gena's edits

 akira- oboro’s daughter. serious and loyal, but with an unusual impish side. although she is somewhat gullible and naive, she is surprisingly mature. she has inherited her mother’s skills at sewing, but is appallingly colour blind. her ambition is to become kiragi’s retainer in the way that her mother is takumi’s. however, she suffers from mysterious nightmares that leave her in depressive slumps for hours. has the worst fashion sense in the army.  


“Theodosia died in a storm at sea, and Philip was fatally shot in a duel (depicted later in “Blow Us All Away”). In a sense, both were literally or figuratively blown away in the prime of life, instead of surviving to inherit the world their fathers hoped to build for them. Even a sweet and tender song like this one must have its note of irony.”
             – Genius annotations for “Dear Theodosia”, cosigned by Lin-Manuel Miranda

“There was nothing like getting a photo of two rock stars together. It was cosmic. All the magazines and fans would go nuts. I would get on the phone and call Haruko at Music Life magazine in Japan and say something like “ I have actual photos of Joan and Debbie backstage”! I could not sleep for days!”

- Donna Santisi   (cred &. original picture)