gemvara rings


So there’s a website called Gemvara that lets you design your own ring…. So I tried it out on some of my favorite Kingdom Hearts crews. :)

Warning: Gemvara is super addicting and I’ll never be able to afford any of these.


Doctor Who Rings

{In order of appearance}

10/11 - I chose the Hercules Knot because it’s the strongest knot and the strongest knot of love.  The red and blue stones represent the ties worn by incarnations 10 and 11.  The metal is platinum because it doesn’t seem very special but is in fact very strong and valuable.

Rose Tyler - I chose this pattern because the flowers remind me of roses.  The centre stone is a yellow sapphire for her blonde hair and vibrant and joyful personality. The accent stones are diamonds, the strongest stone.  The metal is rose gold for obvious reasons.

Nine - Again I chose a platinum Hercules Knot, but this time it has a green stone for Nine’s green shirt he occasionally wears a lot.

River Song - I chose this pattern because it reminds me of flowing water and rivers.  The stone is blue topaz because of water and River’s blue eyes(?) The meta is rose gold because it reminds me of her hair.

Amy Pond - I chose this pattern because of the winding band, Amy’s life makes no sense the Doctor says, time is strange.  The centre and second accent stones are ruby’s for her amazing gingerness, the first accent stone is diamonds because they’re sharp and strong, like Amy.  Gold because amy would never settle for less ;)

Rory - (I know I’m gonna get murdered in a back ally for this.) Forget Me Knot … ‘nough said.

Donna Noble - I chose this pattern because it’s kind of extravagant and bold like Donna.  The centre stone is ruby for gingerness.  Accent stones are diamonds for strong fierce Donna Noble-ish-stuff.  And gold because Donna wont be having none of your silver shit. (I’m sorry for the descriptions, it’s very late.)

Martha Jones - I chose this pattern because the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship, and the crown loyalty; to me this is everything Martha was towards the Doctor.  The stone is a diamond because Martha is as gorgeous as one.  Platinum because she’s smart and tough.

Jack Harkness - I chose this design for the infinity symbol, because he can never die.  Diamonds and gold because Jack Harkness.

I didn’t do Clara because we’ve only just met her and don’t really know much about her.