Lotf Characters and Ships as Bastille Lyrics

Ralph: “Your hands protect the flames from the wild winds around you.” (Icarus)

Jack: “There are two ways to skin tonight, let’s see whose road gets there faster. This is a game, no wrongs, no rights, only a winner and a loser.” (Two Evils)

Simon: “Felled in the night by the ones you think you love, they will come for you.” (Daniel In The Den)

Roger: “We are the last people standing at the end of the night. We are the greatest pretenders in the cold morning light.” (Get Home)

Piggy: “There was a time when a moment like this would’ve never crossed my mind.” (The Driver)

Maurice: “How am I gonna be an optimist about this?” (Pompeii)

Jalph: “I was the match and you were the rock, maybe we started this fire. We sat apart and watched all we had burned on the pyre.” (Things We Lost In The Fire)

Rogermon: “When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulder…when you’re in my arms, but you’ve gone somewhere deeper…” (Oblivion)


They need to have another crossover musical ep and Andy Mientus needs to return as Hartley for it. 


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.