miraculous au? young figure skating prodigy viktor nikiforov has always been homeschooled by his coach, until he manages to convince him to let him go to a normal college… and somehow ends up a superhero


Just a quick photo I took messing around with my camera. I forgot how good my canon was because I’ve been using my phone’s camera lately. Anyway, in celebration of A Conjuring of Light’s book birthday, here’s A Darker Shade of Magic which I still haven’t finished yet

“You think this is a bad idea?”
“Without a doubt.”
“Then why are you smiling?”
“Because,” she said, “bad ideas are my favourite kind.”

A Conjuring of Light

“The Victorians had this very determined idea that the bedroom was for sleeping only; this changed again in the ‘30s with this idea of the ‘boudoir’, a place where women could lounge and be decadent and do all sorts of slightly illicit things like reading naughty novels, which the Victorians did too, make no mistake, but they weren’t supposed to.”

I’m so glad to honour this ages-old tradition by reading fanfiction in bed.

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  • N - Never Ending Story (Ken Feat. Sangyeob)
  • X - Xi Shua Shua (VIXX The Remix)
  • N - Secret Night (VIXX)
  • I - I Love It (DΞΔN Feat. DOK2)
  • G - Good Night & Good Morning (VIXX)
  • H - Hot Enough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • T - Thank You For Being Born (VIXX)

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Me gustó tu OC! es muy macabro, pero hay algo en mi interior que me impide hacer cosas tétricas, y en cambio las hago cuties uwuUu
Anyway, el de la segunda imagen es Luziel, un OC mío. ¡Es un esqueleto también! fiestero, y que sólo quiere darle algo de entretención a James.


(˙ ͜ʟ˙ ) i like it… no hay problema si no te sale tetrico como a mi me gusta, yo cada fan art que hagan para mi las guardo ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ y las concervo para mi solito, okno XDDD

pd: esta genial ese oc tuyo 🌚👍