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Wil and Amberle desperately search for Eretria to save her from the vicious elf hunters who kidnapped her. Little do they know, she’s stumbled upon a secret settlement of Humans and may finally feel like she belongs. But their utopia is much more than meets the eyes. Meanwhile, Allanon must inspire Ander to accept his destiny.

Marcus Vanco, Emelia Burns, Poppy Drayton, Manu Bennett, Ivana Baquero, Austin Butler, John Rhys-Davies

2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards Nominations
  • Song of the Year : “Blank Space” 
  • Female Artist of the Year
  • Album of the Year : 1989
  • Best Tour : “1989 World Tour” 
  • Best Collaboration : “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar **
  • Best Meme-able Moment : “Crazy Girl” with Running Mascara (Blank Space) **
  • Best Fan Army : Swifties **

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I had to check a girl today....

So today myself and a girl (yes, she’s white) were discussing beyonce’s amazing performance and formation’s video….
I’m telling her how the dancers were dressed like black panthers and how she was dressed like michael and all the underlying powerful messages in her video and performance and some how we ended up talking about baby blu and she had the nerve to say “they need to do her hair” and I quickly responded and let her know that her hair is beautiful in its natural state and then she agreed with that point and decided to try again stating that this little baby was ugly because “she looks too much like jay-z”, I began to ask her why, and she switched it up to how north is so cute so I quickly let her know that she needed to take several seats on ideas of beauty.
Natural, kinky curly hair is beautiful.
Big lips are beautiful.
Everything about my people is beautiful, she better try it with someone else, because I love everything about my people

Car Radio

I feel kind of silly now that I’ve seen what a lot of other people think, but I’ve never really interpreted Car Radio literally - I don’t think an actual car radio comes into it at all, its just a symbol.
For me, its more about depression and how when that’s something you struggle with you can very often be left alone with your thoughts with nothing to distract you.

“I ponder of something great” I take this as a reference to times when you overthink things, or find yourself contemplating life and its meaning and purpose, etc.

“Cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence”
Something has taken what makes you “you”, all the things you enjoy, what distracts you, your passion. Instead you’re left along with your thought and everything can just feel very quiet and numb.

“Sometimes quiet is violent” Quiet is often taken as a synonym for peaceful and tranquil, but sometimes you can be sitting and appear to be very quiet on the outside, but inside there’s all these awful thoughts and ideas raging inside.

“My pride is no longer inside, its on my sleeve” Again, everything that makes you “you” has been taken, leaving you open and raw and vulnerable, your emotions can be very exposed.

“I could pull the steering wheel” Tyler has discussed this, and since I’ve heard the meaning he has behind the line I tend to agree with him: we could do anything at anytime, we could change our lives at any given moment. When driving you might have those thoughts of just jerking the wheel, but its fleeting.

“There’s faith and there’s sleep” we can choose to live with hope and faith or we can give up. Keep going or surrender.

The repetition and screaming at the end is something I interpret as being someone’s desperate attempts to get someone to hear them, to see that something’s wrong.