while I’m thinking about (and by thinking about I mean desperately missing/crying over) PMatGA today here’s some art that I don’t think ever made its way onto tumblr before: Humanoid Betrayus RP icons that I collaborated with @genalovestoons on back in 2015! my design, her sketches/cleanup and then my digital color. I love these so much, I wish I’d gotten to use them more…



I drew some more fanart of the Pacman cartoon! Yep, THAT Pacman cartoon.

I wanted to do some more humanish designs to go along with Betrayus, and then it just spiraled out of control! And then I decided to color them because, seriously, LOOK AT HOW FUN THOSE COLORS ARE! I really like how it came out, I think I’m gonna use this coloring method more in the future… It was really fast and it makes these sketches look much nicer.

A few of these designs were also influenced by Jade’s super cute human designs too!

Tora streamed Cool World recently, and we all kept calling this guy “Spiders Georg” because none of us heard his name. Also because he is an outlier and should not have been in this movie. 

His real name is Nails, and now I wish that Cool World was just a movie about him solving murders in a gritty toon town.