gen 4 art


My last comic, but I’ve cut it into parts to make it easier for people to read!

Gnick eats his first Snack cake in 200 years - it’s quite an experience - for best viewing, listen to ‘Morning Dreams’ by Ladyhawke - the fancy lad hits him 11 seconds in!

(I also want to thank Mac for helping me with this! I struggled a bit with the anatomy and hat angles, and if she hadn’t have helped me with them I probably would have got frustrated with this and not finished it!) 

Day 117 - Pachirisu / パチリス

Weakness, uselessness, value. Arbitrary constructs deeply ingrained in society. Strength can be an idea that’s different enough to spark interest. As we move towards a world of freedom for all beings, we find it’s the serendipitous unorthodox ideas that drive us toward peace. You are strong in your own right.


School sketch dump ??? I love them very, very much..