’m thinking about (and by thinking about I mean desperately missing/crying over) PMatGA today here’s some art that I don’t think ever made its way onto tumblr before: Humanoid Betrayus RP icons that I collaborated with @genalovestoons on back in 2015! my design, her sketches/cleanup and then my digital color. I love these so much, I wish I’d gotten to use them more…



I was asked to do some Gravity Falls tutorials AGES ago, but these aren’t exactly tutorials… They’re more like studies? I wasn’t really trying to imitate the style. It made me realize some neat things about how I “build” characters. The messy sketches on the right are just quick gestures, the skeletons before I start a drawing. I noticed that Stan’s skeleton is pretty blocky, and I don’t do the face guides so much- his glasses do that already!


I drew some more fanart of the Pacman cartoon! Yep, THAT Pacman cartoon.

I wanted to do some more humanish designs to go along with Betrayus, and then it just spiraled out of control! And then I decided to color them because, seriously, LOOK AT HOW FUN THOSE COLORS ARE! I really like how it came out, I think I’m gonna use this coloring method more in the future… It was really fast and it makes these sketches look much nicer.

A few of these designs were also influenced by Jade’s super cute human designs too!