gen 4 art


My last comic, but I’ve cut it into parts to make it easier for people to read!

Gnick eats his first Snack cake in 200 years - it’s quite an experience - for best viewing, listen to ‘Morning Dreams’ by Ladyhawke - the fancy lad hits him 11 seconds in!

(I also want to thank Mac for helping me with this! I struggled a bit with the anatomy and hat angles, and if she hadn’t have helped me with them I probably would have got frustrated with this and not finished it!) 

[Image: A digital drawing of Cynthia and her Mega Garchomp. Garchomp is crouched down behind Cynthia and looking at her. Cynthia is touching the Mega Key Stone on her bracelet and is glancing to the right smiling. She is wearing her an altered version of her black coat in addition to a black crop top, black jeans, burgundy socks, and dark brown boots.]

can’t wait for sinnoh remakes so i can see The Queen with her mega garchomp ;_;

Day 117 - Pachirisu / パチリス

Weakness, uselessness, value. Arbitrary constructs deeply ingrained in society. Strength can be an idea that’s different enough to spark interest. As we move towards a world of freedom for all beings, we find it’s the serendipitous unorthodox ideas that drive us toward peace. You are strong in your own right.