Perfect Little Family

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,590

Warnings: Eeeeehhhhhhh major angst warning!!!! I don’t want to give away anything so this is kind of hard…..language, giving birth, yeah….

A/N: Woke up around midnight with this stuck in my head so I grabbed my laptop and started writing away like a maniac till I finished it. I love this so much lol I’m such an asshole. No hate towards Danneel, y’all know this by now with me but I still feel the need to say it lol  

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Behind The Story – Pt. 5

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show. The reader and Jensen go to a family vacation with the Padaleckis after finishing shooting Supernatural S10.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.6k+

Warnings: FLUFF


A/N: GUYS. This part is so freaking fluffly that would have anyone smiling like an idiot, I’m just saying lol Hope you guys like it. It was fun and maybe a bit painful cause I’m single to write this but what can I do? If you guys could leave me a message or an ask with y’all reactions to this part I would appreciate it so much cause this might be my favorite part so far and want to know y’all reactions. ♥ 

Also, next part is going to be a con one, so please go to this link, read the post, is a project I’m mixing with this series so please send me y’all questions or photo ops ideas. 

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl, you’re the freaking best and i love you)

Behind The Story Masterlist


Middle of the night and you were sitting on your couch, changing channels with Jules cuddled up next to you, his tiny soft snores filling the air. Since you’d gotten back home from the meeting you’d been very quiet and distant. Jensen noticed something odd was going on with you when he got home but he was so tired from a long day on set that he went straight to bed. You sighed deeply, running your fingers through Jules’s soft golden locks.

“(Y/N)?” Jensen called, his voice deeper than usual yet very soft.

Looking over your shoulder, you saw him standing in the middle of the hall, shirtless with a pair of red plaid pajama pants.


“What time is it?” Jensen frowned, his naked footsteps  sounding gently on the wood floors.

“Past three… Can’t sleep.” You said, biting the inside of your mouth.

Jensen sat next to you as he laid his arm around you. “Why?”

“I had a meeting with Jeremy today…” You sighed.

Jensen rubbed his eyes, squinting them afterwards, adjusting to the TV light as he let out a yawn.

“What was the meeting about?” Jensen asked.

“Jeremy wanted to talk about my future in the show and my role future.” You bit your lower lip, playing with the knit blanket that covered your legs. “He told me I’ve got two options, either I stay in the show and the writers add a baby to Katherine’s and Dean’s story or if I decide to leave and be a mom full time, that would mean killing my character off.”

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“Sam, we can’t just keep ignoring this. I know you’re angry, but maybe this isn’t really a bad thing…”

“What?! It’s not a bad thing that I can’t even look you in the eye anymore? You are my best friend Y/N, and I screwed it up.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be best friends anymore Sam.”

“What the hell does th-”

“Sam! What we had that night… I want that. The two of us, together.”


You held your stuffed stitch close to you as you made your way up the drive way.

As you laid eyes on the familiar faces of your second family, you couldn’t help but light up.

They were taking pictures together, with others that you couldn’t quite see too well.

But as you got closer, the little boys you loved so much, noticed you from afar and jumped in joy.

“Auntie Y/N!” Tom yelped, running towards you.

You belted out in laughter as you watched his costume bounce around.

He ran straight into your arms, crashing into you.
“Hey kiddo!” You cackled.

Shep wasn’t too far behind and before you knew it, he collided into you as well, wrapping his tiny arms around your neck.

Both and Gen and Jared let out chuckles, making there way over.

“Do you like my costume auntie Y/N? I’m toothless!” Tom spewed.

“I love it! You all look awesome!” You spewed.

Shep tugged your arm, catching your attention. He pointed at your stuff toy. “That’s stitch.” He muttered.

You nodded, flashing a smile. “Wanna play with it? Keep him safe?”

Shep’s eyes grew and he smiled.

“Hey beautiful.” Gen squealed, taking you in for a quick hug.

“Hey gorgeous.” You cackled, embracing her.

Pulling apart, you were able to see every feature of her costume. Jared walked up from behind, making you belt out in laughter.

“Holy crap dude. You look freakin awesome.” You stated.

He chuckled to himself, shrugging his shoulders. “I know, I look like such a babe.” He teased.

“Let’s not get carried away now.” You heard a familiar voice mutter.

Your heart skipped a beat as you met the pair of green emerald eyes. It was jensen, the guy you accidentally kissed 7 years ago at a New Year’s Party. And ever since, you had always felt something for the guy. Which killed you.

Because he was married to an amazing woman. And their daughter was beyond the most adorable little girl you have ever met.

“Hey stranger, long time no see.” Jensen smirked.

Your lip quivered and your breath shook as you inhaled. “Hey.” You hesitated.

You felt like the world stood still as you both looked intently at one another. You have tried to keep your distance from him. To push the feelings aside, but it was hard.

“How about you boys go start the barbecue while we take the kids trick or treating for a bit?” Gen muttered, snapping you out of your daze.

“Okay, don’t forget the guests should be arriving here around 7. So don’t be late.” Jared exhaled.
He pecked gen and made his way inside, as jensen followed behind.

You almost didn’t notice Danneel, until she and JJ walked over to you. “Do you know who Y/N dressed up as?” She asked her daughter.

You turned your gaze to them, flashing a smile as your stomach felt as if it dropped.

“LILO!” JJ yelped, giggling in Danneels arms.

“That’s right bug!” You cackled.

“We better get going. The boys have been driving me nuts!” Gen chuckled.

“Alright, whose going to be my buddy for the night?” You asked, looking at both Tom and shep.

“Me! Me!” Tom yelped.

Without hesitation, he took your hand looking up at you. He was the man of your life, and probably the best little kid you have ever met.

“Shoot, I forgot Shep’s bag.” Gen exhaled.

“I’ll get it.” You smiled.

Walking into the house, you ran straight into broad shoulders, making you fumble over yourself.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Jensen muttered, helping you balance yourself.

Looking up, you met his gaze and immediately feeling your cheeks flush. Why did he have so much affect on you?

“I-it’s fine.” You chuckled. “I’ll live.”

Jensen belted out in laughter, taking the wig off his head and tossing it on to the couch.

“How’ve you been? It’s been a while!” Jensen stated, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’ve really missed you.”

Those words made your stomach flutter.

“I-I’ve been good. Just working and stuff.” You exhaled. “I missed you too.”

He inched closer to you, making your breath hitch. “Well I’m glad you were able to make it.” He smirked. “You look really beautiful, by the way.”

And just like that, you forgot how to breathe all together.

Your heart was beating rapidly, and your throat felt parched.

“I-I better go. The boys are anxious to leave.” You whispered.

Before he had a chance to say another word, you grabbed the bag and made your way out of the house.

Jensen looked out of the window, following your silhouette. Since the night he kissed you, drunk from all the alcohol, he hasn’t been able to keep you off his mind.

And he hated himself for it.

This was going to be a long night.

Request: can you do a reader x james sirius potter where they’re best friends and they admit they like each other? lots of fluff please! thanks xx

Pairing: James Sirius x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Characters: James Sirius Potter

“Hey Jamie” you greeted your best friend James Sirius Potter at the Gryffindor table that morning.

He sent you a grin.
“Slept in late again I see”.

“Yeah I didn’t have much time to get ready” you sighed grabbing a banana from the middle of the table “I probably look a mess”.

“You look great” James assured with a laugh “as always”.

“Thanks mate” you laughed turning away for a moment as your cheeks started to become bright red.

Sometimes you hated it when he complimented you like that. Every time it made you blush.
James was probably joking but you couldn’t help yourself.

You had fallen for your best friend James Sirius a long time ago and lately it’s been becoming harder and harder to hide your feelings.
Why did he have to make you feel this way?

“The things you do to me James Potter” you mumbled to yourself.

“What was that?” James questioned causing your heart to skip a beat.

“Er nothing I’m just talking to myself” you managed as the heat in your cheeks started to become a normal temperature.

“You’ve been doing that a lot lately” James chuckled.

“Have I?” You muttered “I haven’t noticed”.

“Hmm… Well we have Charms first come on” James grabbed your hand pulling you out of your seat.

You twitched quickly pulling your hand out of his grasp.

James stopped for a second, raising his eyebrow, giving you a questioning look but he seemed to shrug it off and continue out of the great hall. You followed.

“Are you feeling alright?” James questioned once the two of you had exited the great hall.

“Er yes I’m fine” you lied looking down at your feet awkwardly.

“Never mind stupid question” James sighed shaking his head “I know you better than anyone else. Of course you’re not alright. You wouldn’t be acting so weird otherwise”.

You stopped walking and James did the same. His eyes examined your figure silently as you tried to come up with the right words.

“He’ll find out eventually” you thought miserably “he’s right, he knows you better then anyone else”.

“James look the thing is” you gulped “… If I told you you’d hate me”.

James laughed “why would I hate you?”.
You frowned and James’ expression turned serious.
“[Y/N] I’d never hate you. Just tell me what’s going on”.

You took a deep breath. You couldn’t believe you were doing this.
“James I’m in love with you”.

You quickly covered your mouth with your hand. You immediately regretted saying that. James stared at you for a moment eyes full of both shock and disbelief.

“You’re not joking are you?” James asked his adams apple moving nervously.

“No” you looked away “look James I’m sorry but…”.

Before you could finish your sentence James had cupped your cheeks and slammed his lips on to yours.
You gasped unable breath.

“Should have told me sooner” James mumbled “I’ve wanted to do that for a while”.

You smiled kissing James back.
“I swear James Sirius Potter. The things you do to me”.

The Calling Adventure

Pairings: James Sirius Potter x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1.3k

A/N: This is the first time I’m writing about the next generation of Harry Potter and this feels so weird, haha. I actually don’t even know if there are anyone interested about this but oh well, I hope you like it xx

Nick Robinson as James Sirius Potter

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“Y/N! Y/N wait for me!” I heard a familiar voice calling after me as I was rushing down the corridors, trying my best to get to the class of the care of magical creatures in time.

Smile rising to my lips I saw James Sirius Potter, one of my best friends, running after me, bright smile on his face.  

“Hey Jace,” I called out, leaning against the wall as I wait him to catch me. “Hurry up, we are late.”

“We can’t go,” he chuckled, his brown eyes twinkling brightly as he got to me, clearly out of breath. “I have to show you something.”

I frowned slightly, yet couldn’t stop a soft laugh escaping my lips as I saw how childishly excited he was. “I bet it can wait an hour, Hagrid is going to be so pissed off if we cut his class once again.”

“No, he won’t,” James laughed, rolling his eyes, “he loves us.”

Laughing I shook my head, knowing that he was right. We indeed were Hagrid’s favorites –well okay simply because James was Harry’s son and Hagrid’s old friend, Sirius Black was my grandfather.

“Okay, yeah you might be right,” I admitted, rolling my eyes with smirk on my lips, “but I heard there is a unicorn, a real life living uni-“

“Believe me when I say, this is way more better than unicorns,” James chuckled, wrapping his hand around my wrist, “come on, Y/N, please.”

“But unicorns are the coolest thing in the whole universe,” I whined playfully, rolling my eyes, “and in the alternative universes as well.”

“Cooler than us, huh?” He kicked his eyebrow, smirking.

“Good point,” I laughed, starting to follow him along the corridor. “But if this magnificent thing you have to show me isn’t as cool as unicorns I’m going to-,” I stated, yet my sentence got cut short as he pulled me suddenly into a small cabinet of cleaning supplies, locking the door after us.

“James what are you-“

“Hush,” he whispered, sounding excited. I could only imagine the twinkle in his eyes, since I couldn’t even see my own hand from the darkness.

“Is this your pathetic try to get to snuggle with me, J, because I can assure you that it’s not working,” I raised my eyebrows, smiling smugly.

“Oh, it wouldn’t take this much effort,” he chuckled playfully, wrapping his hands around my waist, “I know you can’t keep your hands to yourself when I’m around.”

“Well I’ve heard that at least McKinnon can’t,” I laughed, pushing him further from me. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you are shagging with her.”

“Wait, what? I’m not, it was just one time thing,” James rushed to say, sounding embarrassed. “Who even told you about it?”

“Albus –yes, your little brother,” I kicked my eyebrow, “I spilled my pumpkin juices all over his cloak as he told me. He sound pretty anxious, I think he’s still shipping the two of us together.”

“Well, he isn’t the only one,” James laughed brightly, “Lily tried to send you a Valentine’s Day card –with my name on it. It was pink and had glitter and unicorns in it, plausible I would say.”

“Unicorns and glitter?” I sighed dramatically. “She knows me better than you do, I’m offended.”

“Hey- my card was the best,” James cooed. “Roses are red, Violets are blue –come on, go on.”

I laughed, rolling my eyes. “I would do me and you should do too.”

“Well, if you require,” he chuckled, pulling me closer to him from my hips.

“Oh shut your mouth, Potter,” I laughed, pushing him playfully further from me, rolling my eyes.

I had known James since I was –well, since I was born to be exact. His parents, Ginny and Harry were good friends with mine, since my mom is daughter of Harry’s godfather Sirius. James and I had been best friends as long as I can remember, but not in the he’s like my brother –kind of way. That would be way too messed up taking into account our type of humor, so he was just my even better than the best friend you could ever have –type of best friend. So, pretty good I would say.

Yet, notwithstanding the fact that we felt nothing towards each other, for many people –considering our little siblings, that seemed to be very hard to believe. Even some of the teachers, especially McGonagall and Hagrid, seemed to love the idea of me and James being together. I love him, I do, but only in the friendliest way you could love someone. Just for your information.

A slight gasp escaped my lips and I pressed my eyes tightly shut as a bright light, coming from the tip of James’s wand lightened up the small cabinet.

“Are you ready?” He chuckled, his voice higher than usually from excitement and I opened my eyes carefully, trying to adjust to the light.

“That depends,” I frowned, laughing brightly as I saw the twinkle in his brown eyes. “Okay, show me the magnificent thing that made me abjure the unicorns.”

James rolled his eyes playfully, as he pulled a dirty and clearly ages of old piece of parchment out of his pocket, the glint in his eyes turning brighter each passing moment.

I glanced at the dusty piece of paper in his hands, rising my eyebrow. “A piece of parchment,” I questioned, lifting my hand to his forehead, gasping dramatically. “Darling, I think you have fever.”

Rolling his eyes once again, James pushed my hand away. “Oh, shut up Y/N/N,” he mumbled, yet a small laugh running from his lips. “Ready?”

With slight frown on my lips, I nodded my head, watching as James moved his wand to point towards the parchment.

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good,” he whispered, nipping his bottom lip between his teeth. As soon as he had said the last words, blank ink started to appear to the piece, forming slowly coiled words and detailed patterns.

“Look at it,” James chuckled, handing the parchment to me.

“Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present the-,” I read out loud, stiffening, as my eyes saw the headline. I felt my jaw drop as I lifted my head to glance at James with widened eyes.  

“The Marauder’s Map,” he nodded, smiling brightly.

“No,” I breathed out, smirk rising to my lips. “No way, James- Is this the actual, the real one, the real Map? The Marauders Map?”

James’s smile grew even bigger as he nodded his head, “Yep, dad sent it to me today,” he chuckled, pointing at the moving names on the map. “This is unbelievable, look at it –we can see everyone. Look, there’s Hagrid –oh and there really was a unicorn out there, you were right,” he laughed, without knowing that unicorns were the last thing I cared about at the moment.

I forced my twinkling eyes out of the map and lifted my head to face him. “But why did Harry decide to give this to you now?”

James shrugged, smiling smugly. “I guess he thinks I’m finally mature enough to have it.”

“Oh wow, what a mistake,” I smirked, laying my sight back to the map. “This is-”

“I know,” he chuckled, before frowning deeply, lifting his finger on my lips to keep me quiet. “Hush- can you hear that?”

I frowned, shooking my head. “No, hear what?”

“The adventure calling for us,” he kicked his eyebrow, smirk taking over his lips.

“Okay, no, that was so not smooth, Jace,” I laughed, shooking my head. “You can’t ask that can I hear an adventure calling for us when all I can hear is your annoyingly loud breathing.”

James rolled his eyes, yet couldn’t fight back the bright smile taking over his face. “Oh shut up and come with me –we have the whole castle to explore.”

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Happy Birthday (HP next gen)

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James Sirius Potter x reader

How to read: (Y/N) your name, (Y/H) your house

Warring: low key smut, fluff

Summary: James Sirius Potter, son of the wizarding world’s savior and every teenage girl’s dream. He’s highly annoying a cocky and you have claimed to dislike the boy but, that doesn’t stop him from winning your heart. Its is 17th birthday and you want to give a one of a kind present. So naturally you ask Ginny for advice…

You were in the kitchen at the Potter’s house. You were helping Ginny in the kitchen, she had asked for you help with dinner. The windows were open and the warm summer breeze flowed through the window. The sun was low in the sky.

Today was an important day in the Potter house. Today was James Sirius’s 17th birthday. You had been closed to the Potter family since birth but, it was only natural considering you were the daughter of Neville Longbottom. The two families were very close.

You and James had an interesting relationship to say the least. Currently the two of you were on friendly terms. He normally got on your nerves quite quickly, always trying to make moves and makings flirty comments that normally leads to him getting jinxed. He was also constantly asking you to got to Hogsmeade with him and you refuse every time. It’s annoying because you can’t even get away from the bloke because he is the captain of the Gryffindor Quittage team and you are a beater on the (Y/H) Quittage team. Honestly the boy seemed to have no shame.

You obviously didn’t think the guy was ugly. Oh no, he was one of the hottest guys in the bloody school but, you would never admit that. Yes he was annoying but, he was okay…. Some times. It was a constant mental battle with your feelings for him.

You were cleaning a dish by hand considering the fact that you were not of age yet, therefore could not use magic. You sideways glanced at Ginny. You didn’t have a gift for James yet but, the party wasn’t for about an hour.

After awhile of cleaning you were waiting for the perfect time to ask, “Hey Ginny?” You said finally. She turned to look at you.

“What is it dear?” She asked with a kind smile. Her smile lines showed.

You took a deep breath then responded. “Well, I haven’t gotten James his birthday present yet and I was wondering what you got Harry for his 17th birthday. Both James and Harry are so much alike I figured it would inspire me for James gift.”

Ginny stared for a second then her cheeks tinted pink as her face flushed. She looked away from you. “Well I didn’t exactly get him anything for his 17th birthday considering the fact that he was going to leave and look for horcruxes…” Ginny trailed off. “But if you must know.” She paused and lowered her voice. “I gave him the best kiss that he had ever had.”

Your eyes widened. “You snogged him? That was his present?” You said with a bit of shock.

“Yeah it wasn’t the best present but, he sure enjoyed it.” Ginny gave a chuckle.

You were going to say something back but the kitchen door swung open. James stepped into the room. “Mum when are the Wesley’s going to…” He paused when his eyes fell on you. His lips shifted up into a smirk.

He came over and slipped a hand over your shoulders leaning in and looking at the plates you were cleaning. “What do you want James?” You asked with an annoyed tone. Ginny smiled softly as you too began to bicker playfully. She flicked her wand making the plates clean themselves. She walked out of the kitchen leaving the two of you alone. The door shut behind her.

Hearing the door shut cut off your bickering. James looked at the door then back at you. He slipped his arm off your shoulders. He didn’t move away from you as you placed the plate that you had been cleaning back into the soapy water.

You looked up at him. His beautiful hazel eyes were already looking at you. Beautiful eyes seemed to run in the Potter genes. He was so close that you could see the flecks of green in his eyes. “So today’s your birthday huh..” You said nervously.

He only nodded. Your heart was beating quickly in your chest. You swallowed, “do I make you nervous (Y/N)?” He said smirking.

You scoffed and looked away, avoiding his eyes. “No.. Of course not” there was a silence then someone burst through the kitchen door scaring both of you. James jumped away. You could now see Albus Severus standing in the door frame.

Your cheeks flushed from embarrassment. Albus gave you both an amused look before saying, “Would you to quit snogging? The Wesley’s are all here.”

You scowled, “We were not snogging.” You stated.


All of the Wesley’s had indeed arrived. The Potter house was the perfect size to fit all of them. As soon as you saw Rose you wrapped her in a tight hug. Out of the entire Weasley-Potter family it was Rose which you got along best with.

After everyone settled down you scanned the room. You were sat on a two person couch with Rose. Hugo sat on the arm of the couch next to his sister. Albus was at your feet sitting on the floor. The other Weasley and Potter kids were scattered all around. James was sat across the room in an arm chair. He was talking with Ron. As you looked around at everyone talking and catching up you noticed that two people were missing.

“Don’t worry they will be here.” You heard Rose say. As if on cue there was a knock on the front door. A honey blonde haired girl with freckles covering her cheeks walked in followed by and blue haired boy.

Your face transformed from worry to happiness as soon as you saw them. You quickly got up and ran at them. You jumped and hugged both of them tightly. “(Y/N)?!” They both said. You let go of them both.

“I’m so happy to see you guys!” You exclaim. You wrap your arms tightly around Victoria. She smelled so nice and looked as beautiful as always.

You then turn to Teddy who already had his arms open ready for a hug. He hugged you tightly. “I missed you guys.” you say letting go of him.

Teddy placed a hand on your head ruffling your hair. “We missed you to.” Victoria said.

Teddy and Victoria were honestly the best. You grew up as an only child. You and Teddy were basically brother and sister by this point. He acted just like your older brother. He would always come to visit you when you were young. Victoria was like your older sister. You  were so happy when you saw them together, they were definitely relationship goals.

You went and sat back down next to Rose. On the small couch. They greeted everyone and took their seats.


After dinner we all relaxed back into our seats. Everyone was having an amazing time. You looked to see your dad, Neville Longbottom, talking with Harry. You looked next to Harry and locked eyes with a pair of Hazel ones. You felt your cheeks flare up. You remembered the present that you got for him, this only cause you to blush more.

There was a click and all the lights went out and the kitchen door opened. Instantly the room was lit up with an glow. Ginny was walking with her wand pointed at the cake. The cake was floating in front of her. Everyone began to sing happy birthday.

She placed the cake on the coffee table in front of James. We all finished singing. He glanced up at you his eyes locking with yours as he blew out the candles.

The lights were flicked back on and everyone cheered. James was smiling and was no longer looking at you.


James had opened all of his presents. They were all really goods. Your nerves were all over the place. Rose kept giving you looks, also as though she wanted to ask what was up but she never did.

After everyone had finished their cake they returned to chatting with each other. Rose was talking with Albus and Hugo was talking with Roxanne. You sat silently, nervously picking at the hem of your shirt. You then stood up and told Rose That you would be right back.

Quickly, you walked over behind James who was still sitting in the arm chair observing one of his new gifts.

You lent down “Hey James, could I talk to you?” You asked him. He gave you a questionable look but agreed none the less. He got up following you to the stairs and up to his room.

He walked in after you and shut the door. “What is it you wanted to talk about?” He asked slightly confused.

“I wanted to give you your present.” You said standing in front of him, just a few feet away.

You took a deep breath. “I wanted to get you something different. I thought about getting you something to do with Quittage but, I figured most of your presents would be Quittage based.” You trailed off.

“So I wanted to get you something that would stand out. Something that you really truly wanted. So I really had to think,” You pause “then I found the perfect thing for your present.”

There was an awkward silence. For the first time James was actually silent.

“Close your eyes…” You said softly. He did as he was told. You moved toward him and quickly place your lips on his. The kiss only lasted a second before you pulled away.

Your cheeks were flaming red and so were his. His hazel eyes opened. You realized how close you were. Your lips were only inches from his.

You gathered your courage again and attached your lips to his. They were so soft. This time instead of just standing there he placed his hands on your lower back and pulled you closer so your body’s were pressed against each other. Your hands flew up to his soft hair and began to run your fingers through it.

He groaned softly against your lips and kissed you back. His tongue swiped against your lower lip, begging for entrance. You let him in and began to fight for dominance. James came out victorious.

You both began blindly walking backwards desperately trying to find his bed. Without breaking the heated kiss you finally found it. The back of your knees pressing against the side of the soft bed.

Finally breaking the kiss you fell backwards onto his queen sized bed. He smirked and crawled on top of you. He scanned your flushed face. “God you’re so beautiful.” He mumbled placing his lips on yours again. It was a sweet and soft kiss.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this..” He mumbled as he placed his lips on the skin behind your ear. “This is the best present I’ve ever received..” He mumbled trailing kisses down your neck.

You hummed, “even better than the broom you got second year?” You asked. You felt him suck at your sweet spot. You were holding back a moan knowing everyone was downstairs.

“Yeah even better than that.” He said into your neck. He kissed back up to your mouth. He hungrily kissed you and pulled you up into a sitting position.

He wa in between your legs as his tongue fought with yours. Your hands found his hair and he groaned into the kiss. One of his hands was on your lower back and the other gripping your upper thigh.

The door to his room swung opened. Rose and Albus to a step into the dark room. Rose shrieked at at the sight of the two of you and Albus’s jaw hit the floor. You and James jumped apart.

Lily Luna had poked her head in as well and her eyes were wide at the sight of you and her oldest brother. Both yours and James faces were red with embarrassment.

You watched in horror as Lily ran down the steps. When she hit the living room all eyes were on her. “They were SNOGGING!” She yelled.

Teddy spit out what looked like fire whiskey. Harry’s mouth fell open and Ginny’s hand slapped to her mouth.

All the color had drained from your father’s face. The butter beer bottle slipped from his hand and crashed onto the floor.

“Oh my god..” Albus said looking at the two of you. Rose grabbed Albus by the back of his shirt. “Sorry for interrupting,” she squeaked and ran out of the room with Albus slamming the door.

You looked over at James. “Happy Birthday..” You said a bit flustered.


The two of you slowly made you way down the stairs. There was a soft buzz of people whispering to each other. You both stepped into the room and everyone’s eyes fell on the two of you. Both of your faces were bright red with embarrassment. You refused to look at him. Your bottom lip was between your teeth. Your hair was a mess and you had a purple bruise on your neck.

You glanced at James. His lips were swollen and his hair was even more messy than it normally it. It stuck out at 10 places instead of 5.

That’s when you saw Ron and Ginny what looked like money. Ginny gave you a sheepish smile. “I knew what was gonna happen when you asked me in the kitchen earlier.” She confessed.

“Yeah and I bet it would never happen but, I guess I was wrong…” Ron said sighing.

You looked at your father. The broken bottle had been cleaned up. He gave a shrug, “I guess it’s okay, as long as you’re happy.” He paused “I’m just happy he’s a Potter than anyone else.” Your father smiled at Harry.

“Oi James, If you hurt her then you’re dead. Got it?” Teddy said in a stern tone.

James looked slightly alarmed but nodded, “of course.” He responded. Teddy gave his signature warm smile.

Jame finally turned to look at you. He gave a wink and you rolled your eyes turning away from him. He accepted your challenge slipping his hand around your waist and pulling you towards his front so you’re facing him. “Hey..” He said smirking.

“Hey,” you responded gazing into his beautiful hazel eyes. He leaned in and softly placed his lips on yours and you smiled into the kiss. The room even erupted with cheers a whistles. You broke apart from the short but sweet kiss and James smiled. “Definitely the best birthday present ever.”


Authors note: Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and I hopped you enjoyed my little fic type thing. This is my first time writing so I apologize for the mistakes!

Albus Severus: ‘That’s my shirt’

Request: From your prompt list #11 with Albus Severus? Thank you so much! –Anon

11) ‘That’s my shirt”


Every year, due to tradition, the Potter’s host a Christmas party which results in many of the cousins and their closest friends staying over. You were no exception, you’ve always been close to the Potters and Wesleys and this has only increased since you started dating Albus, the Potter’s middle child.

It was the morning after the party and you woke up to find yourself tangled up with Albus, your head lying on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you. “Morning sweetheart” Albus muttered as he played with a strand of your hair.

“Morning” you replied smiling up at him, and reaching up to kiss his cheek, “we should probably get up, who knows what your parents would think if they walked in on us like this”

“I wouldn’t mind that” Alus laughed as he unwrapped his arms to allow you to be able to get up, “I’ll get changed in the bathroom” he carried on as he grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom, giving you some privacy to get changed which you quickly did.

“That’s my shirt” Albus stated when he walked out and saw you sat on his bed wearing a pair of leggings and one of his shirts, you shrugged at him before grabbing his hand and pulling him down to the kitchen. As soon as the two of you entered the kitchen wolf whistles filled the air, all of the Potter-Weasley children stared at the two of you with smirks on their faces.

“What?” You asked as took a piece of toast off Dominique’s plate and taking a bite.

“Did you two have fun last night?” James Sirius asked gesturing to Albus’ shirt you were wearing. You felt a harsh blush rise up your neck on your cheeks as you opened your mouth but then you quickly shut it and looked around the room awkwardly.

“S-shut up, we didn’t do anything.” Albus stammered, turning to face him you saw his face was just as red as your own.

“Sure,” Rose hummed.

Face claim for Dominique Weasley 

Elle Fanning 

“A Day At The Potters”  ~  Teddy x reader

“can I request a Gryffindor!reader x Edward Remus (Teddy) Lupin? Reader is a family friend of the Potter’s and ends up at their house over the summer holiday. Reader is really anxious and keeps to themself a lot and calls Teddy ‘Edward’ usually. He’s one of the only ones who can get through to the reader emotionally. You pick where it goes from there.” ~Anon

Oh. My. Goodness. Let me just say that this imagine request is so cute! I’m sorry that it took me forever to write this. I’ve just started back to school, and I already have a ton of assignments to do. I finally found some extra time, and I have enjoyed it so much (just because writing requests is one of my favorite things to do). I hope you like it!😊😘


Y/n took a deep breath. There she was, standing at the front door of the Potters’ residence. She felt a bit nervous, though she’d been here many times before. She didn’t really like being surrounded by a lot of people. All she wanted to do was hang out with her best friend, Teddy. Finally, she knocked.

Y/n opened her eyes to see a little redheaded girl standing in front of her. Before the both of them could speak, a voice interrupted the silence from inside.

“Lily, what have I told you about answering the door?”

“But, Mummy!” She smiled sweetly. “It’s y/n!”

The woman turned to her. “Oh! Y/n! It’s so nice to see you!” she said, giving her a hug. “Come in, come in!”

Y/n walked inside and looked around the living room with interest. The room hadn’t changed, but it always felt different each time she visited. Sh couldn’t understand why, though. It was a mystery.

“Just set your bags down by the sofa.” Ginny directed. “I’ll take them up after dinner.”

Footstep were heard running around upstairs.

“Did mum say dinner?” James asked Albus, who seemed just as ecstatic.

The two boys ran down the stairs and straight into the kitchen.

Teddy wasn’t too far behind. He chuckled at their excitement and rolled his eyes as he walked over to y/n.

“Y/n!” he exclaimed. “It’s so great to see you!”

“It’s great to see you as well, Edward.”

At dinner, Harry and Ginny told everyone about Fred and George’s pranks on Umbridge and how McGonagall didn’t seem to care.

“So, y/n.” Harry began, “What’s one thing your going to miss after this year at Hogwarts?”

She froze in her place. She hadn’t really thought about this being her last year. “Ummm…” fidgeting with her fingers, Teddy answered in her place.
“Definitely not the moving staircases.”

Harry and Ginny laughed at his response. However, James looked horrified.

“The stairs move?”

Teddy smirked. “You get used to them after a while.”

Dinner seemed to go on forever. Y/n kept to herself mostly, besides the few times when she would get asked to pass the salt or the usual questions about her past school years. She let out a silent sigh of relief when dinner had finally ended. Ginny took her bags up to the guest room, and at last, she was alone, until someone knocked on her door.

She got up from her spot and opened the door to see Teddy with a huge grin on his face. “May I come in?”

She nodded with a small smile, shutting the door behind them. Sitting back down, she waited for him to talk.

“You seemed really quiet at dinner.” he stated, sitting down beside her. “Is everything alright.”

Y/n nodded. “I’m fine.”


Again, she nodded.


The room was silent. The both of them sat there, staring at the floor. James, Albus, and Lily were heard in the hallway, running back and forth with echoing laughter.

Teddy chuckled. “They’re so loud.”

Y/n remained silent.

“Are sure you’re okay?”

Y/n sighed. “I’m just nervous is all.”

“Why are you nervous, y/n?”

Shrugging, she spoke again. “I just hadn’t thought about this being my last year at Hogwarts.” She paused, taking a deep breath. “And, I just… you know…

Teddy took over their conversation. “It is unnerving, yeah. I don’t know the least about living on my own, providing an income, or even finding a job for that matter. Now you’ve got me thinking about it!”

She giggled lightly.

“So…” He brushed his fingers through his hair. “What will you miss most about Hogwarts?”

Y/n knew exactly what she’d miss most. She just didn’t want to say it. Her stomach tightened more and more as each millisecond passed, causing her to fidget with her fingers like she had done at dinner.

Placing his hand on top of hers, he gave her a warm, reassuring smile. “You can tell me.”

She took a deep breath. “You.”


Biting her bottom lip nervously, she continued. “Yeah. Like, hanging out with you by the lake and in the library, partnering up in classes for projects, and just… you.”

To y/n’s surprise, his smile only got bigger.

“Don’t you think, for one second, that we’re never going to see each other again after this year, because you know that I’ll be over all the time to eat chocolate and talk about why Hufflepuff is better than Gryffindor.”

Knowing that last part was a joke, she giggled slightly.

“Besides…” he continued. “We still have a whole school year full of adventure waiting for us.”

The door burst open and the three Potter kids ran in.

“Teddy!” Lily exclaimed, grabbing his hand and trying to drag him from his spot. “Come play with us!”

James rolled his eyes annoyance. “Please…”

Albus walked over to y/n. “I want y/n on my team.”

Teddy laughed at the chaos going on in front of him. “What if I want y/n on my team?”

James eyed the two of them carefully, knowing that something was going on.

Y/n smiled sweetly at Teddy. “Albus already called me, Edward. I’m sorry.”

Lily raised her arms from her sides. “Who’s Edward?”

“I am.” Teddy stated. “‘Teddy’ is just a nickname.”


James slowly left the room, trying to hide his laughter, but failing.


James came back in. “Not telling.”

Lily’s shouting continued. “YOU HAVE TO TELL, JAMES!”

While the three children argued about James’ secret, Teddy placed his hand back on top of y/n’s. She bit her lip with a small grin as she turned her face toward the wall next to her.

James took notice, and soon enough, told his secret in a sing-song tone.

“Teddy has a girlfriend.”

Lily looked offended. “HIS NAME IS EDWARD!”

He laughed. “OKAY!” He took a deep breath and went back to his chanting. “Edward has a girlfriend. Edward has a girlfriend!”It didn’t take long for the other two to chime in.

Teddy’s face turned red with embarrassment. “Guys…”

Albus looked at y/n with a cheesy smile. “He talks about you all the time.”


Y/n giggled. “Is that true?”

Lily nodded over dramatically. “All. The. Time.”

Y/n continued to giggle as she stared at the floor nervously.

“This isn’t how I intended to ask you out, but…” He paused. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

She looked up from the floor and into his currently blue eyes. “I would like that very much.”

Without hesitation, he kissed her cheek.

Lily gasped from the cuteness. “Aww!”

James simply giggled and started chanting again. “Edward has a girlfriend! Edward has a girlfriend!”

Albus and Lily soon chimed in, and the three of them quickly made their way into the hall so the whole house could hear the news.


Teddy and y/n laughed with embarrassment and happiness.

Maybe y/n’s last year at Hogwarts wouldn’t be as sad as she thought it would be.

Little Malfoy (Albus Potter)

Request : Could you do a reader X Albus Potter and the reader is Draco Malfoy’s daughter, who ends up in Slytherin, please

Albus Potter x Reader (Scorpius Malfoy’s little sister)

Words count : 1,021 words 

Note : I’m not native speaker so I’m very sorry If you find some grammar mistake. 

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Request: Can you do a Scorpius x reader where you are the twin sister of Lily Luna Potter. You really look up to your brothers and they just found it annoying, especially Albus. You always was with him when Scorpius was with him too. When Rose heard Albus complain she told him that it was obvious that you liked Scorpius

Pairing: Scorpius x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Characters: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus

*Scorpius’ Pov*
“Hey Albus!” A familiar voice called making his friend groan.

“For Merlin’s sake”.

Scorpius and Albus had been sitting together on the grounds talking a for a little while before you, Albus’ younger sister approached. Scorpius knew you quite well. You always seemed to be around. He thought you were pretty sweet and he didn’t mind hanging out with you but Albus however thought you were quite irritating.

“How are you guys doing?” You grinned sitting down next to Scorpius. Albus didn’t respond, he only rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“We’re good” Scorpius smiled “you?”.

“I’m good” you answered giving him the brightest smile “you two going to do anything interesting?”.

“We were planning on going to library right now actually” Scorpius explained.

“Oh can I come?” You asked, eyes lighting up.

“Well…” Albus began obviously trying to tell you no but you interrupted before he could finish.

“I need help with my History of Magic work and since you’re so smart Scorpius I thought you could help”.
Was it just him or did your cheeks turn slightly pink as you said that last part.

Scorpius was slightly blushing himself.
“I don’t know if I’m that smart…”.

“We’d ah… love for you to come [Y/N] but we actually can’t go to the library remember Scorpius. We have that… thing”.

“What?” Scorpius gave his friend a confused look.

“You know the thing. The point is you can’t come with us [Y/N]”.

“Oh… that’s alright I guess. I’ll see you guys later then”.
You then stood up and walked off.

A few minutes later Rose appeared.

Rose glared at her cousin as she placed her hands on her hips.
“I talked to [Y/N] Albus. She said she couldn’t hang out with you two because you were doing ‘a thing’”.

“I just wanted to get rid of her” Albus explained rolling his eyes “she never leaves me alone for Merlins sake!”.

Rose snickered “do you honestly think it’s you she wants to be around?”.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”.

“It means the only reason she follows you around is because of Scorpius. She likes him Albus it’s obvious”.

“No way”.

“Yes way”.

Scorpius who was sitting there in silence went bright red. He didn’t know. He just thought you wanted to spend time with your big brother but it turns out it was him you wanted to be around. Merlin.

“So Scorpius what are you going to do?” Rose questioned raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know” Scorpius said slowly “she’s really pretty… wow I think I may… I may like her too”.

“Gross Scorp that’s my sister!”.

James Sirius Potter X Reader - Perfect for You

You were sitting on your couch in your living room, watching TV with your mom, when James Sirius Potter appeared. You weren’t surprised, as it happened often enough during the summer, but your mom still wasn’t used to the boy coming out of your fireplace, despite having had dealt with this for years.

“Hi, (Y/N),” James said, and you immediately shushed him. He sat down next to you, watching the TV as you finished the episode with your mom. As soon as it ended you stood, pulling James along with you.

“You can’t just appear out of nowhere, James,” you reminded him as you walked into your room. He plopped down on your bed, and you sat at your chair.

“I know, but I was bored at home.”

“How could you be bored, James? You have 2 siblings, plenty of cousins that visit you often enough, not to mention Teddy, AND your father is Harry Potter.”

“Yeah, but you’re more exciting than all of that.” You rolled your eyes and turned to your desk, messing around with the loose papers. Sheet music, lyrics you’d written, and just random doodles all went from the top of your desk to the drawer.

“What do you want today, James Sirius?” You could hear him fumbling with something behind you, before hearing a couple odd notes on your guitar.

“Can you teach me guitar?”

“Guitar?” You spun your chair around, looking at James in surprise. He was your best friend, and had been since you met at Hogwarts, and he had never once expressed interest in what you loved.

“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to learn.” He wasn’t even holding your guitar correctly, and you sighed.

“Have you?”

“Nah. I just want to learn to impress someone.” That made your heart ache. Though you two were best friends, you had almost always wanted to be something more. The thought of him learning guitar to impress some random made you upset.

“Wow, what a great reason,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Come on, (Y/N),” James insisted. “I’ll listen to you sing. I’ll even help you practice!”

“There’s no point in practice if I’m never going to get any roles, James. I’m always at Hogwarts. Besides, you do that anyway.”

“You could get roles for after Hogwarts. That’s like… next summer. I’ll help you practice for those.”

“And how will you help me practice?”

“I can sing with you. Read lines. Stuff like that.” You sighed.

“Fine, whatever. You win.” You spun your chair back to your desk. “Your first lesson starts now. You’re holding the guitar backwards.”

A month later, you were both sitting on your bed. You were listening to music and typing on your laptop while James practiced guitar beside you.

“What’s your favorite musical?” James asked.

“Hmm?” You pulled your earbuds out, looking at James.

“Favorite musical?” he asked again, strumming your guitar.

“Hamilton,” you replied, shoving your earbuds back into your ears.

“Dream role?”

“Hmm?” You tugged your earbuds out of your ears once again, shooting James an annoyed look.

“What’s your dream role?”

“I don’t know, something from Hamilton or Spring Awakening or next to normal.”

“Next to normal… that’s the one with that song you like, right?”

“They all have songs I like, genius. Be more specific.”

“The song where the stoner kid sings to the girl to tell her he loves her.”

“‘Perfect for You?’ Yeah, that’s the one. There are definitely better songs, but I just love the idea of Henry-”

“I didn’t ask for a 5 page essay, (Y/N).” You laughed, throwing your pillow at James, who skillfully dodged it.

“I hate you,” you said with a laugh.

“I’m sure. Now can you teach me more guitar?”

Two weeks later, you were sitting in your living room while you listened to your parents shouting at each other in kitchen. Suddenly, James appeared. You quickly pushed him back to the fireplace, handing him your stash of Floo Powder.

“James, now’s not a good time…”

“Why?” His face grew solemn when he heard the loud shouts from your parents. “Oh. Fighting again?”

“For the millionth time this week.” You felt tears coming on, but you quickly blinked them away. “They’re talking about a divorce. And moving. My dad wants to move to France. France.”

“You wouldn’t go all the way to France, would you?”

“My mom doesn’t want to leave England, but I’d have to spend the summers with my father.”

“I could still visit-”

“James.” You stopped him, and he saw the look on your face. Sad, broken. He quickly pulled you into a hug, and you didn’t stop him.

“I hear France is beautiful.”

“Shut up.” You pushed him away. You didn’t appreciate his humor, not at a time like this. “Can you please go home? Visit tomorrow. Please, James.” James sighed, but didn’t protest. He threw a handful of Floo Powder into your fireplace and stepped into the green flames.

A week later, you were crying on your bed. Your father was gone; he had disappeared in the middle of the night. Your mother was furious, and you couldn’t reach your father on his cell. It had been disconnected. You decided you didn’t want to be in your house, so you grabbed your guitar, your phone, and your earbuds, and Floo Powder’d yourself to the Potter household.

The first face you saw was Teddy’s, and he immediately knew something was wrong. He sat you down on the couch as he shouted for James, while you let more tears fall.

As soon as James saw you crying on his couch, he ran over and pulled you into a huge hug. You didn’t hug him back, just cried into James’s shoulder. “He’s gone,” you said, over and over, but James just rubbed your back and shushed you quietly.

“It’s okay, (Y/N), I promise.”

“I can’t reach his cell, James.”

“His… huh?”

“His phone. His fucking cell phone. He disconnected it.” You continued to cry, while James didn’t let you go. Finally, though, he pulled away.

“Hey, can I show you something?” he asked, motioning to your guitar.

“Right now?” You wiped your eyes, trying to calm yourself.

“I’ve been practicing. I got my own guitar.” He seemed very excited, so you handed him your guitar and watched as he strummed a couple odd strings before beginning to play a very familiar tune. He then began to sing.

“Our planet is poison, the oceans, the air. Around and beneath and above you…” He paused, looking at you. “Hey, this is your line,” he said, a small smile on his face. You knew what he was doing, or, you hoped you knew what he was doing.

“I’m not in the mood to-”

“Fine. I’ll sing your lines.” He started over, singing his part again. “Our planet is poison, the oceans, the air. Around and beneath and above you..” He put on his best girl voice as he sang, “Um, James, that’s true, and I totally care-” He stopped strumming for a second, looking you in the eyes. “I’m trying to tell you I love you, (Y/N),” he said, making you stare for a second.


“Perfect!” exclaimed James, a smile back on his face. “The world is at war, filled with death and disease- We dance on the edge of destruction. The globe’s getting warmer by deadly degrees-”

“And this is one fucked up seduction,” you sang, finally catching on. James was serenading you. He was singing a song that you loved to you. He was confessing to you. You were the girl he wanted to learn guitar for.

He continued singing to you, his eyes not leaving yours the entire time. It made you feel much better. Your tears stopped flowing and you went from angry and sad to content.

“I can’t fix what’s fucked up,” he sang, nearing the end of the song, “But one thing I know I can do…. I can be perfect for you.”

“I can be perfect for you…” you sang back.

“Perfect for you…” You both finished the song off, and James glanced at you with hopeful eyes.

“So?” he asked, setting the guitar aside. “Am I perfect for you?” You couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“I think you’re as close as I’m going to get,” you replied, causing James to smile. “Come here, Potter,” you said, pulling him into a hug. As you pulled away, he leaned in, connecting his lips to yours. Your eyes immediately shut, and your arm didn’t leave James’s body.

When you ended the kiss, James let out an almost annoyed sigh. “Teddy!” he said, and you spun around, only to see Teddy and the entire Potter gang standing and looking at you two.

“That was a lovely song,” Ginny said, giving you both a gentle smile.

“Thanks, mum,” James said, his face turning red.

“Oh, did you guys want more privacy? You have your own room, James, you know that right?” Albus laughed at his own joke, while Ginny gave him a look. You laughed, and shot him the same look, in a more joking way.

“Albus, you’re 14, where in the world did you hear such a joke?” You acted surprised, pretending to lecture the boy.

“(Y/N).” He stared at you like you were stupid. “I’m almost 15.”

“And James is almost 17, your point is?”

“There is no point, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Come on, (Y/N), let’s go upstairs.” James pulled you to your feet, your guitar in one hand, while your free hand was in his other.

“Door open!” Ginny called after you two. You laughed, while James sighed.

“You know, you weren’t half bad down there,” you said when you reached his room. You immediately moved to his bed, your usual spot, and rested your head on the pillow you always did.

“I wasn’t?” James asked as he set your guitar down next to the new guitar he had in the corner of his room.

“Nope. I’d give you a role.” James moved over to the bed, but instead of his usual spot beside you, he crawled over you.

“Would you now?”

“Yep.” He smiled and leaned down, kissing you gently. You pulled away briefly.

“Hey, James?”


“I lied downstairs.” He gave you a look, and you just laughed. “You are as close to perfect as I’m going to get. You’re perfect for me.”

“Perfect,” he mumbled, before leaning down and connecting his lips with yours once again.

Headcanons for a Slytherin girl and a Hufflepuff girl dating:


·         Hogwarts power-couple

·         Being the Hufflepuff common room 24/7 because the Slytherin one is too cold

·         The Hufflepuff writes letters of complaints to the head teacher because it’s cruel to keep students in the freezing dungeon??

·         The Slytherin literally protecting her adorable gf but then she finds some Gryffindor bullying her so she goes to stop it but the Hufflepuff beats the Gryffindor and stands up for herself and the Slytherin is so proud

·         PDA all the time

·         Usually found cuddling

·         Taking turns sitting at each other’s tables in the Great Hall

·         Fighting house stereotypes and promoting house equality

·         Such sweet and gentle kisses

·         Their families loving their relationship

·         Being able to spend the night with one another as they can go into each other’s dorms

·         Cheering for each other houses during Quidditch

·         Being super competitive when your houses are against each other

·         Never paying attention in class when you have the same classes together

·         Just being super cute together all the time

Face claim
Albus Potter 

Logan Lerman 

“I Promise”  ~  James Sirius x reader

“Can you write a fic where reader is Neville’s daughter and a Hufflepuff and like best friends with James II and Fred II and one day James just kisses y/n and then doesn’t talk to her for days until he finally admits that his in love with her?” ~Anon

I thought this request was so cute!!! I got so excited to write it! Thank you for sending it in! (I literally get of the verge of tears from the cuteness of all these requests in my inbox.) I’m so sorry for taking so long to type it out. I’m going through a very busy few weeks (rehearsals, shows, requests, finding time to sleep, etc.). 

Again, thank you so much! I loved writing this, and I hope you enjoy!😊😘


The Herbology gardens were the best place to be on a Saturday morning, according to y/n. The scent of her father’s flowers always brightened her day. She sipped her coffee as she walked around the greenhouse, her gold and black tie reflecting radiantly in the sunlight.

“You’re here a bit early, don’t you think?”

She jumped, spilling half of her coffee on her robes. “You guys!”

Fred laughed. “Did we scare you?”

“We didn’t mean to if we did.” James added.

She gave a half smile. “It’s alright.”

James grabbed a towel from one of the bins and handed it to her. She dried the coffee on her tie.

“That’s definitely going to leave a stain.” he stated.

Y/n threw the towel into another bin. “At least I have more than one set of robes.”

“Why are you even wearing them?” Fred butted in. “It’s a Saturday.”

“Because I felt like it.” she joked.

They lingered around the greenhouse for awhile, later heading back inside. Lunch came and went. Y/n ran to her dormitory to change out of her stained uniform and get a blanket. Heading back outside, James and Fred followed. They helped her lay the blanket out under the beech tree by the lake.

The afternoon was filled with sun. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

“It’s too bright!” Fred complained, the reflection of the sun from the water shining in his eyes.

“Then don’t look at the lake.” James chuckled.

Y/n giggled at the two of them: Fred trying to shift himself into a different position, James shaking his head with a smile.

After a few minutes, Fred grew more frustrated at the bright reflections. “That’s it!” he screamed. “I’m going inside. I’m gonna go blind if I stay out here.”

They waved as he stomped off.

“Feel better, Mr. Grumpy Pants!” James yelled. He turned to y/n. “Must be his time of the month.”

“Must be.”

Y/n dug in her bag for her History homework, wanting to get it done and over with. after writing a bit, she felt a splash of cold water on the back of her neck. “James!”

He grinned. “What are you gonna do about it?”

A devious smirk appeared on y/n’s face. She closed her bottle of ink and shoved her paper back into her bag, throwing it to the side before jumping up and running to the lake. With her hands full of water, she threw it on James.

“Y/n! Those were my new shoes!”

Her happy expression quickly faded to a frown, showing a bit of fear. “I’m so sorry! I-”

“I’m joking!”

She scoffed sarcastically, turning back toward the lake. She filled her hands with more water and chased James around the beech tree. He stopped and turned to face her. Just before she threw the water on him, he grabbed her arm to prevent it.

His plan failed. After grabbing her arm, he tripped backward over one of the tree’s roots, causing the water to spill out of y/n’s hands and all over his face. She laughed at his mistake. “Are you okay?” she asked, laying on top of him.

He was silent, gazing at her.


Raising his hand toward her face, he stroked her cheek. He pulled her closer and placed his lips on hers. His hand moved into her hair.

Y/n’s heart fluttered. She’d always liked James, but she never thought he liked her the way she did him. She lifted her head, their lips pulling apart slowly. James realized what he had done. He gently pushed y/n off of him and got up.

“I-” he stuttered. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”

Y/n didn’t have time to respond. She watched him pace back to the castle as she sat by herself under the beech tree. A tear rolled down her cheek as she watched the water of the lake ripple into tiny waves. Her emotions took over.

Sunday passed, and James hadn’t even spoken to her. She hadn’t even seen Fred.

Monday rolled around. Classes were odd without James making jokes about the lessons. She didn’t want to be there if she wasn’t sitting next to her best friends.

Soon, it was time for Herbology. She headed out to the greenhouse alone, setting her bag down against the wall when she arrived. Their lesson had begun.

Class seemed to drag on for eternity. Her dad was growing boring. Finally, class was dismissed.

“Y/n?” Neville said, watching the other students leave. “Will you stay for a minute? I’d like to speak with you.”

She nodded as she pulled her bag strap over her shoulder.

He shut the door after everyone had left. “Is everything alright?”

She attempted a smile, remembering that Saturday afternoon. “Yeah.” she lied.

“I noticed James wasn’t talking to you during class, and I was just wondering.”

Y/n shrugged taking a deep breath.

He bent down and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Did something happen?”

The worried look in his eyes almost sent y/n into another emotional breakdown. Fortunately, she caught herself. “It’s hard to explain, really…”

Neville pulled his daughter into a hug. “Boys can be stupid, y/n. They really can be.” He paused, letting go of her. “Maybe he’s just nervous to talk to you.”

“Why would he be nervous to talk to me? I mean, he’s talked to me for years.”

He sighed. “Sometimes,” he continued, “things happen that we can’t explain, and we have to live our lives just the same… And, he was glancing at you a lot.”

Y/n bit her lip in confusion.

“Why don’t you head to lunch? It’ll make you feel better.”

She gave her dad another hug and headed back to the castle. Noise from the Great Hall was heard in the first few hallways she entered. Just before she entered that noisy room, however, something tugged on her wrist, pulling her back. She turned to face James.

“I need to talk to you.”

They walked down the hallways and into an empty classroom. Y/n sat on one of the desks as James shut the door behind them.

Y/n became irritated. Looking at James wasn’t easy for her. “Why can’t you talk to me in front of other people like you usually do?”

“Y/n, I-”

“You what?” she sighed as tears started to fill her eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

Water droplets hit the floor. “How would you feel if your best friend kissed you, and then completely blew you off. Not to mention the fact that your other best friend doesn’t even make an effort to tell you what’s going on.”

He watched her with sad eyes.

“Today was the first day I’ve ever walked to my classes by myself. Do you know how depressing that is?”

He didn’t respond.


The words he wanted to say wouldn’t come. He stared at a space in the floor with his mouth agape, thinking.

She jumped off the desk in a rage. “We came in here to talk, you know!”

James looked back at y/n and wrapped his arms around her tightly. His eyes flooded as he spoke. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” He inhaled sharply. “I was just so nervous to talk to you.”

Her anger transferred over to concern. “Why were you nervous to talk to me?”

“Because, you just…” He looked as her y/e/c eyes, red from the tears. He lost it. “I’m in love with you.”

Y/n thought she’d heard that wrong. “What?”

“I love you.” he repeated. “I didn’t intend to kiss you the other day. It just happened. And then, I realized how I really felt and I couldn’t take it. I’ve never felt like that before.”

“Well, I guess not.” sniffled y/n, giggling slightly.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same wa-”

“But, what if I do?”

His breaths shortened. “Do you?”

With watery eyes, she nodded.

James wiped a tear off her cheek and gazed into her eyes. They sparkled in the window-light. He pulled her closer, even though they were already very close. “May I?” he whispered, sounding like he was out of breath.

“As long as you don’t run away.” she flirted.

Slowly, his lips met hers. Y/n could hear his heart pounding. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

He tugged at her bottom lip gently before pulling away. “I promise.”

Your Body

Request from @dancingalone21: “I have a small blurb lol. You can change the song if you want. Reader is a popular singer. She’s performing her song, Your Body (Christina Aguilera) at the People’s Choice Awards. Jensen, Jared and Genevieve are sitting in front near the stage. Jensen/reader never met but have crushes on each other. During the performance she goes into the crowd and flirts with a few celeb guys including Jensen. Backstage the reader runs into them and says how she’s a huge fan of the show and invites them to a bonfire party at her house after the awards. Gen is thrilled because she’s a huge fan but Jensen gets kinda shy. Jared/Gen make him go so he can get to know the reader.”

Warnings: None

Authors note: This was super fun! This is my first Jensen fic so please let me know how I did.

Tags: @iwantthedean@kbrand0@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog@daydreamingintheimpala@d-s-winchester@ilostmyshoe-79@one-shots-supernatural@supernaturalxreader@abaddonwithyall@ellen-reincarnated1967@blacktithe7​ ​ @emissary-from-hale @danceswithjensen @jodyri @ashleymalfoy @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @aprofoundbondwithdean

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