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Guess who’s turning 80 today!

Vasily Livanov made childhoods of a vast majority of Soviet and Russian children as Karlsson, crocodile Gena, Boa and other cartoon characters. He even made one cartoon himself, but still, most importantly, he is remembered by everyone as Sherlock Holmes. 

We know him by his unique voice, his hugs, smiles and troll acts. Never being a theatre guy in his entire life - the school that shapes every Soviet/Russian actor Stanislavsky style - he is still as amazing, and can be truly called one of the high class actors of hardcore Soviet training. He is a hereditary actor, though.

He’s been everywhere in his life, getting into fights, serious pranks, alcohol, dealing with his son’s quite huge problems. Never forgetting to be a pure intelligent who lives for the sake of art only and highly treasures literature, quality movies, animation and books. Just to think somewhere since 2006 he dropped out of this acting stuff entirely because he knows it’s pure crap nowadays, dedicating his life to writing kids’ books and autobiographies. 

Vasily Livanov is a mixture of a local legend, a grumpy grandpa, an innocent cinnamon roll and an explosive man, and he doesn’t even need our protection from this cruel world, so let’s just appreciate his amazingness today. What would Soviet cinematography and the world of Sherlock Holmes be without this man?