So me and some of my friends got into a big fight about the new challenge. This challenge got a lot of hate about the challenge having to do with suicide, and a person made an entire post about it.The dearest @sweetersims agreed with the hater that out challenge is fucked up and blamed us completely and said she had no idea, she did not read it. Well, the day before, she said that she only read gen 9 9the one that has the suicide part) AND that you can’t commit suicide in the sims, so that idea is weird, so she knew, and had no right to blame it on us. Please don’t just send anon hate, I just wanted you to know what she did, you can judge her or you can still love her blog, i don’t care, i just wanted you to know this about her before you follow or befriend her.


Day 9 (Finished). Split down the middle – Broken

Full artwork and background separately.

|||Please, don’t use this art without my permission.|||

I decided the thing: i’ll make 10th day of my list and skip 1 day. Then, i think, the updates will be every two days. Because otherwise I will ruin my health.

Solaris, Mephiles The Dark, Iblis © SEGA


Just some Star vs. themed cars/karts for the lulz lmao

Star - Butterfly Rod Gen. 9
This baby can blast magic out of its grille, has a cool paintjob, and most of all, its radio plays Space Unicorn nonstop!

Marco - Safe Cruiser
Designed for a safe driving experience for careful folks like Marco. Also can go up to 190 km/h when he doesn’t realize it.

Janna - Occult Octane
Janna literally stole someone’s skeleton from a cemetry to stuff it inside the crate of this car.

Tom - Dune Demon
Forged by hellfire, fueled by the souls of the damned, revs like bloody murder, and stocked with a full playlist of Love Sentence songs.

Jackie - Ocean’s Four
Perfect for anyone who enjoys long walks on the beach, skateboarding, and being theorized as a mermaid.

Kelly and Pony Head - (The) Bounce Jeep
The jeep’s aggressive looks and Kelly’s reckless driving is a road rage waiting to happen.

Ludo - The Runt
Made from an abandoned golf cart on a junkyard. Those wings aren’t from Eagle, honest!

Toffee - (The) General’s Saloon
This car reeks on mewman swamp water, corn, and toffee candies.

Moon - Butterfly Rod Gen. 8
She literally stored Toffee’s severed finger there, on the trunk. No joke.

StarFan13 - The Fan
She wanted to make an exact replica of Star’s Butterfly Rod, but she ran out of budget.

Oskar - The Ear Shatterer
To be fair though, closing the car’s doors are enough to shatter one’s hearing. What’s in this thing?!

Sabrina - (The) Brakeless Beater
Note: The car actually has perfectly working brakes, but Sabs is too clumsy to use it.

Buff Frog - Swamp Truck
Not pictured: Expandable booster seats for his tadpoles.

Mina - Monster Mash
Looks like a bull, and acts like a bull. So far only Mina herself that can handle this thing. She even sleeps inside it, complete with using a rug and a pillow, and all.

Hekapoo - Air Cutter
Warning: Do not wash, unless on emergency situations and there’s a match nearby to relight the emblem up.

Rhombulus - (The) Crystalizer
The crystals behind the car was definitely not from an incident around Rhombulus having trouble opening the trunk.

Eclipsa - Butterfly Rod Gen. ?
Her monster lover was too big to fit in the car, so she left it inside the castle’s garage as she ran away with him.

Glossaryck - Magic Cruiser
He was too lazy to come up with cool names for his car.


Dex: Except that I’m about to do what I’ve been hoping and waiting for my entire life. Zoe, as cliche as it sounds, I loved you since day one, and I still can’t fully believe that you’re mine. I want to spend my lifetime with you, and I promise to be the best husband to you and father to our children, since I know there’s still a long way for me to go.

Zoe: Dex! What else can I say except yes?

Wild Animal Legacy Challange

Wad up, it’s ya girl with a legacy. I know different?

Sims 4 Wild Animal Legacy Challenge

Includes: city living, and base game, parenthood recemended.

This challenge was created by me and the amazing @thesailingsimmer I hope you enjoy playing!

-Can cheat for money (not to much!)
-you can color code, but it’s not necessary
-tag us @wa1, wa2, wa3, so on, so we can see your posts!
-Have fun!

Gen 1- Dog
“As a child you were the most energetic. You loved talking and working out with your dad. Also since you were the oldest you had to take care of your siblings….. and you loved doing that! You want to have kids of your own some day.”

Aspiration: Friend Of The World
Traits: Childish, Outgoing and Loves The Outdoors
Career: Fitness Career
- Master Your Aspiration
- Master Charisma and Fitness Skills
- Master Fitness Career- Professional Athlete Branch
- Have At Least 2 Kids
- Go On A Jog Everyday

Gen 2- Sloth
“You hated that your parents made you work out, and that you always had be on your feet. You wanted to do a bunch of things but you always quit. Oh and you where also very mischievous.”

Aspiration: Chief Of Mischief
Traits: Lazy, glutton, and clumsy
Career: have three different ones throughout your life

- Complete Aspiration
- Reach level 3 in 6 different skills
- Have three different careers that you don’t finish
- Have one kid and regret it
- Don’t accept any requests for outings

Gen 3- Hawk
“You always wanted to travel around the world and see different things, sense you couldn’t as a kid. You loved all cultures and meeting new people. You live for adventure.”

Aspiration: City Native
Traits: Active, Bro, and Insane
Career: Social Media
- Complete Aspiration
- Complete Social Media Career (Any Branch)
- Move To San Myshuno Once Young Adult
- Live In 2 different places  (including san myshuno
- Go To At least one of the secret lots
-have at least one kid who you raise in the city there whole life until they move out.

Gen 4- Fox
“As a child you lived in the city traveling to festivals and always meeting new people. You always wanted to live in the mountains to get away from the people and buildings. You had a select few friends and oh, you loved to fish!”

Aspersion: curator
Traits: Hot headed, loner, and self assured

-Reach level 10 fishing and gardening
-Finish aspiration
-Collect 10 different fish, rocks, and plants
-Have 2 kids only

Gen 6- Frog
“You never know what you want or who you want. You jump around all the time. You are always green with envy. You always want more.”

Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Traits: Romantic, Jealous, and Vegetarian
Career: Politician
- Complete Aspiration
- Complete Politician Career (Any Branch)
- Have 3 Kids With 3 Different People
- Get Married A Day Before Sims Turns into an Elder.

Gen 7- flamingo
“You always hated the fact that your parents didn’t settle down. You didn’t want that to happen to you, so you shut yourself away from love and decided to do what you do best. Cook!”

Aspiration: Top chef
Traits: unflirty, good, foodie

-Complete cooking skill and get to level 7 gourmet cooking
-finish aspiration
-max job- chef
-don’t have a kid until you’re almost an adult
-never marry
-have one kid and then spend as much time with it as you can.

Gen 8- Penguin
“Your parents adored you growing up, but you always felt like you were missing something, you always wanted sisterly/brotherly figure but you never had one. So you made your own perfect story.”

Aspiration: Best Selling Author
Traits: Genius, Neat, Creative

-Max parenting skill (if you don’t have then max handiness skill)
-finish aspiration
-Max job- any branch
-Have 4 kids
-be really close with your gen 7 heir

Gen 9- Cat
“You had a pretty amazing life with all your brothers and sisters but you always wanted more. So what did you do? You made your storybook life come true.”

Aspiration: fabulously wealthy
Traits: Snob, materialistic, ambitious

-Max logic skill
-Complete aspiration
-complete career- business
-Marry someone who has more money than you
-Have a set of twins (can cheat for this)

Gen 10- Cow
“You had everything you wanted as a kid, well except your twin of course. You weren’t close with your twin and hated seeing your parents in love. You promised to never fall in love. I wonder how that went?

Aspiration: painter then switch to soulmate
Traits:  Art lover, geek, romantic

-marry your first love
-never have kids
-devote your life to your husband/wife
-never work

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