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Tia had made up her mind.

She and her friends were around that age when they began to develop an interest in others; her friends began to talk about boys, about which ones were cute and which ones smelled good, and they were certainly around the age where they tended to think of little else. Tia, quite suddenly, was surrounded by people who were obsessed with love, and slowly they began finding people to be… in love with, she supposed.

But she had nobody.

“I’m going to get a boyfriend,” she announced, right out of the blue, when she and her friends had occupied a corner of the coffee shop by the harbour. “I’ve decided.”

Her friends looked at her like she was mad.

“What, you don’t think I can get one?” she asked, frowning. “You all have boyfriends and girlfriends, and I won’t be left behind!”

Sully laughed at that, shaking his head. “We’re not leaving you behind, Tia, jeez! You can’t just catch a boy like an animal, y’know.” Tia stuck her tongue out at him. He pulled a face back before hitting her playfully on the shoulder. “Go at ‘em, Tiadora Applegate! Just remember to have some tact.”

“Tact!” Tia cried, feigning outrage, collapsing over her friends’ laps in her improvised dramatic show. “Whatever do you mean, cruel Sullivan?! I have mastered the art of subtlety.”

By that point her friends were in stitches, laughing so loudly that they were attracting disapproving looks from the cafe staff. Tia wasn’t worried, though; as far as she was concerned, a boyfriend would be easy to get if she put her mind to it.

Lily Luna Potter Headcannon

Professor McGonagall tearing up one day because Lily Luna Potter doesn’t just look like Lily Evans, but acts like her too. Fierce, gryffindor, good in studies, witty, kind, beautiful, gentle, brave, best friends with a Slytherin (Scorpius) and has a prankster+bully+quidditch player for an admirer.

Dear journal,

Hey, it’s Teddy. We finally came back home tonight. I couldn’t wait to see James Sirius. We arrived at the house and It was dark. I walked to James’ house and stood in his backyard. All of the lights in his house were turned off, except his. He was probably watching some quidditch games from the 80’s. He’s been really into that lately. I picked up a round rock and gently threw it to his window. I waited a few seconds before seeing his cute face show up in the frame. He smiled and opened his window.

“What are you doing here?! I thought you were coming back tommorow!” He half yelled, half whispered.

“We got home early and I couldn’t wait to see you.” I smiled, my hands in my pockets. “Wanna come and sleep in our tree house?”

“Yeah! Let me just leave a note to my parents, I’ll be down in two minutes..” he said, closing the window and leaving the window frame.

A few seconds later, his light turned off and and He was out the door. He ran into my arms and hugged me. He smelt good. He pulled away, smiling widely and kissed my lips lovingly.

“I missed you.” He said, smiling.

“Me too”

I kissed him again and he kept giggling.

“Why are you so giggly?” I said, holding his waist.

“I just love you so much and you make me all weird inside..” He said, his smile brighter than ever and his eyes glowing with hapiness.

“You’re adorable.” I said, kissing him once more.

We walked to our tree house and cuddled a bit.

“You smell so good..” I said.

“Oh do I?” He giggled again.

I mumbed a “yeah” and stated kissing down his neck. My lips against his soft skin sent shivers through my spine.

“We have to go back to school in a week..” he said, worry in his voice.

“Yeah.. what’s wrong?” I asked, sitting down and taking his hands in mine.

“I’m scared Teddy..”

“Because of us? You’re scared that everyone won’t accept us?”

“Yeah.. I don’t want to keep us hidden forever but.. I don’t want to be scared of holding your hand in the halls and kissing you in the common room.. i don’t want to be scared because i’m with a boy… If only it was a normal thing, everything would be easier..” He said, looking down with glossy eyes.

“Baby.. we’ll be okay. My dads made it through, I’m sure we can too.” I said, looking in his terrified eyes. “Have you been worrying all by yourself the past week?” I added.

He nodded and took a deep breath.

“It’s so hard..” he whispered.

“I know baby.. I know.. But we’re in this together okay? I won’t let you live it alone. Some people will need a bit of time to accept it and that’s okay. But the one thing we need is courage. And you have some deep inside. I know it. The sorting hat didn’t put you in gryffindor for nothing love.” I said, trying to make him smile.

“I’m not courageous..”

“Of course you are! You just don’t realise it. Believe me James, I watch you everyday and I notice the courageous things you do. You kill spiders for me, you always answer the door when we’re alone, you protect younger students from bullies, you even go in the basement when the lights are off!” I laughed.

He cracked a smile and laughed softly. I gave him a hug and pulled back, looking into his eyes.

“And most importanlty, you came out to your parents. If this isn’t courage… I don’t know what is.” I said.

He nodded and a single tear fell on his cheek. But he was smiling. He knew deep inside that he was strong… He just needed someone to remind him so he could believe himself.

“Thank you Teddy.. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you..” he said, as I wipped away his tear.

“We’re together okay? I won’t let you bottle up your emotions and worries. In a week, we’ll be back at Hogwarts and we’ll be so confident, that i’ll even snog you in the halls in front of everyone!” I said, making him laugh.

“People will go insane! They’ll all be jealous of me for being with you.” He blushed.

“Oh believe me baby.. I’m the lucky one.” I smiled.

We talked until we were to tired to do so. James Sirius snuggled into my chest as I kissed his forehead. & We fell asleep.



emery: what did i do to deserve you, jonathon landgraab?

johnny: shut up, borowski. you know i’m the lucky one. 

emery: thank you for—for not listening to me when i told you to go away. i don’t know what i’d do without you…

johnny: i don’t know what you’d do either. 

emery: will you.. will you stay here with me tonight? i really don’t wanna be on my own. 

johnny: where else would i go?