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An Interesting Story of Fate- a.k.a. Genealogy is Weird


My parents’ love story is really sweet and turns out to be a match of fate….

In the Mormon/LDS culture, you can get something called a patriarchal blessing when you feel ready or want one (usually Mormon kids like I was get their blessing in their teens). It usually helps give you personalized reassurance about your direction in life (like you’ll find happiness, God loves you, etc) but my mom and my dad both got an interesting addition to theirs:

——Las Vegas, the late ’70s, my mom was told she would marry a righteous man and join together two great lines of families.
——American Fork, UT, early ’70s, my dad is told the same thing except about meeting a righteous woman. My family and I never knew what that meant until about five years ago- we found out something incredible!

My paternal ancestors lived in Cambridge for over 500 years 

until my great-great-etc grandpa John Jacklyn (an English Constable…? Like a sheriff?) left his manor, position, and land in the Cambridge countryside  in the 1800s to join the Mormons/LDS Church and help build Salt Lake City, UT

which is where I’m living now…my great-great-etc grandma grounded up her heirloom china and other things to help make cement and stuff to build the temple here:


My ancestors on both sides were pioneers that trekked to Utah. So that’s my dad’s side (other ancestors on his side mostly come from France, Germany, and Russia- so mostly British, German, and French blood). 

My mom’s side has a lot of Brits too, but a large branch came over to America with the Puritans (another very large branch is French- the rest is Swedish.)

So in the 1800s, my great-great-etc maternal Grandpa Elijah was living on the eastern side of the U.S. when he converted to Mormonism/LDS church. He went on a mission to England and MET my paternal great-great-etc Grandpa John.

Elijah told him about the church and John and his family wanted to be baptized. Elijah and John became very good friends and traveled to the U.S. together. They trekked to Utah together, their wives and children becoming great friends too.

I forget the exact details, but one of Grandpa John’s daughters ended up marrying one of Grandpa Elijah’s sons, so now my mom and dad like to joke that they are related- but after that and Elijah’s and John’s deaths, the two families eventually drifted apart until they were joined again by Maman and my dad marrying =) 

So- genealogy is weird. 

Further back on my dad’s side, Jo (my older bro) found that a Roman emperor Magnus Maximus (he’s on Wikipedia!) he got blacked out/killed for getting land-grabby- here’s a coin with his picture:

On my mom’s side, there’s King Edward III and King Edward IV of England who fought in the War of the Roses! 

King Edward III looks like Merlin:


Here’s King Edward IV, all squinty eyes and gold:

So, while genealogy is weird, I highly recommend it because it’s really cool sometimes. There’s always which is what my family uses- or you can get help from any LDS Family History advisor and/or Family History Center.


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