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And if I could dare ask for an imagine, could you please write one where the Avatar realizes she is pregnant and has to tell her man (any of them would do - especially first gen - but preferably the three I mentioned in my earlier ask) but she's miserable and scared because she firmly believes that he doesn't want anything to do with kids and will leave her as soon as he learns about it ? (Assuming they're not married yet or something)

this ended up being ridiculously long

Chrom: Oh Gods…you’ve just won a war but you’ve just got to spoil the celebrations with this…The baby bump is unmistakeable. You should feel happy, ecstatic. And you would but…you’re not even married to this man! A few passionate trysts, borne of undeniable sexual tension and now this…What would you tell him? He’s a prince, he needs to take care of the country…Not some random stranger whose affection’s he’s entertained.

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Well, gamefreak did it!!

They finally announced the remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which tons of fans were hoping for. Not much is known about the games because of the recent release of information just an hour or so ago. But despite the fanmade names of BlazingRuby and SparklingSapphire I’ve seen all over the internet, Pokemon surprises us with OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. 

Not sure what these names mean, but speculation will come later when more information is released. The games don’t have a set release yet, but November of 2014 is just around the corner. 

More megaevolutions? Different game mechanics? Storyline!? We can only wait! Get the latest scoop of information right here.



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