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I wanted to try the crossbreed hype (again) and decided to go for one of my 6GEN favorite poke. Can you imagine that Vivi’s pattern could change depending on the pokemon you breed it with? Also added one of the real life patterns I like the most; The Monarch Butterfly.

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to have a Fiery or a Monarca one <3 Hope you like them! :)


#674.5 - Pancham have a lot of attitude for such small Pokemon. They try their hardest to look intimidating and get taken seriously by their enemies, but often fail since their glare is not sufficiently frightening. Pancham look up to Pangoro, and in an effort to be as “cool” as them, will often seek out a Dark Type Pokemon to study under; a condition that is necessary for sparking Pancham’s evolution. As they age, Pancham grow larger and stronger, becoming violent and intimidating in their own right. Despite this, they have a warm heart and appreciate affection, and will look out for weak Pokemon who are being bullied.

Named: Pancham - Panchou - Pangoro

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