If you just realize what I just realized
Then we’d be perfect for each other
And we’ll never find another
Just realize what I just realized
We’d never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other now

Gen 6: Introduces Mega Evolutions, a way for older pokemon to receive a possibly much needed power boost. About half of the pokemon with mega evolutions are (originally) from Kanto.

Gen 7: Introduces regional variants, a way for older pokemon to receive a possibly much needed power boost. All of the pokemon with regional variants are from Kanto.

Gen 8: Introduces Power Equipment, a way for older pokemon to receive a possibly much needed power boost. 99% of the pokemon with power equipment are from Kanto. (The 1% is just a new legendary that’s linked to Power Equipment.)

… etc etc

Gen 23: Introduces Death Laser 5000, a way for older pokemon to receive a possibly much needed power boost. All of the pokemon that can use Death Laser 5000 are from Kanto.

Take time to realize
That your warmth is crashing down on in
Take time to realize
That I am on your side
Didn’t I, didn’t I tell you?
But I can’t spell it out for you
No, it’s never gonna be that simple
No, I can’t spell it out for you


“Even more Pokémon Red and Green Tweets. I’m not suspicious…” said Joe Merrick

June 4, 2017: Pokémon co Japan doesn’t tweet random tweets, they are always of importance.

May 27, 2017: Pokémon co Japan tweeted a poll:

Pokémon Red, Green, Blue which starter was your favorite?

Charmander won.

Pokémon co Japan was hinting a soon to be released Red & Green Kanto adventure prior to the 6.6.17 Direct.

  • Leak said The Kanto region is in USUM and Eclipse

Sinnoh Remakes could be coming next! The inclusion of Kanto in Ultra Sun Moon and Eclipse makes it so that the “Red and Green” (2018) remakes get skipped to Sinnoh.

  • Gen 4 Diamond and Pearl come out then remakes of Gen 2
  • Black and White and then sequels of Black and White (2)
  • X and Y then remakes of Gen 3: ORAS
  • Sun and Moon then sequels of Sun and Moon (Ultra + Switch port)
  • What’s next? Gen 8 and then a remake: Gen 4 #SinnohRemakes


Multiple Leaks have said: “The Kanto region is a part of the Ultra Sun and Moon Eclipse story.”

Diamond and Pearl hinted in Alola Region Sun and Moon

And then there’s this:

Diamond and Pearl Gen 4 Games Missing from Shelf!


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Pokemon theory: Komala is not actually native to Alola

The title says it all! Before you scoff and scroll away, hear me out. I think I’ve found direct, in-game proof of this.

One of my favorite things about Sun and Moon has to be the addition of cafes in the Pokemon Centers– which are not just a nice touch, but also a great way to score extra beans and status-healing items from past generations. I make a point of checking each cafe out when I stop in for the first time because of it.

In Seafolk Village, you can order a Komala Coffee, and as a result get a very interesting bit of text:

Here’s the text in plain print for anyone having trouble reading this:

“We blend beans that we import from a distant region. In other words, you can experience not just one novel flavor but several! It might not actually be correct to call this Komala Coffee.”

Take note of the words “distant region” and “import”, also the bit about several flavors, bc what follows is going to be a bit of a doozy.

Here’s what I’m getting at: I think they slipped this bit of text in to subtly hint that Komala is actually not from Alola!

As it stands, it makes no sense that we got a koala Pokemon in a region that is far from their real-life exclusive habitat of Australia. It also makes little sense that such a unique and long-awaited Pokemon…doesn’t have an evolution that would further it’s desirability and popularity. We all thought it was going to have one, but in the end, it didn’t. What gives, Gamefreak?

But that’s part of the point I’m making here. From just this bit of dialogue, I’m starting to think this: Komala may have first been *discovered* in the Alolan Pokedex, but it’s actually native to another region entirely– a Pokemon equivalent of Australia. However, somewhere along the line it was brought over - or should I say, imported - to Alola for whatever reason, and the species managed to make a living there, thus why it is seen as “native.” Said native region, however, is not currently “discovered”, and this move happened so long ago that it’s been forgotten– thus why there is no mention of it in Dex entries.

Furthermore, because Komala was taken out of it’s natural habitat, I speculate that Komala currently has no known evolution because it lacks what it needs to evolve in Alola– that something may be a special item, or a location, etc., but the point is that this something that Komala needs to evolve is found ONLY in it’s native region.

The tidbit about there being several flavors could also hint to multiple evolutions– maybe it has day and night evolutionary forms like Lycanroc, or it could have more than one evolution branch and need special items, etc. The list of possibilities goes on.

It’s also highly possible that an evolution (or multiple evolutions) were planned for Komala, but none of them made the final cut, so it will be pushed back to a new region for this reason, too.

This brings me to my last point in this theory, and while this is a bit of a stretch, I wanted to say it: by the previous points, there’s a good possibility we may see an Australian Pokemon region in the near future! Who knows when it’ll be, but when it happens, it’s also possible our cute new koala Pokemon could be way more competitively viable, as well as more popular!


Meet an instant baby Leila Fletcher! (the randomizer wanted to name her Leilani but I already have one). Let’s just pretend there was a time skip during which Irene was pregnant. I wanted only one more baby - a girl - and they both have fertility treatment so I didn’t want them to have triplets or quads in a natural way.

Anyways, little Leila has Irene’s hair, Nate’s eyes, and looks like Milo in general.

Farm Animal Legacy Challenge

So @dust-bubbles and @amessofsims and I came up with this 8 generation legacy challenge themed around Farm Animals. We hope you play it and just have fun with it! If you post this please tag it with the hashtag #ts4farmlegacy We would LOVE to see your game! We will all also be playing and posting it on our blogs!

Rules:  Must complete career unless stated otherwise, Must complete aspiration. Must represent the colors of the animal. Have fun! 

Gen 1: Pig

Aspiration:  Master Chef

Traits: Slob, Glutton, and Lazy

You escaped the farm in the search for more food. Food. Your one true passion in life. After seeing the world outside you decided to stay there, and create your own linage of farm animals.


-Must be in the Cooking Career 

- Hygiene bar must be yellow at almost all times.

 - Master the Cooking Skill.

 - Lots of eating.

- No working out 

- Have max 3 kids.

Gen 2: Chicken

Aspiration:  City Native

Traits: Foodie, Insane, and Clumsy

The outside world was a lot different than the farm your parents told you about. The farm seemed to have a lot less things blocking your way, and now it’s hard to find your way around. When you enter the big world all by yourself you can’t really take it in. You become a Secret Agent so you can pretend this world is just the set of an action movie. It doesn’t work, you go insane.


- Live in San Myshuno (preferably Chic Street).

 - Master the Secret Agent career.

 - Be pregnant or make spouse pregnant at least 3 times.

 - Master the Dancing and Singing skills  

Gen 3: Horse

Aspiration:  Body Builder

Traits: Active, Perfectionist, and Genius

Your ancestors weren’t exactly perfect. Your parent being insane and all this food your grandparent talked about have made your goal in life to be smart, and healthy.


-Master the Athletic and Logic skill 

- Must be in the Athlete Career

 - Only have 1 kid/ 1 set of twins/triplets

Gen 4: Goat

Aspiration:  Joke Star

Traits: Goofball, Hotheaded, and Childish

Your parent was so engulfed in their career they never had time for you you always goofed off with your other parent in order to make things better you became angry at your other parent. You swore NEVER to be like them. HA good joke


- Must be in the Entertainment career (comedian branch) 

- Only have 1 kid that doesn’t have a good relationship with either parent. 

 - that doesn’t have a good relationship with either parent. - Master the Comedy skill

Gen 5: Rabbit

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Traits: Family Oriented, Romantic, and Good

You have always been considered the cute one. So fluffy and small. But if someone angers you, they’ll get to see a not as cute version of you.


- Must be a stay at home parent

 - Must have 6 kids or more with 3 or more different partners. 

- Master the Baking and Parenting skill 

- Must Never Marry

Gen 6: Duck

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Mean, and Evil

A duck. Not the first animal people could consider evil. Oh boy they were wrong.


- Master the Criminal Career (any branch).

 - Master the Gardening and Mischief skill 

- Marry then divorce but keep money and house. Marry a second time with co-worker.

Gen 7: Zebra

Aspiration: Painter Extrodinare

Traits: Creative, Unflirty, and Self Assured

All your ancestors were farm animals. But not you. You were always different, but you didn’t mind. More?


- Must be in the Artist Career 

- Master the Painting skill

 - Only date once and marry that sim

 - Have max 2 kids

Gen 8: Cow


Renaissance Sim


Ambitious, Outgoing, and Materialistic

Out from the exotic Zebra sprang… a cow. You were not nearly as cool as your parent and you decided to something about it. You became…SUPERIOR


- Master the Political Career (Politician branch) 

- Live in a huge house/apartment 

- Master 2 skills

 - Have a cowplant 

- Drink a lot of milk