The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Generations, a new animated series of shorts inspired by every generation of the Pokemon games. Generations will consist of 18 episodes, each varying in length from about three to five minutes, highlighting some of the biggest moments from the games, all the way from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to Pokemon X and Y. Generations will debut on September 16 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET, with two of the 18 episodes premiering that day. All episodes will hit the official Pokemon YouTube channel.


Pokemon Generations trailer


Oh man… Espeon, the alien-ish looking psychic cat-dog-weasel-rabbit evolution of Eevee. Actually? I make fun, but I’ve always appreciated Espeon’s design. I feel that it shows how Pokemon can look both strange and beautiful at the same time. And now… Cute. I WILL have one in Pokemon Go eventually. Ya know… Once they add more features and I start playing it again. I must complete my eeveeloution collection


Took some photos of my shiny Umbreon cosplay! I actually began working on this one about a year ago, but it got shelved because I started working on bigger projects. It still needs some touching up, I may change the outfit around a bit but I just didn’t want to leave it gathering dust anymore. 

The ears, tail and blue rings are made of black and blue polar fleece, with wire inside the ears to help them stand up. I kind of winged it rather than making a sewing pattern for the ears and tail.The tail is attached with a clasp around a belt loop on the skirt.