gen i starters


Tag your future starter I’ll get Wood wood owl (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧  (8

i just finished the first part of my project on the 151 1.gen pokemons
is it 44,544 perler beads and 1.27 meters wide and 87 cm high.
the finished pice will be 2.25 meter high.. dont really think i’ve reliced what i’ve started yet xD
im around 1/6 trough the second part :D


Baby’s first con

There was a one day con in my city called Graphic Con that I decided to get a table for. It was pretty fun, I only sold cheap little things and I think I did okay for a single day convention? And considering everything was like a dollar or two? 

Who knows if I’ll do it again, maybe, it was pretty fun and people were really friendly.

Except apparently people in this city don’t like the Mario Bros, so I have to move out.