Tora streamed Cool World recently, and we all kept calling this guy “Spiders Georg” because none of us heard his name. Also because he is an outlier and should not have been in this movie. 

His real name is Nails, and now I wish that Cool World was just a movie about him solving murders in a gritty toon town.


El Toro AU doodles! I think I’ve figured out the basics of it:

  • It’s not so much telling the same story as El Tigre, it’s just putting Book of Life’s story/characters into El Tigre’s setting. So modern times, super heroes, etc…
  • And because it’s in a super-fantastic setting, La Muerte and Xibalba gave Manolo and Joaquin some extra gifts. Manolo gets a magic guitar (just like Sartana’s!) to help him come back to the realm of the living, and Joaquin gets that cool little crown that gives him some fire powers. And maybe some other nasty side effects over time? naaaaaww yes totally
  • Maria needs no super powers! She’s learned some super science from when she studied abroad.
  • I’m still not 100% sure how Manolo died, but it’d probably be different from the actual story.. Maybe Xibalba sent a giant two-headed snake monster for Joaquin to defeat all impressively, but Manolo got killed in the kerfuffle? La Muerte hands over the guitar, and if Xibalba tries to complain about that being cheating, she can just point emphatically at Joaquin. yeah, that’ll work.
  • This is awfully convoluted but it’s all just an excuse to combine my favorite things: super hero stories, good guys that are monsters/dead, and these characters. being a bunch of adorable children.