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Because compiling data is a thing that I do sometimes, and making things pretty is a thing I do all the time, here’s a nerdy Pokémon infographic breaking down the distribution of types among the different generations.

• Water is far and away the most common type, yet the generation that added the most new Pokémon (Gen V) has the lowest number of water Pokémon.
• Gen I has half of all poison Pokémon. HALF. The next closest percentage is 30% of all dark Pokémon in Gen V.
• Every generation - even tiny little Gen VI - has the most of at least one type (some are tied for most).

Pokémon Asks

Pokédex: Your perfect/favorite team

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Premier Ball: Favorite Gen I Pokémon

Pokéball: Favorite Gen II Pokémon

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Cherish Ball: Favorite Gen IV Pokémon

Friend Ball: Favorite Gen V Pokémon

Luxury Ball: Favorite Gen VI Pokémon

Moon Ball: Favorite Gen VII Pokémon

Ultra Ball: Favorite Pseudo-legendary(ies)

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Apricorn: Favorite Fossil Pokémon

Bug Buzz: Favorite Bug type(s)

Dark Pulse: Favorite Dark type(s)

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Volt Switch: Favorite Electric types(s)

Moonblast: Favorite Fairy types(s)

Close Combat: Favorite Fighting types(s)

Flamethrower: Favorite Fire types(s)

Aerial Ace: Favorite Flying types(s)

Shadow Ball: Favorite Ghost types(s)

Razor Leaf: Favorite Grass types(s)

Earthquake: Favorite Ground types(s)

Powder Snow: Favorite Ice types(s)

Extreme Speed: Favorite Normal types(s)

Venoshock: Favorite Poison types(s)

Extrasensory: Favorite Psychic types(s)

Power Gem: Favorite Rock types(s)

Gyro Ball: Favorite Steel types(s)

Hydro Pump: Favorite Water types(s)