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Shhh. Their coming. It’s the Diamond Authority.

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anonymous asked:

This is about the Garnet fusion post on Gemtopias page. For you information she did give a source a while back after someone politely asked her to do she reblogged it with the source. So please don't scream at her with that kind of language on page. Thank you for being so polite.

So it took me a while to remember what this was about, but I’d like to apologize. While I don’t think I was “screaming” at her, I realize that my response was rude and uncalled for. When I first created this blog I remember reposting a couple superwholock fanarts without a source because I didn’t really realize why that was wrong, and I know it was just a mistake due to me being unfamiliar with tumblr and the courtesy that should be shown regarding art. The reason I got a little out of control was because I’ve seen a LOT of reposted fanart in this fandom, and a lot of what I’ve seen is posted by long term perpetrators who should know better and have even been called out on their reposting, and I sort of just hit a point where I had to say SOMETHING. as an artist, I take reposting very personally and I get pretty upset about it, and I know now that I should have waited and thought about it before I let my anger get the best of me. So again, I apologize for how I acted, and I urge anyone reading this to ask an artists permission before posting or at the least put the artists name.